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Wednesday, 11 June 2014


The French Revolution spawned an orgy of violence and terror.


During the 1790's Reign of Terror which accompanied the French Revolution, the pre-communist Jacobins (working for their secret New World Order Rothschild bosses in London) murdered as many as 40,000 people, mostly by public guillotine. The Jacobin mobs ("Reds") also targeted priests, nuns, and the wealthy.

The violent Jacobins are eventually displaced by more sensible elements of the Republican Revolution, who in turn are finally replaced by the military hero, Napoleon Bonaparte.


The Jacobin Reds want their bloody dictatorship back, and openly call for the death of Napoleon. One leftist agitator, named Metge, publishes a pamphlet comparing Napoleon to Roman ruler Julius Caesar, who was killed by daggers wielded by Brutus and others. Metge openly calls for “the birth of thousands of Bruti to stab the tyrant Bonaparte.”
Indeed, one of Jacobin plots which is foiled is the "Conspiration des poignards" (Conspiracy of the Daggers) in October 1800. The Jacobins plan to stab Napoleon, as Julius Caesar had been, as he arrives at the Paris Opera House. Police informants are able to infiltrate the Jacobin cell and foil the assassination plot. Four of the plotters are sentenced, and then executed in January of 1801.
Not surprisingly, "modern historians" (apologists for Communism), in spite of the Jacobin "Reign of Terror" guillotine orgy, and in spite of Metge's written plea for Jacobins to stab Napoleon, now suggest that the poor little Jacobins may have been framed. In the diseased mind of a liberal academic, Red terrorists are always innocent!
The Jacobin leftists, and their invisible handlers, will again try to assassinate the anti-usury Nationalist, Napoleon Bonaparte.

The REAL story of Napoleon that you were never taught! By Mike King -

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