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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Read “Der Stürmer” – the special Ritual Murder issue in English language

The legendary freedom fighter and master propagandist Julius Streicher portrayed the Jew as Satan in the timeless and uncompromizingly truthful magazine “Der Stürmer” (The Attacker). Streicher, a devout Hitlerite and fanatic German National Socialist, had as a recurring slogan: “Die Juden sind unser Unglück!” (The Jews are our misfortune!). If you are serious about truly solving the Jewish Problem once and for all and rid the World of this vile race, keep it simple and brutal. No need for drawn out explanations and delving into esoteric mystery. It really isn’t very complicated: WE MUST GET RID OF THESE FILTHY JEWS!
“Der Stürmer” – the special Ritual Murder issue in English language

It’s not the Jews, and group A, B. C, D…It is simply the Jews. Period. Don’t try to complicate things and don’t deceive yourself by trying to over-analizing our fatal problem. Problematizing the Jewish Question is unneccesary. We are dealing with a collective race of deadly snakes. Do you try to negotiate with the hooknosed snake that is threatening yourself and your family with murder? Or do you bash the head of the snake until nothing remains but small pieces of brain and skull in a pool of blood. THE ENEMY MUST BE COMPLETELY DESTROYED!

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