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Friday, 27 June 2014

Rape has become normalised in South Africa

After a government-funded report ‘cast a harsh light on a culture of sexual violence’ in South Africa, on 28 June 2014 NBC News quoted Anne Marie Goetz, the UN Development Fund for Women’s Chief of Governance, Peace and Security, thus:
"The report indicates that rape has become 'normalized' as a feature of masculine identity in a society that has emerged from years of oppression, a tragic development for both women and for men… The implications of this are grave for women's security.”
Maria Jose Alcala, who heads the UN development fund's effort to curtail violence against women, added:
"Rape is one of the most brutal human rights violations in the world. It is a stark manifestation of just how little value our societies place on the lives and dignity of women and girls."
‘Our societies?’

Don’t you mean African societies? Or, to be even more precise, negro societies? (‘Sexual abuse is rife in a number of African countries’) Yes, I think that’s what she means. It’s just that, if you play an elite role within the nation-busting New World Order, wherever you can you must use weasel words to try and disguise the stone bl***ing obvious.


  1. Every time the rape, slaughter and mayhem committed in South Africa comes on a post I post this video . . . near the end it explains that the current anc government under kike control is anything but legal.

    It's been over 20 years of demolition in that country and non of the Whites, victims of crime and the rest have had any response to this statement made on the video.

    They're so deep asleep under the jewish spell as it was the so-called jews playing both sides of the so-called nigger struggle - aiding and abetting both the Whites and the blacks behind the white's backs. Poor sods, they're been executed for the jewish delight by the tribe of the man-god mandela and they don't even realize that it's all smoke and mirrors.

    We the Whites of the World had better get our sh*t together as the same is happening to us . . . the kike jewish influenced UN Development Fund for Women couldn't care less, it's just more normal bantu mentality, nothing new, there's nothing decent nor sacred one can ascribe to the "beasts of the field" with hands and feet, same as the jewish devils in shoe leather acting as humans all the while knowing they're satans kiddies.

    And by not mentioning the societies/race of the perpetrators they downplay all the males leading to more "femiNazi" woman's lib crap.

  2. Recidivism in a South African Congoid context--It has started already with rampant political corruption, ever-increasing looting, murder, rape etc.; and when the food supplies dry up; we will witness the return of traditional African cannibalism on an unprecedented scale. You wait and see.