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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Radio Stormer: What Can We Learn from ISIS?

Andre and Sven give their thoughts on ISIS and how their actions can be turned to our advantage.

What else?

ISIS’ origin as a proxy army for NATO to invade Libya and Syria with – there are similarities with Gaddafi and Sadaam’s rise to power.

The danger of Jihadis coming back to Britain is helping to change peoples views on giving foreigners British Citizenship.

The Marxist Utopia has replaced the idea of Christian heaven and White people are no longer willing to die for their ideals.

Being a racist is the new “cool.” It is also the new “gnarly” and the new “radical.” It is also a major “lol.”

We are on the edge of hip, brothers.

Andre was broadcasting from a hostel lobby, and had to quiet down and choose his words as not to offend the people. There is no use in offending the people. You must coerce them gently.


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