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Sunday, 8 June 2014

National Action – Day of Action

By Max Musson:

Yesterday Liverpool city centre was plunged into controversy when approximately thirty members of the newly formed political action group, National Action, held a demonstration against globalism and financial corruption, under the slogan “Cleanse Britain of Parasites’

The demonstration which was held close to Liverpool’s city centre railway station featured the display of a number of large banners, union flags and the distribution of leaflets stating,
“Opposing big business is not just about social justice, it is a struggle for the survival of our people”. 
The demonstration began around 1:00pm and was sufficient to cause a nearby table-top demonstration by left-wing activists to be hurriedly abandoned.

A crowd quickly formed and were addressed via a megaphone by the group’s 19 year old student leader.

National Action are an openly National Socialist group, which focuses on daring street demonstrations as the primary means of getting their message across and yesterday’s demonstration certainly broke through the usual media wall of silence where nationalist organisations are concerned, being prominently reported, both in the Liverpool Echo and today’s Sunday Mirror.

The Sunday Mirror report contains much of the usual smear stories involving alleged statements of a damning nature and heavy with inferences that the security services are concerned by the activities of National Action. National Action are however an organization that aims to achieve its aims by lawful means and any suggestions of intended terrorist activity are as usual media fabrications.


  1. Had a look at their web site. Either it or my PC is not working very well. I could not download their program and their links did not work.
    Also I couldn't find the word, "Jew" anywhere. They used the word, "Zionist". The NSDAP was up front with the word, "Jew"
    However definitely a step in the right direction. They will have to watch out for the traitor in their ranks. It is 100% certain there will be one by now.
    I believe things have to get far worse before the anti racist lemmings wake up out of their dream world where everyone is equal.

  2. Hi mchawe and thanks for your comment, I have checked out their website and I can access all the links without a problem.

    I also understand in a way why you cannot find the word 'Jew' anywhere, I think that they are just being careful because if you are in their position and start freely using the 'J' word with total abandonment their is always the fear of the Jew putting pressure on your ISP to close your site down for the ridiculous charge of anti-semitism which although it is not illegal (yet) does hold a lot of sway with the Internet Providers who are predominately Jew owned.

    I agree with you that it is a step in the right direction we need our youth to become aware and involved in more than sitting on the Internet, we definitely need action on the Streets.

    And of course as soon as you try to do something that opposes the Jew controlled system 'Moles' or traitors will try to infect your ranks and they are very difficult to weed out because they are highly trained intelligence operatives.

    The hardcore (UAF etc) 'anti racist Lemmings' Will Never wake up, they are too far indoctrinated and not worth concerning ourselves with but their are signs that some of our younger people are beginning to see through the Jew mind pollution.