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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Kim Kardashian Claims Her Ape Child was “Verbally Assaulted” on a Plane

Kim Kardashian, seen rescuing a baby monkey from a poacher in Uganda.

The weird, stupid slut Kim Kardashian, who bedded and produced an ape child with goofy black Kanye West, has come out with a fake-sounding story about how some random woman made fun of her sickening black child on a plane.

Liberty Voice:
In a clip from an upcoming episode of their reality show, Kim explains to her sister Khloe how a horrible lady, who was seated next to the famous family reacted when baby North began to cry. 
Kim was flying with her daughter and her mother and manager, Kris Jenner. Kim fell asleep during the flight and Jenner was watching the baby. Kim explains how she suddenly wore up hearing a lady scream, “Kanye West’s Baby!” Startled, the reality star says she quickly jumped up to protect North West.
Kim Kardashian claims that the lady then began attacking her with racist slurs. The lady apparently stood in the middle of the aisle on the airplane and began screaming, at the top of her lungs, “She’s with a black guy, and that baby is black!” The lady also yelled, “You need to shut that black baby up!” Kris Jenner chimed in saying that the situation was truly crazy.
In the clip, Kim does not clarify how she or her mother reacted to the crazy lady screaming. No word about if a flight attendant stepping in and calmed the situation. However, usually if a person is out of control on a flight, an emergency landing is used as an option, for the safety of the passengers. Kardashian also did not tweet about the incident after it happened, which is curious, since it seems like this is something worth sharing.
Khloe said that if this would have happened to her, she would have responded, “hashtag, I only like black c**k.” However, neither Kris Jenner nor Kim laughed. Then Khloe said that she would have punched the lady in the face. Kim responded that she wanted to, but they were on a plane, insinuating that she feared that she would be arrested for creating a disturbance. The question is: why wasn’t the loud racist passenger arrested for creating a disturbance?
Yes, very hard to believe, that. I guess she, like all vain women, likes to feel persecuted.

She probably also desires validation, as it must be weird looking at the child and seeing it’s gross, ape-like features. There must be moments when she asks herself “what the hell have I done? Why did I produce this ape child with a low-level retard from Africa?”

The fact is that yes, most people are disgusted by the way Kim Kardashian – who, while not White, is at least whitish – flaunts her bizarre bestiality fetish and the monkey cup produced through this fetish.

But hardly anyone really cares enough to confront her about it, as that would be bringing them down to her sickening level.

One guy did call her a “nigger f*cker” a while back, but he only did so after she was rude to him for no reason.

Actually guys, to be honest, I would probably also scream “nigger f*cker” if I came across her in public.

So who knows, maybe the story is true.

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