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Friday, 27 June 2014

[Jew] Pope calls on European governments to help illegal immigrants reach Europe.

In a letter to the International Labor Conference, Pope Francis urged governments to help illegal immigrants reach Europe (from Africa and the Middle East).

In the letter, the Pope wrote that 

“A grave and related problem confronting our world is that of mass migration: the sheer numbers of men and women forced to seek work away from their homelands is a cause for concern.”
“Despite their hopes for a better future, they frequently encounter mistrust and exclusion, to say nothing of experiencing tragedies and disasters.”
“Human trafficking is a scourge, a crime against the whole of humanity.”
The Pope called for a 
“concerted effort …to encourage governments to facilitate the movement of migrants for the benefit of all, thus eliminating human trafficking and perilous travel conditions.”
Pope Francis has in the past praised Sweden for its open borders, and assimilation policies.

Over 40,000 reported illegal immigrants have crossed into Europe in the past few months, with half a million more waiting around strategic points, according to the Italian government.

The European Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstroem, also unveiled the plan to pay EU member-states 6000 Euros for each ‘refugee’ resettled in Europe.

Europe is fed up of immigrants, and that’s why anti-immigrant parties were much more popular in the European Parliament elections.

In the past anti-Whites would simply scream “racist” or “Nazi” to try force us into doing their bidding, but now the “stick” method no longer works. The “carrot” method (rewarding us for doing what they say) is now being used.

The underlying point is that all this mass non-White immigration and all this forced diversity is for White countries. These policies when combined result in White countries becoming minority White. This is deliberate – this is White genocide.

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