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Friday, 13 June 2014

Jean-Marie Le Pen: my daughter Marine has turned Front National into ‘bizarre’ conformist party

Those who compromise on the Jewish Question dig their own grave. There can be no concession to the eternal enemy. There will be no negotiations nor quarter. Even if the Jew capitulates and surrenders completely, we will show these ruthless vermin no mercy or compassion. Never forget, never forgive. For a ‘Judenfrei’ planet of free Nations. Death to Zion!
“I consider the political fault is with those [traitors] who have aligned themselves to ‘la pensée unique’ (‘single thought’ of the [Jewish Cultural Marxist] conformist political mainstream). They would like to resemble the other political parties. If that’s the stated aim of some FN leaders [Marine Le Pen], they have succeeded,”
- Jean-Marie Le Pen – Jean-Marie Le Pen: “My daughter has transformed NF to a bizarreconformist party!”

After Marine Le Pen inherited Front National from her father, she has been quite busy throwing out brave National Socialists and heroic anti-Semites from the political party, yet letting filthy enemy Jews in. In the photo above, she can be seen being defiled by her boyfriend Louis Aliot, a Jew!

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