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Monday, 30 June 2014

Immigration: Americans Should Sue the Government.

When the Stupid Party (R) and the Evil Party (L) come together it's called bipartisanship, and to hell with YOU.

When an illegal alien family crosses over into the US the Border Patrol conducts a short interrogation. A few questions are asked, finger prints are taken from the people who appear to be greater than 14-years old, and then a lame health check is conducted. 

The health check is nothing more than a visual check. If the person isn’t coughing blood or visually sick, then they are considered healthy. Wonder how many diseases are missed?

After a few days of sleeping on the station floor, the BP releases the illegal aliens into the general public. But don’t worry, each of them is given a court appearance date. Although, I should tell you the Washington Examiner did a little digging and it turns out that less than 10% ever show up to the court hearing.

In addition, of the 13,000 illegal alien children who have arrived this year from Guatemala, only 110 have been deported. The rest of them are free to stay here in America until further notice. Wonder how we plan on notifying them?

Look at the picture posted above. It was taken last week by my cameraman while we were filming in South Texas. These two ladies are both illegal aliens who made the 100-yard swim across the Rio Grande. They are free to move about the U.S. In fact, the picture shows them loading onto a bus to New York.

When they arrive to NY they will give birth. The births will cost about $15k each, all of it absorbed by taxpayers. The newborns will instantly become US citizens. They will be entitled to all the entitlements that are designed to help US taxpayers who are out of work; Americans who are suffering from legitimate injuries or disabilities; and veterans who once served America.

You can see the two ladies are carrying something in their hands. It’s a welcome pack from The Department of Homeland Security. In short, the U.S. Government is breaking the law by aiding and abetting illegal aliens. They should be sued by every American.

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