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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Heard the Neighbors “Sieg Heil” – Bought Anne Franke’s “Diary” and left an angry note

The Swedish traitor Léon Löwered didn’t like when his neighbors screamed “Hail Victory” in German. So he went out and purchased the fake so-called “diary” of the so-called “victim” of the so-called “Holocaust”. He also wrote an angry note to please his Jewish slavemaster. - Heard the neighbor’s “Nazi greeting” – wrote angry note and left Anne Frank’s book
The party got out of hand when the neighbors started shouting the Hitler salute “Sieg Heil” – something that made ​​Léon Löwered to submit an “angry note” along with a book about Anne Frank’s life.
– It’s loaded words, and I believe wholeheartedly that those who scream that today do not know what it really means, says Léon lowered to Nyheter24.
Unfortunately, the so-called “Holocaust” never happened. But that doesn’t matter to the vile mythomaniac Jewish race. One of the most famous and popularized so-called “victims” of the so-called “Holocaust” is the disgusting Jewess Anne Frank. Contrary to Jewish myth, Frank was unfortunately not killed by the righteous German National Socialists but instead died from Typhus, since Jews are dirty disease-ridden filth.

Who would want to make by-products from the most filthy creature on Earth? The Jewish race suffers from multigenerational incestual inbreeding and are disease-ridden subhuman trash. The ones that survive the ritual baby-penis sucking by pedophile rabbis are left with a minimum of herpes.

Robert Faurisson has exposed numerous contradictions and inconsistencies in the so-called “diary” of Anne Frank and based on a thorough analysis of the diary he concluded that “The Diary of Anne Frank is only a simple literary fraud”.

Chimney emerging from the ground next to the fake “gas chamber” in Auschwitz. 
Nice work Jew Commies, you forgot to connect it to the building!

If the German policy had been to kill Jews neither Anne, her father, sister and countless other Jews would have “survived” Auschwitz. The facts concerning Anne Frank alone already strongly indicate that the Jewish accusation that the German government had an “official policy” of extermination, where “6 million” were killed by using mainly homicidal gas chambers, and many turned into soap or lampshades (i.e. The Holocaust™) is false.

Source: – Anne Frank

Unfortunately, Jews were never killed in mass nor transformed into lamp shades or soap during WW2. But regarding the future…only time will tell. Organize and wage uncompromising struggle to achieve our final goal: the total destruction of Zion, a ‘judenfrei’ planet of Free Nations.

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