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Monday, 9 June 2014

Have the Jews lost Europe?

On 21 May 2014, Israeli jazz saxophonist and political commentator, [Jew] Gilad Atzmon, said this in the US magazine, Veterans Today:

"Following the surge of right wing parties in Europe’s Parliamentary election, Forward, the once-progressive Jewish outlet asks, 'Have the Jews Lost Europe?' The tone of this question implies that until just a few days ago, at least some Jews believed that Europe was, in part, a ‘Jewish property.’

Such views were not baseless; Jewish Lobbies have dominated British and French policies by means of aggressive lobbying (CFI, LFI, CRIF etc’).

Following the European poll, Dave Rich, deputy director of the ultra Right Wing Jewish para-military Community Security Trust, is concerned. He detects a growing resentment of Jewish politics in Europe. His article in the Forward openly examines whether Jews have lost their grip on the European continent.

Rich begins by quoting Israeli veteran concentration camp guard Jeffrey Goldberg. 

'At what point,' asks Goldberg, 
'do the Jews of America and the Jews of Israel tell the Jews of Europe that it might be time to get out?'
Apparently, says Rich, 
'Goldberg is not the only one to have had this thought. In fact, according to a 2013 opinion poll… more than a quarter of Jews in the E.U. have considered emigrating at some point in the past five years, because in their own countries they do not feel safe as Jews'...
Rich himself operates within a hard core right wing Jewish supremacist organisation that is committed to the security of one race that happens to be his own...

Those Europeans na├»ve enough to believe that the ‘Euro project’ was created to address their needs and wants can now learn from the Jewish press about the true agenda behind the creation of the EU... It is possible that the rise of right wing parties in other parts of Europe is partially a reaction to aggressive Jewish lobbying and intervention. This is certainly the case in Britain, France, Hungary and Greece...

It was Jewish progressive groups and institutions that for decades have been at the forefront of the pro immigration campaign and the call for diversity... This kind of Jewish support wasn’t driven by humanist or universal concerns. The Jewish Left obviously believed that immigration and diversity were very good for the Jews.

The surge in political awareness of the European underclass and impoverished middle class is not driven ‘primarily’ by anti Jewish feelings, however, increasingly, political commentators identify European malaise with Jewish and Zionist politics. The European new Left was badly beaten in last week polls due, in large part, to its Jerusalemite nature and affiliation.

The new left in Europe is driven by kosher ideology, it is dominated by Jewish lobbies such as LFI (Britain) and CRIF (France) and if this is not enough, the entire progressive dissent discourse is closely identified with Jewish interests and is largely funded, directly and indirectly, by liberal Zionists such as George Soros and his Open Society Institutes."

Not just me telling it how it is now, is it? 

Not just the 'racist, Fascist, bigot, Nazis?' It's the Jewish jazz musicians as well. Honourable men like Mr Atzmon, together with a multitude of righteous truth-tellers the whole world over, are speaking out.

Come aboard, ladies and gents. 

It's almost safe to do so now.

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