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Monday, 9 June 2014

Greek Government Seeking To Privatize State Owned Water Company For Israel

This is monstrous. A Government must be obliged to ensuring a safe water supply for the population; this act, of giving away control of the water supply completely invalidate the legitimacy of the alleged “Greek Government”. Resist by all necessary means.

Despite the state-owned water company E.Y.A.TH functioning as a profitable enterprise, the Greek government is swiftly proceeding in its privatization plan and selling their majority shares to foreign interests.

An increase in turnover and net profits was registered in the 1st quarter of 2014, compared to the corresponding period last year. Gross profits are up 2.2% , at 8.1 million Euros. 

This is irrelevant to the Greek state however. Foreign investment firms have emerged as potential buyers, and the privatization process has been accelerated under this pressure. A referendum in Thessaloniki conducted during the first Sunday of the election found that 98% of the city’s citizens (more than 213,000 people) gave an overwhelming “no!” to the privatization of their water. 

One of the larger and well-known bidders is the Jewish owned company Mekorot. Six representatives of the company were recently present in Thessaloniki to have talks with officials and an assembly.

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