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Monday, 2 June 2014

EU Elections? A smokescreen for genocide

We are now a week into the new Parliament of the European Union. All the pathetic politicians with their fake smiles, photo opportunities and pretences of giving a damn for the electorate, have returned to their lives of self-absorption and smugness, leaving the people to continue trying to cope with the policies of those who serve finance politics and their own self-interests, no matter what they say at election time.

The latest elections to the European Parliament have brought increasing numbers of anti-federalists into the alleged governing body. However, in spite of the Front National winning in France and UKIP winning in the UK, the rise of 'Euro-Scepticism' has had very little impact on the direction in which the European Union is moving. The Establishment parties still control the European Parliament, and the unity of the pro-federalist left (Socialists and Democrats) and the pro-federalist right (European People's Party) continues to ensure that dissent against the rapidly entrenching Super State, remains toothless, however more vocal it may be.

The election of the Front National has had a positive result in France, with Hollande being forced to abandon plans to allow foreigners to vote in French elections. That this treacherous lunacy was even considered, shows just how anti-French the Hollande regime is. The Front National was elected simply because the French people - like all Europeans - are sick to death of non-European immigrants swamping their towns and cities and demanding that European culture, tradition and way of life is pushed into submission to alien ways.

The election of UKIP in the UK was likewise a vote against the destruction of our country by freeloaders who have absolutely no respect for our ways and travel across Europe to gain access to our social security system, whilst crying crocodile tears about 'persecution' back home, and 'racism' in the UK. Unfortunately, the UK is far more debased than France, so the election of UKIP will not stop a single non-European sponger arriving in our colonised homeland. It will, however, make animosity with our kin from the continent, more apparent.

UKIP is anti-Polish but pro-Pakistani; propagandising against our European brothers and sisters who are generally hard-working, law-abiding and generous, whilst sucking up to Asiatic colonisers who control the trade in heroin, child rape (so-called Grooming); whose contribution to the economy has been to ruin the NHS and the Welfare State by working in the black economy, paying no taxes to the country they live in, whilst taking every penny they can get from us and screaming 'racism' if anyone objects to their criminality, theft, cruelty to animals, supremacist arrogance and hatred of all things European. The election of UKIP has seen votes against the Third World colonisation of the UK manipulated to appear to be supportive of Third World immigration, pro-Zionist economic policies and against not only the European government, but the European people (our own people).

The European Union currently suffers mass unemployment, with roughly 25 million people unable to find work. Of course, when one considers the vast number of non-Europeans and lumpen-proletarian home-grown scum who are happy to exist as parasites, the number of people actually seeking work, is far less than those claiming benefits. In the UK, the vast numbers of European passport holders (which includes non-Europeans with European documents by virtue of political chicanery and a refusal to accept that being European is a mater of genetics, not of legal definition), seen in jobcentres has fueled the hostility to Europe which the politicians in London and Bruxelles have created through their nanny state policies. It is natural to have resentment for newcomers when one cannot find work in one's own country. The overwhelming majority of the alleged EU citizens claiming benefits are Asiatic Gypsies who desperately need to be expelled from the EU, whilst the workers (who of course do take employment which would otherwise go to Britons) are true Europeans. UKIP won the European elections in the UK by capitalising on unemployment in the EU - but it failed to address the causes of unemployment, namely the prevailing economic dogma of usurious finance capitalism and unrestricted immigration and globalisation.

We Europeans are being attacked in every land we live in. Our kin in South Africa and Zimbabwe (amongst other African lands) are being ethnically-cleansed. Across the European homeland (including overseas Europe in the Americas and Australasia), we are being subjected to multi-culturalism which cannot lead to anything but our cultural and racial genocide. The European Union has been a driving force in our demise, but to suggest that leaving the EU and allowing the Talmudic enemy in London to continue to misrule us, is to exhibit self-delusion bordering on insanity. The destruction of the UK via mass immigration of non-Europeans began before the UK joined the EU (EEC, Common Market). The deliberate obliteration of our people began in earnest with the two World Wars, but was ratcheted up to its current psychotic speed in the aftermath of the horror of 1939-45, by the same Talmudic forces which created that tragedy, justified by their fictitious Hollowcaust.

The European elections have shown that the people of Europe are sick of being told how to think, what we are allowed to say and how we are allowed to feel about the destruction and invasion of our homelands. In the UK especially, this revival of European self-awareness has sadly been misdirected into hatred of Europe, rather than a natural and wholesome desire for a restoration of our nation as a purely European land. The reaction of the Talmudic enemy to the election of pro-European (anti-Globalist) MEPs to the European Parliament has been illuminating to say the least, with the Jerusalem Post regurgitating Hollowcastian piffle in calls for Jews and Muslims to unite against Europeans in Europe!

Read the above paragraph again! The organised Judæo-Œcumenical enemy is openly calling for Jews of Asiatic origin to unite with Moslems of Asiatic and African origin in order to dictate to Europeans in Europe how to think, how to act, how to vote and how to live. Yet still we have the likes of the EDL and UKIP pushing the lie that Islam and Judaism are not the same - they are, and they must be pushed out of Europe if we have any chance of avoiding our genocidal end. The same must be said for 'Christians' who endorse the One World politico-religious dogma that Jews, Moslems and Christians all have the same God and are all equally entitled to reside in Europe - nonsense spouted by the current anti-Pope, Francis, who also believes Europe must be flooded with all the spongers who illegally and legally break into our homeland. Let the Jews, Moslems and Globalist Christian heretics indulge their fantasies outside Europe, 'pope' Francis included!

So what has changed in Europe with the election of openly anti-integrationist MEPs? There has been a little window dressing by the forces of democracy, who know full well that if they can stave off calls for referenda in the EU states on the issue of national independence for just a few more years, the EU will be governed according to Qualified Majority Voting, which will essentially make the EU one single country from which gaining independence will be impossible. We need independence now, before the accession of Turkey, the south Mediterranean (North African) and other non-European countries, which will see the end of Europe in all but legal name.

In the UK, we can demand the implementation of Magna Carta and the Edict of 1290, which make membership of the EU and mass immigration illegal to begin with. If we cannot do this, we will be forced to seek freedom in the same way as the beleaguered peoples of Donetsk are being forced to take freedom back from the tyrants who occupy positions of power in the EU-leaning Ukraine. Whatever we do, we must do it now. We are losing Europe with every non-European who steps into our homeland, whether by boat, æroplane, or via a maternity ward. This is what really matters, not voting for safety valves to the Talmudically-owned European parliament.

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