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Thursday, 26 June 2014

DAS JUDEN Invades the Midwest

In the form of holoHOAX brainwashing, scheduled to start in Kansas City June 24 and continue till October 25.

It's called "State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda" and from the flyer in the Sunday paper, it looks to be a bang-up miss-mash of lies, deceptions, falsehoods and gimmickry designed to lure in the gullible GOYIM and fleece them of their money and their ability to think.

You can try to go to the main bullshit site at the US HoloHOAX Museum, but my AV software kept warning me to stay away, due to risk of infection. Mmm, wonder what kind of virus Das Juden wanted to insert on my computer?

Guess it might be rude to bring this up, but wasn't 2014 supposed to be the year to commemorate the first World War? The 'War to End all Wars?'

Instead us Gentiles are being assaulted with noxious holoHOAX BS, so the scam artists, liars and thieves can lure in another generation to fund their never-ending gimmick of separating you from you Federal Reserve Notes and your common sense.

There isn’t a Jewish organization in the United States that has a bigger budget than us either. I’m not ashamed. I know how to use people’s emotions, because I care. I know what the key words are, and what works on people. My producer is a Christian, and he works with Steven Spielberg, so he knows how to get the job done.”
US-born Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein
Also, WWI doesn't have the magical word 'Hitler' to scare you marks into crying your eyes out and forking over more cash to these scoundrels, but you can go to JEWtube and view over 2 million videos of Adolph!

The fairy tale exhibits and traveling circus shows are 'free,' which means you taxpayers have already coughed up your hard-earned dough to support this travesty, courtesy of the US HoloHOAX Museum.

While the brain dead weep over way inflated figures of death, in the real world, Apartheid Israel keeps on its massive collective punishment of all of Occupied Gaza and the West Bank, wrecking death and destruction on the constantly under siege Palestinians, which usually doesn't make the paper, unless it's one paragraph hidden somewhere you won't look, certainly not the front page and for damn sure, not some glossy flyer.

Maybe this 'dog and pony' show should of been called "State of Deception: The Power of JEW Propaganda," because that's what it is: and an excuse for Israel to keep on with its genocide of the indigenous Palestinians and to sucker another generation into HoloHOAX Land.

"What the World Rejected: Hitler's Peace Offerings--1933-39"

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