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Monday, 9 June 2014

Back with a Bangla: “Zionist Filth” vs a Tower of Power

Peter Golds, gay Jewish supremacist 

Peter Golds is a Conservative politician in London. He’s also gay and Jewish. So, given the positions of the Board of Deputies, you would expect him to be delighted with the racial and religious vibrancy in the borough of Tower Hamlets. Thanks to mass immigration, White Christians are no longer dominant there and have lost the power to persecute and oppress Jews and gays.

But alas, Mr Golds is not delighted at the fruits of vibrancy. A Bangladeshi Muslim called Lutfur Rahman has just won a second term as mayor of Tower Hamlets. Has he turned the borough into a shining beacon of tolerance, equality and Islamic probity? Sadly, it doesn’t seem so:

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  1. If he's a gay Jewish supremacist then SIEG FUCKING HEIL!