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Monday, 9 June 2014

Alex Jones Threatens Yid George Soros: “I’m Coming for your Ass Scum!”

The Ron Paul, libertarian patriotard movement is suffering from severe Holocaustianity 
disorder and Jew-loving retardation.

Alex Jones Puts Soros on Notice

Why does Alex ‘married to the Jew’ Jones threaten to “come after” the high finance Capitalist Jew George Soros? Why the hatred? The YouTube description reveals the answer:
“George Soros publicly admitted on 60 minutes that as a young boy he was a top agent in major cities and that he knew how to find where Jewswere hiding, and he would gain their trust and then set them up and steal everything they had, yet somehow he is still portrayed as a hero.”
 So there you have it! Alex ‘the fanatic Jew-lover’ Jones hates Soros because Soros supposedly helped the “Nazi’s” transform the poor innocent Yids into soap and lampshade:

Unfortunately, Jews were never killed in mass nor transformed into lamp shades or soap during WW2. But regarding the future…only time will tell. Organize and wage uncompromising struggle to achieve our final goal: the total destruction of Zion, a ‘judenfrei’ planet of Free Nations.

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