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Monday, 30 June 2014

The JEW EU solidarity clause is leading to a militarisation of home-affairs policy

See also: EU prepares the ground for military use against the citizens
“On Tuesday, the representatives of the EU Member States in the Council adopted a decision on the so-called ‘solidarity clause’. Were a disaster or a loosely defined crisis to occur, the organs of the European Union would be obliged to assist using all the instruments at their disposal. This includes military resources”, warned Member of the Bundestag Andrej Hunko.
The proposal on ‘arrangements for the implementation by the Union of the Solidarity Clause’ was jointly presented by the Commission and the EU High Representative in 2012. A country can invoke the “solidarity clause” if a crisis “overwhelms its response capacities”. Mention is made of operational, policy and financial instruments and structures.
Andrej Hunko continued:
“The adoption at the General Affairs Council took place in secret: the point was not mentioned on the agenda of the meeting. The press was not informed. Yet this is one of the most controversial clauses contained in the EU treaties. That is precisely the reason why agreement on the details of the solidarity clause was postponed to a later point at the time of the signature of the Lisbon Treaty.
The ‘solidarity clause’ boosts the role of the two intelligence-service-style EU situation centres. But it also creates the legal framework for deployment of the special police units of the ‘ATLAS network’ being developed by the Commission. From Germany, the GSG 9 is involved; last year this Federal Police Special Forces unit was able to head a large-scale ATLAS exercise encompassing several countries for the first time.
The ‘solidarity clause’ is superfluous, since the EU already has mechanisms for mutual assistance in disaster situations. At the same time, however, the clause strengthens the course towards militarisation of home-affairs policy, since military personnel can be sent to another Member State on request. I am concerned that this is about the home-affairs version of the Article 5 clause on mutual defence: it would apply in situations which ‘may have an adverse impact on people, the environment or property’. Even politically motivated blockades in the areas of energy and transport and general strikes are covered.
The text explicitly refers to crises which originate outside the territory of the Member States. The Left Party parliamentary group rejects this blurring of the lines between internal and external security. Instead of militarisation of home-affairs policy through the deployment of military forces inside other Member States, we need reinforcement of the civilian mechanisms of solidarity within the EU.”
Press release of 24 June 2014 by the General Affairs Council:


So much has happened in such a short span of time, it’s hard to keep up. We move as a society from one scandal to another so quickly these days, the last one barely had time to make a mark in the collective conscious before the next one hits.

Someone is killing this country. The video at the bottom of this article illustrates this well enough, with astounding examples from just the past few days in America. Watch it; see for yourself.

Tens of thousands of immigrants are now flooding the southern border of the United States. The mainstream media is throwing around the buzz term “humanitarian crisis” as if they get a cookie every time they say it, no doubt causing Bilderberg’s Peter Sutherland, United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for International Migration, to lick his chops.

Sutherland not only sits on the Bilderberg Steering Committee, but he served both as the last GATT director-general and the first WTO director-general. He is an Honorary Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, a non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, and a former non-executive Chairman of BP until he resigned less than a year before the oil spill. Funny that even though he has held his current position with the U.N. regarding migration since 2006, this year in particular was the first year Bilderberg listed it (over all others, including Goldman Sachs) behind his name on the official attendee list.

In the mean time, the media continues to beg someone, somewhere…anyone (nudge nudge, wink wink) to please intervene in the burgeoning humanitarian crisis inundating our southern border. Many of the immigrants coming up through the U.S.-Mexico border are children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. No one is really discussing how they are so easily navigating through Mexico unscathed to wind up at our border in the first place. If they were Mexican immigrants, they would just be turned around and sent back. Because they come from elsewhere, the Office of Refugee Resettlement is required to intervene, thus tripping a multi-step deportation process only designed to handle about 8,000 children, not the 90,000 that are predicted to try and cross (52,000 of which already have).

Are they coming to escape the harrowing violence in their countries? Surely the trip through Mexico, wrought with everything from vicious drug cartels to corrupt officials, isn’t exactly like taking a tram through Disneyland either. According to a report by One News Now, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, who recently took a Texas Department of Safety helicopter over the Rio Grande, said it wasn’t violence these children were fleeing from:

Police kill innocent pastor as he helped out impoverished woman

Beloved minister and father-to-be senselessly killed in the Drug War.

TOCCOA, GA — A Georgia pastor was gunned down by police in his vehicle at a gas station during a botched sting over $50 worth of drugs. The pastor had nothing to do with drugs; he was giving a ride and money to an impoverished woman in his community.

Fatal encounter at the ATM

This story is about the killing of Jonathan Ayers, the pastor of Shoal Creek Baptist Church in Lavonia, Georgia. On September 1, 2009, Pastor Ayers, 28, was driving and recognized a woman walking that he had known for a number of years, Johanna Kayla Jones Barrett. Ms. Barrett had no permanent home and was living with her boyfriend at the Relax Inn, an extended-stay motel.

Pastor Ayers offered her a ride and gave her the $23 that was in his pocket to help her out with rent. Ayers had helped the woman in the past as part of his ministry, his wife later confirmed.

Ayers and Barrett then pulled into gas station in Toccoa, where the pastor proceeded in withdrawing another $20 from an ATM.

With cash in hand, Ayers then got back into his car. Immediately, a black SUV then veered into the gas station and 3 strange men hopped out and aimed guns at Ayers’ vehicle. Fearing for his life, Ayers attempted to evade the trio of belligerent gunmen.

Unfortunately, the hostile forces weren’t carjackers or armed robbers as they appeared. They were undercover police officers dressed in plainclothes who had been trailing Ms. Bennett, who had been suspected of getting high without government permission.

When Pastor Ayers put his car in reverse and mashed his gas pedal, his vehicle grazed (or nearly grazed) Agent Chance Oxner, of the Mountain Judicial Circuit Narcotics Criminal Investigation & Suppression (NCIS) Team.

Agent Billy Shane Harrison opened fire, striking Ayers in the liver. Ayers’ vehicle continued a short distance until it crashed into a utility pole on the side of the road.

Gas station surveillance cameras captured the confrontation on video. View it here:

The incident, from the time the black SUV screeched to a halt, to the time Ayers was shot, lasted approximately ten seconds.  He had only picked up Ms. Barrett approximately ten minutes before the shooting.

‘I didn’t do anything wrong.’

As Pastor Ayers was picked up by ambulance, he reportedly told medical personnel that he thought he was being robbed and did not know the men were police officers.

Ayers survived approximately 4 hours after being shot; long enough to say goodbye to his young, pregnant wife, Abigail.  Before he died on the hospital operating table, he told her, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I didn’t do anything wrong… I love you. Take care of yourself.”

No drugs were found in Ayers’ vehicle or in his possession.  An autopsy showed no drugs in his system.  He was a complete bystander to the investigation — an investigation over a possible transaction involving $50 worth of drugs.

Daniel Parker, one of Ayers’ friends and former colleagues, spoke very highly of him, saying it was no surprise that he would have been helping a woman in need.  Parker told The Northeast Georgian, “He was the kind of guy who would do whatever he could to help you, that would give you what you needed and never complain about it.”

Jonathan Ayers had a blog, titled “New Beginnings.”  It contained inspirational messages related to his ministry, demonstrating his enthusiasm for his work and his life with Abby. Following his death, his widow posted a couple of final post-mortem notes to Jonathan’s readers.

Seeking Justice

Following the shooting, the department unsurprisingly defended the agents, backing their commando-style tactics and use of deadly force.  Harrison claimed that he believed the pastor was trying to run over police officers, and therefore felt it necessary to shoot him.  A grand jury ultimately agreed and declined to indict the officers on criminal charges.  After some paid time off, the agents all returned to duty without consequence.  This enraged some members of the community.

In 2010, Abigail Ayers filed a civil lawsuit (PDF) against the officers and agencies allegedly responsible for her husband’s death.  The lawsuit exposed a number of shocking details, such as the fact that Agent Harrison had not even completed the series of firearms training classes required by the department in his 40 days since being hired, and had no police training on the use of deadly force as a police officer.

Agent Harrison might have escaped criminal charges, but he did not escape the verdict in the civil case against him.  In 2014, over five years after the pastor’s killing, U.S. District Judge Richard Story declared that Billy Shane Harrison would not receive civil immunity for the shooting, and a jury determined that he was financially liable for Ayers’ death.

Judge Story found it unreasonable for Harrison to think “that Ayers posed an imminent threat of serious harm or that deadly force was necessary to prevent his escape.”

Harrison owes nearly $711,000 in attorneys’ fees, and more than $121,000 in expenses, plus a judgment of $1.64 million, for a total of nearly $2.47 million, Courthouse News Service reported.

The shooting of Jonathan Ayers goes down as yet another egregious killing that has occurred in the name of fighting the immeasurably unjust War on Drugs. Like so many others, it was completely avoidable. Changes in policy, both in enforcement tactics and in the laws themselves, could have eliminated the need for police to initiate a confrontation in the first place.

Unfortunately, America is still waiting for a ceasefire to be declared in the Drug War. As heaping amounts of collateral damage continue to build, the most conspicuous casualty is American justice.

Trigger-Happy Kosher Police Bastards Unload Pistols on Frightened Cow

White Males are Never held Accountable?

White Males are Never held Accountable?

That's what feminist writer Elizabeth Plank said in a roundtable discussion about the Elliot Rodger spree-shooting on MSNBC. The maker of the video below points out that Elliot Rodger was in fact of mixed race (East-Asian and Jew) and if he had been the victim of the crime, would likely have been sympathetically  identified as mixed, rather than invidiously misidentified as White.

The claim that White men are not held accountable for crimes when they commit them is absurd: White men are blamed even for crimes that they did not commit. George Zimmerman was clearly not White, but was falsely labeled as White in early reporting on the Trayvon Martin shooting-incident because it fit into a preconceived narrative about violent White male conspiracies. There was violence against White people as a result of this false reporting. The feminist writer who claims that White men are never held accountable is doing the same, blaming White men based on an incident where the perpetrator was not White.

In fact, Elliot Rodger's being of mixed race was very likely a factor in his mental illness, and in his frustration with trying to date White women. A study at UC Davis has shown that people of mixed East-Asian and "Caucasian" ancestry have twice the incidence of mental illness found in people of unmixed race:
A new study of Chinese-Caucasian, Filipino-Caucasian, Japanese-Caucasian and Vietnamese-Caucasian individuals concludes that biracial Asian Americans are twice as likely as monoracial Asian Americans to be diagnosed with a psychological disorder. [...] [Professor of psychology Nolan] Zane and his co-investigator, UC Davis psychology graduate student Lauren Berger, found that 34 percent of biracial individuals in a national survey had been diagnosed with a psychological disorder, such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse, versus 17 percent of monoracial individuals. The higher rate held up even after the researchers controlled for differences between the groups in age, gender and life stress, among other factors. 
[UC Davis News and Information, 18 August 2008]
The delicately feminine appearance and unimpressive physique created by Mongoloid admixture likely contributed (on top of his being a mentally ill creep) to Elliot Rodger's inability, despite having plenty of money and an expensive car, to persuade White women to date him. Rodger specifically complained about being rejected by blondes. White Women generally do not prefer a man with a round, girlish face and bee-stung lips. That does not meet the expectation of masculine appearance in the White race.

Jews conspired to destroy the White South African government and murder the Boer / Afrikaaner people

In the 19th century the British fought wars to subject the Boer states to British Rule. In 1948, the Boers took power democratically, with the election of the National Party.

In the 1960s the government of Hendrik Verwoerd took power and implemented the formal separate but equal policies in South Africa. These policies made South Africa the economically strongest nation in Africa, and gave the blacks in South Africa (and the whites) the highest standards of living of any African nation.

Verwoerd's policies had two main opponents. One was a Jew named Harry Oppenheimer, the other a Jew named Anton Ruppert. Both controlled banking monopolies in the country, and wanted "rights" extended to black South Africans for the purpose of extending their money lending business. Oppenheimer had ties to the Rothschild banking family and to the US CIA, which throughout the 1970s through 1990s supported the overthrow of white South African rule, at the direction of the Jew Henry Kissinger.

Oppenheimer lobbied the Rothschilds to overthrow Verwoerd, who had publicly denounced the Jewish banking monopolies in Parliament. The Rothschilds secured the support of the Rockefeller, Carnegie and other "Anglo" families in the United States, and had those institutions lobby against the white government. Rockfeller influenced the Council on Foreign Relations and its members in the US government in particular to oppose white rule.

In 1963 a group of Jews founded the "African" National Congress. The ANC was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich and James Kantor, with a few African front men -- Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki (father of Thabo Mbeki), Raymond Mhlaba, and Ahmed Kathrada. In this, the ANC followed the model the Jews established when they founded the NAACP in the United States, with the exception that the ANC was a much more violent and openly communist organization. These Jews and their African National Congress received funding and support from both the Soviet Union and the US CIA.

In particular, Ruth First, the Jewish wife of Jewish Soviet KGB Colonel Joe Slovo, a leader of the South African Communist Party, was primarily responsible for funneling funds to this "African" National Congress.

In 1966 the CIA financed the assassination of President Verwoerd, through their "lone nut" operative Demetrio Tsafendas, a Greek immigrant to South Africa. In particular, Oppenheimer's South African Foundation funneled CIA money to Hendrik Van Den Bergh of the South African Security Police and John Vorster, the Minister of Justice, who were the men who recruited Tsafendas to assassinate Verwoerd.

By the 1970s the Jewish campaign to subvert South Africa was having no effect. The economy was unaffected by sanctions and communist unrest was minimal -- though much was made of it in the Jewish owned elements of the US press.

In 1978 the CIA recruited Pik Botha, the South African foreign minister, as a spy and used him to subvert the South African government, working with Samuel Huntington and Chester Crocker, Botha was assigned to undermine and alter the attitudes of the South African government regarding black rule.

Botha recruited Minister of Sports Piet Koornhof **and Head of Military Intelligence General Tienie Groenewald to the CIA-Jew operation. Groenewald in particular passed on the names of Afrikanner nationalist and white rights activists to MI6 and the CIA, and arranged for acts of violence and harassment, COINTELPRO style, against Boer activists in the country.

In the late 1970s and the early 1980s the banking families, Oppenheimer in particular, began to speculate in the Rand for the purpose of devaluing the currency. Inflation rose to 7 percent and growth fell to 3 percent, with inflation reaching 16 percent in the early 1980s.

In 1989 a Freemason with ties to B'nai B'rith, the Jewish Masonic fraternity which controls the ADL, was elected President of South Africa. Presient Frederik De Klerk was a Jewish-backed candidate with ties to the international Zionist establishment. De Klerk worked for, and eventually achieved, the Jewish goal of black rule in South Africa.

Today, South Africa's central bank is run by a Jew named Gill Marcus, with the black frontman named Tito Mboweni taking instructions. Trevor Manuel, a Jew, is the Minister of Finance. Alec Erwin, a Jew, is the Minister of Trade and Industry. Helena Dolny, the Jewish ex-wife of KGB Colonel Joe Slovo, runs the Land Bank. Ronnie Kasrils, a Jew, is the Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry. Louise Tager, a Jew, is chairman of the railway system, Spoornet. Michael Katz, a Jew,is the chief consultant on taxation. Meyer Kahn, a Jew, is the managing director of the police service. Three Jews -- Richard Goldstone, Arthur Chaskalson, and Albert Sachs -- sit on the South African Supreme Court

What has happened in South Africa under the name of "democracy" and "diversity" has been the Jewish takeover of their country. As with all Jewish governments, South Africa is now a failed nation. It is poor, it is crime ridden, and it is not safe to walk the streets.

The Jews wage war on anyone who opposes their total domination of the world's economy. They also work to make sure they control the governments of every single developed country in the world. Jews use whatever tools they can -- phony allegations of "racism" or pleas for "democracy", for instance -- to win stupid, thoughtless non-Jews to their cause, but all celebrated communist, socialist, "democratic" and/or anti-racist groups in the world are Jewish run and Jewish financed.

Hey, Old Friend ~ Scott Roberts

Jews Sob About Racism After Getting Kicked Out of African Union Summit

This is one of the funniest news stories in quite some time.

A group of Jews were kicked out of the 23rd African Union Summit after a number of representatives from Arab countries threatened to boycott the event due to their presence. The event resumed after the Jews left the hall where the meeting was being held. The Jews who were forced to leave are now sobbing about racism, anti-Semitism and other nonsense.

Here’s one Israeli news source describing this situation as the worst thing to happen since 60 trillion Jews were gassed in the Holohoax or something.

From YNet:
The opening ceremony for the 23rd African Union Summit in Malabo was to begin Thursday with a declaration of support for the three kidnapped Israeli teens by a number of participants, until bad blood brought tensions to a boil.
“I have never seen such racism, such anti-Semitism. We were humiliated,” said several of the Jews in attendance, who had left Equatorial Guinea in a fury after changing their flights.
“It all began when one of the Arab delegates, from Egypt, approached us at dinner the night before the opening and asked what we were doing here, pointing at the men wearing kippahs,” said Israeli businesswoman Yardena Ovadia, who had organized the invitation of the Jewish delegation to the summit.
Ovadia, who has close ties with Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang, said that she explained to the delegate that her and her friends were Jews from the US, not Israelis.
The following day representatives of the Arab League refused to enter the hall until all the Jews left, or as they called them, the “Israeli delegation.”
“We were already seated in the conference hall,” said Ovadia. “The heads of the Arab League announced a boycott of the conference until the ‘Israeli delegation’ left. We officially declared that we were Americans, not Israelis, but it didn’t help.”

Disgusting Poof Elton John claims Jesus would have supported “Gay Marriage”!

You can’t make things much clearer than that!

From The Sydney Morning Herald:
Jesus would have been a supporter of gay marriage, Sir Elton John has claimed.
The musician, who plans to marry his civil partner David Furnish next year in a “very quiet” ceremony, said that rules preventing gay clergy from marrying and requiring Catholic priests to be celibate were “old and stupid things”.
He told Sky News’ Murnaghan program: “The church hierarchy, the traditionalists, might be up in arms about it but times have changed.
“If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him, as the Christian person that he was and the great person that he was, saying this could not happen.
“He was all about love and compassion and forgiveness and trying to bring people together and that is what the church should be about.”
Sir Elton said he believed the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was “doing a good job” and Pope Francis was “wonderful”.
“He’s excited me so much by his humanity,” the singer said of the Pope.
Read More
Elton, the dirty poof, with his “partner”…….. sorry for posting this picture, but a sickening 
article needs an equally sickening picture to accompany it!

So Elton knows better than the founder of the Christian doctrine himself! Who would have thought? Elton obviously has never read Leviticus 20:13 which clearly states the Christian law regarding homosexuality – once again:
“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”
There’s no “wiggle room” with a verse like this. You can’t even take it out of context really. It is 100% clear and easy to understand and this is no doubt why there aren’t even any attempts to subvert its meaning in the Bible Hub commentary, unlike how the “professional Bible commentators” usually distort the meanings of all the other verses.

Then again, what would I know? Elton is a celebrity, and if a celebrity says something about someone then it must be true, especially when it’s on the T.V!!! Elton’s word about what he thinks the Church should be about or what Jesus Christ would have supported clearly holds more water than a direct Biblical quotation!

How could we all be so silly. The Jewish controlled mass-media never deceives or lies to us after all……

- BDL1983

Immigration: Americans Should Sue the Government.

When the Stupid Party (R) and the Evil Party (L) come together it's called bipartisanship, and to hell with YOU.

When an illegal alien family crosses over into the US the Border Patrol conducts a short interrogation. A few questions are asked, finger prints are taken from the people who appear to be greater than 14-years old, and then a lame health check is conducted. 

The health check is nothing more than a visual check. If the person isn’t coughing blood or visually sick, then they are considered healthy. Wonder how many diseases are missed?

After a few days of sleeping on the station floor, the BP releases the illegal aliens into the general public. But don’t worry, each of them is given a court appearance date. Although, I should tell you the Washington Examiner did a little digging and it turns out that less than 10% ever show up to the court hearing.

In addition, of the 13,000 illegal alien children who have arrived this year from Guatemala, only 110 have been deported. The rest of them are free to stay here in America until further notice. Wonder how we plan on notifying them?

Look at the picture posted above. It was taken last week by my cameraman while we were filming in South Texas. These two ladies are both illegal aliens who made the 100-yard swim across the Rio Grande. They are free to move about the U.S. In fact, the picture shows them loading onto a bus to New York.

When they arrive to NY they will give birth. The births will cost about $15k each, all of it absorbed by taxpayers. The newborns will instantly become US citizens. They will be entitled to all the entitlements that are designed to help US taxpayers who are out of work; Americans who are suffering from legitimate injuries or disabilities; and veterans who once served America.

You can see the two ladies are carrying something in their hands. It’s a welcome pack from The Department of Homeland Security. In short, the U.S. Government is breaking the law by aiding and abetting illegal aliens. They should be sued by every American.

JEW Elie Wiesel on raping German girls

Naomi Seidman, professor of Jewish Culture at the University of California, writes in her 1996 paper Elie Wiesel and the Scandal of Jewish Rage about Wiesel's reference to raping German girls in the Yiddish version of "his" book Night

"In both the Yiddish and the French (versions of Night), the narrator criticizes the other survivors for thinking of nothing but food, and "not of revenge." The following passage is taken from the Yiddish, but the French is similar:
The first gesture of freedom: the starved men made an effort to get something to eat. They only thought about food. Not about revenge. Not about their parents. Only about bread. And even when they had satisfied their hunger they still did not think about revenge.
But the Yiddish continues: 
"Early the next day Jewish boys ran off to Weimar to steal clothing and potatoes. And to rape German girls [un tsu fargvaldikn daytshe shikses]. The historical commandment of revenge was not fulfilled." 
In French this passage reads: 
"Le lendemain, quelquesjeunes gens coururent a Weimar ramasser des pommes de terre et des habits-et coucher avec des filles. Mais de vengeance, pas trace." 
Or, in Stella Rodway's English rendition: 
"On the following morning, some of the young men went to Weimar to get some potatoes and clothes and to sleep with girls. But of revenge, not a sign."
To describe the differences between these versions as a stylistic reworking is to miss the extent of what is suppressed in the French. Un di velt depicts a post-Holocaust landscape in which Jewish boys "run off" to steal provisions and rape German girls; Night extracts from this scene of lawless retribution a far more innocent picture of the aftermath of the war, with young men going off to the nearest city to look for clothes and sex. In the Yiddish, the survivors are explicitly described as Jews and their victims (or intended victims) as German; in the French, they are just young men and women. The narrator of both versions decries the Jewish failure to take revenge against the Germans, but this failure means something different when it is emblematized, as it is in Yiddish, with the rape of German women. 

The implication, in the Yiddish, is that rape is a frivolous dereliction of the obligation to fulfill the "historical commandment of revenge"; presumably fulfillment of this obligation would involve a concerted and public act of retribution with a clearly defined target.

Jew Rats Calls for Mass Invasion of America, Demand All Non-Jews be Deported from Israel

By David Duke

The leading Jewish Supremacist organization in America devoted to promoting mass immigration, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) has called on all Jews to support an increased flood of “asylum seekers” to enter the US—while at the same time supporting Israel which actively arrests, imprisons and deports all non-Jewish asylum seekers.

In an article titled Jewish Americans Should Care About Refugees Today published in the Jewish Week paper, HIAS president Mark Hetfield and board chair Dale Schwartz announced that last year, “just 36 of the nearly three million Syrian refugees were resettled in the United States.”

This, according to these Israel-loving Jewish Supremacists, was far too few, even though, they went on to say, in total, the United States resettled 69,930 refugees in 2013, more than any other country in the world”—but, they lament, “only half the number we resettled 20 years ago.”

According to a report in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, Israel has granted asylum status to one (1) applicant out of 4,603 applications in 2011.

The use of the phrase “we” is of interest here—by “we” these Jewish Supremacists mean Americans.

They go on to give details of how the HIAS arranges refugee settlement in America:

“Through refugee resettlement, American communities from Seattle to San Diego, Pittsburgh to Clearwater, Fla., are thinking globally but acting locally. Through partnerships between the U.S. government, HIAS, and the local community and Jewish family service agencies, refugees receive a warm welcome, job placement, language training, and the opportunity to become productive members of society with restored dignity.”
Furthermore, the HIAS then complains that America is “creating obstacles” for refugee settlement:
“However, few refugees in the world are lucky enough to be resettled. While the United States welcomes a greater number of refugees than any other country, U.S. policy nonetheless imposes inefficient and unnecessary hurdles on people who have fled their homes fearing torture, imprisonment, or worse. Layers of bureaucratic requirements have been added over the decades, resulting in multiple interviews that seek identical information. This wastes resources and needlessly re-traumatizes refugees. Additionally, duplicative medical and security checks are required but expire multiple times during the resettlement process.”
To solve this apparent problem, the HIAS leaders then call on supporters to underwrite a new bill before Congress 
“to improve protections for refugees and reform the lengthy approval processes for qualified refugees, who now must contend with months or even years of bureaucratic red tape before being allowed to travel to the United States.”
The HIAS goes onto state that:
“As Jews, we understand the challenge of being refugees. Nearly all of us have relatives who were forced to leave everything behind and rebuild new lives in a foreign country. Let us mark World Refugee Day by remembering our own history and lending the voice of our community to lead this cause. On June 20, call your Senators and Congressional Representative and tell them refugees are not victims but brave, resilient, and resourceful people who contribute to their neighborhoods and our country.
“Ask your Senators and your Congress member to add their names as co-sponsors of the Refugee Protection Act to ensure that we do all that we can as a nation to help the men, women and children who have been forced to flee their own countries because of who they are or what they believe.”
However, in Israel, which these same Jewish Supremacists support so fanatically, exactly the opposite policy is enforced.

In the Jews-only state, according to a recent (March 5, 2014) article in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper
“Instead of protecting refugees as required by law, Israel boasts of its success in taking away their liberty and cajoling them to leave.”
According to the Israeli newspaper, recent

“bragging by the Interior Ministry regarding the increase in the number of asylum seekers who agree to ‘leave voluntarily’ demonstrates how Israel has turned the refugee laws upside down.
“The new amendment to the Prevention of Infiltration Law, which passed after the High Court had rejected the previous amendment, undermines [asylum seekers’] liberty by making it possible to imprison them in the Holot facility in the Negev without any time limitation. Clearly, when there is a threat of endless imprisonment hovering over the asylum seekers, ‘voluntary’ departure is not really voluntary.
“Moreover, it is also clear that protection from expulsion to a place where your life and liberty are in danger is meaningless when it is ostensibly provided in a place that itself threatens your liberty.
“Today asylum seekers are forced to choose between expulsion to Eritrea, where they are likely to lose their liberty, and remaining in Israel, a place where they are also likely to lose it. In that sense one could say that Israel is no longer a safe place for refugees and asylum seekers. Ostensibly Israel is not violating the principle of non-refoulement , since it is not expelling the asylum seekers to Eritrea. But it is creating a danger that strips the principle of its meaning.
“When the interior minister says that the sharp increase in the number of those leaving stems from steps such as the new law and summonses to the Holot facility, he is admitting—and even boasting—that the asylum seekers who are asking to leave are doing so due to their fear of imprisonment.
“Therefore, the new anti-infiltration law, like its predecessor and in many ways even more so, pulls out the rug from under the claim that Israel is granting the required protection to asylum seekers to whom the principle of non-refoulement [return to a territory where their lives are in danger] applies.
“Transferring asylum seekers to Uganda, as has been reported, is also a violation of the principle of non-refoulement, which forbids expulsion to a third country unless clear assurances have been given that it will protect the asylum seekers and will not expel them to a place where they are in danger.”
In other words, in America Jewish Supremacists demand that endless numbers of refugees be granted unlimited access to that country; but

In Israel, these same Jewish Supremacists make sure that as few as possible—and preferably none—non-Jewish refugees enter that country.

This strategy of one policy for the Goyim nations, and another policy for the Jews-only state, is part of a twin Jewish Supremacist strategy, to firstly divide-and-conquer non-Jewish nations, and secondly, to try and draw attention away from the ultra-racist state of Israel.

The Absurdity of Hitler-bashing

How much longer can the cartoonish Hitler-bashing in the media continue to be taken seriously? How ridiculous does it have to get before the spell wears off, and the people realize that it is the media itself, and the Jews that run it, that are our real enemies, rather than the historical “Nazis” that they love to attack so much?

As Carolyn Yeager pointed out in a recent podcast, the British newspaper The Daily Mail publishes at least one article bashing Hitler every week. These articles are revealing, as when looked at with a critical eye, they have almost no substance whatsoever. Following a set format, they either take an otherwise innocuous story and pepper it with emotionally-charged language, or make outrageous and impossible allegations, without even attempting to back them up with facts.

On August 12th they ran a piece called How to become the perfect Nazi bride: The sinister regulations for women to learn to breed, cook, sew, iron – and worship Hitler. The only thing sinister about the content of this article is the journalist’s interpretation of it. He gives the opinion, for instance, that the Nazis regarded women as nothing more than ‘breeding machines,’ and then backs up this opinion with quotes from Nazi officials that say German mothers are ‘divine’ and the ‘spiritual caregivers and queens of our people.’

Do you see the discrepancy here?:

The documents show that the Nazis regarded women, above all else, as breeding machines and ‘sustainers of the race’, in the language of the schools.
Scholtz-Klink praised motherhood under the Nazis as ‘divine’ and in a speech to senior party leaders in 1935 ranted: ‘You need us, you depend on us.
‘We are into something good, we participate in the resurrection way of our people. Women must be the spiritual caregivers and the secret queens of our people, called upon by fate for this special task!’
With the sensational rhetoric about ‘henchmen’ and ‘death camps’ and the invocation of Jesus Christ in the following passage aside, what is essentially being said here is that coaching the would-be wives of a country’s leaders how to be well-mannered and family-orientated is somehow ‘sinister’:

A sinister set of rules for would-be wives of Nazis in the Third Reich has been discovered three quarters of a century later.
Several ‘bride schools’ were set up with the aim of providing the perfect partners for Adolf Hitler’s henchmen.
Regulations dictated that young women would be taught ‘washing, cooking, childcare and home design’ before they could walk up the aisle with the men who would staff death camps and rule conquered lands with an iron fist.
They were also instructed in social niceties – such as how to hold conversations at cocktail parties – and how to bring up their children worshipping not God or Jesus Christ, but Hitler.
Of course the writers of these articles know that most of their readers already have the preconceived notion that Hitler and the NSDAP were the embodiment of pure evil, so they can pretty much label anything even remotely related to them as ‘sinister’ – Sinister Nazi garbage cans, sinister Nazi shopping carts, or even sinister Nazi children’s toys, as is the claim made in a piece ran on August 15th:

Forget Furbys and Cabbage Patch dolls, for the children of Nazi Germany sinister toy soldiers depicting Hitler and his henchmen were top of their wish lists during World War Two.
Miniature figurines of the evil German dictator, complete with an adjustable right arm to allow youngsters to mimic a Nazi salute, were among the sought-after toys used to brainwash children in the Third Reich.
Again, there is absolutely zero substance here. The toys are just presumed evil because they are associated with the Third Reich. It’s not like they depict hook-nosed rabbis or shrunken heads and human soap, they are simply figurines that reflect the national culture of that time period

The first article gives us a more explicit list of the aims of the bride schools as follows:

The bridal candidates of the S.S. marriage academy had to swear certain things, including:
  • Loyalty to Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Nazi Party superiors ‘unto death.’
  • To marry in neo-pagan ceremonies before a party functionary and an altar bedecked with S.S. runes and oak-leaves instead of in a church before a Christian cleric.
  • Pledge to remain at all times ‘Sustainers of the Germanic Race.’
  • Promise to ‘become proficient in cooking and housekeeping, sewing, washing and ironing; childcare, nursing and home design.’
  • Declare that any and all children born in marriage ‘will be raised in accordance with the ideals of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.’
Notice that the author never explains why any of this is a bad thing. He just calls it ‘sinister.’

Whether or not there really is anything sinister about this is ultimately subjective. I, on the one hand, fail to see anything wrong with a women learning how to raise a strong family and be a good mother. If you are a Marxist, on the other hand, then you will most likely have an aversion to this kind of thing. That is, if you are a radical feminist, a sexual pervert, or a subversive Jew, the traditional family structure of your host nation is your natural enemy.

The stronger the family unit of the middle class of a nation, the more difficult it is for these types to flourish. This is why Jews and other deviant types are often consciously and actively engaged in attacking and weakening the core family structure. This hostility towards the family has it’s roots in Marxism, where it is officially codified and encouraged with shocking candidness.

‘The Communist Manifesto,’ which is the primary doctrine of Marxism, has this to say:

Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.
On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution.
The bourgeois family will vanish as a matter of course when its complement vanishes, and both will vanish with the vanishing of capital.
The majority of people would not agree that deliberately destroying the family unit is a good thing, yet this is what is done to us openly by the Marxists. 50% of all marriages now end in divorce, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a mainstream article explaining why this is, considering the Marxist (liberal) dominated media itself is primarily responsible for it. Take, for example, the popular Hollywood TV show Sex and the City, which flagrantly pushes the idea that a woman is more ‘independent’ if she spends her adult life sleeping around instead of raising a family.

World War II was essentially a war between the two ideologies: Marxism and Nationalism. The United States, unbeknownst to the masses, fought on the side of Marxism, an ideology that overtly attacks and denigrates the nuclear family, in order to elevate the dregs of society above it. As things stand now, in a world where the forces of Marxism have triumphed over those of Nationalism, simply stating that it is healthy for a woman to act like a woman is considered ‘politically incorrect’ and unacceptable, while wearing ass chaps and waving a dildo around in front of children in a ‘Gay Pride’ parade is not.

All 10 planks contained in the ‘Communist Manifesto‘ have basically been fulfilled in present-day America and most other ‘democratic’ nations. Included in these 10 planks is the abolition of private property, a graduated income tax and centralized banking.

Contrast the planks of the manifesto with the 25 points of National Socialism, which advocated the people’s right to self-determination, debt-free currency, strict immigration laws, generous social benefits for the elderly, an honest press run by devoted nationalists and suppression of destructive and degenerate art. None of this is present in modern American society.

The most recent Daily Mail Hitler-hit-piece is a personal favorite. If this doesn’t make people doubt the validity of some of the claims made about Hitler, then I don’t know what will. It is titled Hitler the drug addict: How he used a cocktail of drugs including cocaine to make him a ‘Nazi superman,’ and it makes The Onion seem like a serious news outlet.

According to this one short article Hitler was:

  • A drug-abusing hypochondriac with deformed genitals who regularly consumed a cocktail of amphetamines, bull semen, rat poison and morphine when he sent millions of innocent people to their death
  • A feeble, trembling figure, egomaniac, sadistic mass murderer, manic depressive and amphetamine addict with bipolar disorder, chronic eczema, persistent stomach cramps and appalling flatulence
  • A user of powdered cocaine to ‘clear his sinuses and soothe his throat’ and user of eye-drops infused with cocaine
  • Frequently injected with extracts from the prostate glands or ground testicles of young bulls to boost his libido so he could keep up with his much-younger lover
  • A hyperactive gambler
  • Lazy
I’m serious. Go read it for yourself.

Maybe this is why nobody finds it strange when they come out with a movie about Nazi zombies or Space Nazis on the dark side of the moon – the official story that we are expected to believe is already pretty much science fiction. Human soap, lampshades, shrunken heads, incredible pedal-driven brain-bashing machines and drug-addled Hitlers with mutilated testicles are only a small step away from “Nazis at the Center of the Earth.”

People can deny certain truths, but what they can’t deny is the reality right in front of their eyes. If it were our word alone against the big lies that people have been indoctrinated with all of their lives by emotionally driven, vindictive propaganda like the examples given above, it would almost certainly be a losing battle. But pointing out statistics, such as that 50% of all American marriages now end in divorce, and comparing it to the stated plans of the communists, may jog some minds. You can then show them the article where learning how to be a good wife and mother is referred to as ‘sinister’ – and then have them watch an episode of Sex and the City or Californication. See if they can figure out why this type of degenerative filth is allowed in our societies.

If they still wish to believe that Hitler was the most evil man that ever lived, then maybe you can show them the article about him being a drug-abusing hypochondriac with deformed genitals, so they can see the kind of lies they are defending while taking that position.

Make sure you remind them that Hollywood and every other form of mass media and entertainment is owned and operated from top to bottom by Jews, too.

US Soldiers Forced to Fast During Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan

The Christian Post reported that the US Army had “removed a cross that was prominently placed on the front of a chapel located at the remote base of Camp Marmal in Northern Afghanistan. . . . [O]fficials said that having a permanent sectarian image on the chapel violated army regulations. . . . One soldier referred to the decision and the regulation behind it as ‘a direct attack against Christianity and Judaism.’”

This isn’t the first time Christianity had been an issue in Afghanistan. Bibles translated into Afghan languages were sent to a U.S. soldier at a base in Afghanistan. Here’s how CNN reported the story in 2009:
“Military personnel threw away, and ultimately burned, confiscated Bibles that were printed in the two most common Afghan languages amid concern they would be used to try to convert Afghans, a Defense Department spokesman said Tuesday.
The unsolicited Bibles sent by a church in the United States were confiscated about a year ago at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan because military rules forbid troops of any religion from proselytizing while deployed there, Lt. Col. Mark Wright said.
Such religious outreach can endanger American troops and civilians in the devoutly Muslim nation, Wright said.”
The assumption of so many liberals is that there is such a thing as religious neutrality. The claim is made that if we put our religion aside, Muslims will see that as a gesture of good will and not impose their religion on us.

The belief is that accommodation is the way to win a Muslim’s heart and mind.

This is not how a Muslim thinks. Islam is a religion of force. If a non-Muslim does not convert, he or she will be taxed. If a Muslim decides to leave the Muslim faith, that person can be executed.

We’re seeing the impact of radical Islam in Iraq. There are mass executions.

Now we’re being told that soldiers must observe the dietary restrictions of the Muslim season of Ramadan:
“[Because of the dietary laws] U.S. soldiers are worried that they won’t be able to adequately defend their posts.
Muslims fast during Ramadan from dawn until dusk and expect anyone in their presence, regardless of their own religion, to do the same. Those who are spotted eating or drinking during the holy season can be put to death.
But in the hot Middle Eastern summer, many U.S. servicemen are worried they won’t be able to carry out their duties without at least drinking water throughout the day.”
Is this what we’ve spent maybe a trillion dollars on and thousands of dead American soldiers, not to mention all the wounded as well as untold thousands of innocent victims of these unwinnable wars? What do Americans think will happen if our accommodation practices ever become law in the United States? Will public school children be forced to comply? How about businesses?

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Repost: The Big Hush

First posted Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Please listen to the MUSIC on this video as you read my words. J.H.

Written by John Hardon

What is the 'Big Hush'? The Big Hush is the truth, you see you have been lied to ALL your lives. Your interpretation of WWII, the Holocaust, Iraqi WMD's Iran's Nuclear weapons and the War on Terror. And that's just for starters. I could go on about the Bank Bailouts, Over Population, Global Warming etc. etc. But whats the point? Most of you that visit this Blog already know that and if you don't just use the 'Blog Search' Widget on the right of this page.

A lot of you don't want to think about these things, you just want to get on with your little lives as best you can in this screwed up world. But how long can you carry on burying your heads in the sand? Look at the prices of Food, Gas, Electricity, Petrol uncontrolled immigration etc?

Make no mistake folks your children's future is being ripped away at an ever accelerating rate. Go to Nationalist Sites in whatever country you reside, get involved, do something for your children's future if not your own. We don't have to put up with any of this, it was planned years ago for the 21st century, 9/11 was used to kick it off to the next level, just read The Protocols of Zion. The Jews claim that this book is a fake but if that's the case how come nearly everything written has come or is coming to pass before our very eyes?

Look around you people, we have a beautiful natural Earth a virtual paradise, we have beauty in our children and the animals that inhabit the Earth. The 'Creator' gave us the greatest gift of all LIFE. Do you think we were intended to live in misery, constant war and starvation? NO! Its time to say 'I'm not taking this anymore' and in the words of Bob Mathews - "Stand up like men" 

John Hardon


Pakistan: Couple beheaded in public over love marriage

Muslims commit 91 percent of honor killings worldwide. A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring.” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2). In other words, someone who kills his child incurs no legal penalty under Islamic law. In this case, of course, the victim was the murderer’s wife, a victim to the culture of violence and intimidation that such laws help create.

The Palestinian Authority gives pardons or suspended sentences for honor murders. Iraqi women haveasked for tougher sentences for Islamic honor murderers, who get off lightly now. Syria in 2009 scrapped a law limiting the length of sentences for honor killings, but “the new law says a man can still benefit from extenuating circumstances in crimes of passion or honour ‘provided he serves a prison term of no less than two years in the case of killing.’” And in 2003 the Jordanian Parliament voted down on Islamic grounds a provision designed to stiffen penalties for honor killings. Al-Jazeera reported that “Islamists and conservatives said the laws violated religious traditions and would destroy families and values.”

Until the encouragement Islamic gives to honor killing is acknowledged and confronted, more women will suffer.

“Couple beheaded in public over love marriage,” Dawn, June 27, 2014 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
SIALKOT: A couple was beheaded in cold blood by the family of the girl over love marriage in Satrah village of Daska tehsil, some 65km from here, on Friday.
According to the FIR lodged with Satrah police station, Sajjad Ahmed, 27, of village Hasanabad, Sialkot, had contracted a love marriage with Muafia Bibi, 23, of Satrah on June 18.
On Friday, seven members of Muafia’s family, including her father Dilshad alias Kulla, uncle Ghulam Husain, Shamshad, Afzaal Husain and Bashiran Bibi, stormed into house of the newly-weds in Hasanabad, bundled them into a van and took them to an outhouse at Satrah.
The suspects tied up the legs and arms of Sajjad and Muafia and cut off their heads with choppers in public but nobody dared stop them, the FIR said. The suspects fled from the village after the incident.
Sajjad’s family told Dawn the couple had come into contact several months ago and wanted to get married but Muafia’s parents didn’t agree to her marriage with Sajjad which led to their love marriage. They said the couple was issued threats by the girl’s family.
Police handed over the bodies to Sajjad’s family after autopsy at Daska Civil Hospital. They were laid to rest amid police security.
Daska DSP Rana Zahid Husain told newsmen that police were conducting raids to arrest the suspects. The FIR was registered under various sections of the PPC and Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The Big Lie

It was the Jewish murderer Lenin who said “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

The Jewish Bolshevik regime had been torturing and murdering ethnic Europeans since the early 1920’s. The death toll of the Holodomor Genocides alone is 16.5 million. Initially concealing their crimes behind the Jewish Bolshevik construct of the ‘Soviet Union’ with a Jewish victory in 1945 a new paradigm was concocted with the German Nation as the scapegoat.

The ‘Big Lie’ is a social construct based on the notion that if a lie is immense no one will believe that anyone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” In practice if the ordinary person was to tell a huge lie usually the magnitude of the lie would be grasped by the person on the receiving end. Yet, if that person was accompanied by an authority figure seemingly agreeing with everything being said the recipient would be more inclined to believe.

The technique was exposed in the Jewish Hollywood blockbuster The Matrix in which the population are led to believe a complete fabrication. Naturally challenging the public with a lie that is so unbelievable it transposes the Natural order of things requires that the lie to be insured. Like the seizure of Russia by Jewish Bolsheviks in 1917 the enemy has placed his tribe in positions of control. A chief example is the Jewish Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron. Thus constant media propaganda and support from ‘respected’ and ‘trusted’ figures provides the lie credibility. For 70 years Jewish illusion has pervaded White European culture imbuing contemporary ethnic Europeans with ‘false guilt’.


Miscegenation comes from the Latin miscere, “to mix” and genus, “kind” and refers to sexual relations between individuals of different racial origins that lead to the production of children. Today it is known as race mixing”. Merriam-Webster: “a mixture of races; especially: marriage, cohabitation, or sexual intercourse between a white person and a member of another race. Miscegenation defiles, degrades and destroys the Caucasoid race and on a mass scale is White racial genocide. As such subsequent dictionaries omit the word as it interferes with the Jewish Marxist agenda. Consequently those that uphold White racial integrity do not have a duty to those that debase the race or a responsibility to their progeny.