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Saturday, 3 May 2014

‘Wolfenstein The New Order’ PC: Gamers complain “Why Can’t We Kill Jews?”

Mega-Zion corporation Zenimax (short for Maximum Zionist Entertainment) is licking it’s wounds today as sales of their new Bethesda Studios German-genociding game ‘Wolfenstein New Order’ simply remain on the floor. It seems that today’s younger gamers, are far more Jew-wise and well informed by the web about the Great Holohoax Big Jew Lie than their older siblings, are simply not buying the idea that the New World Order is Nazi as claimed by Jew shills like Alex Jones or David Icke, to name just two of hundreds of paid hasbarah liars out on the Internet.

As this is written not one gamer has yet posted a screenshot on Google images which hosts a lonely selection of re-sellers pics from the Bethesda studio output, soon to be joined by the endzog images. Perhaps if readers have a few minutes to spare they could go onto the comments sections of the YouTube walkthroughs for the game and let the Zionistas know what you think of their latest grand venture into promoting white genocide.

Players find it hard to grasp the idea that somehow what they are observing in their daily lives; the total Jewish control of all Western nations and their deliberate destruction by the Jews, is not the true story and the one which should be portrayed in their computer games.

A survey of one thousand video game players across Europe and the US has concluded that gamers are becoming increasingly tired of the White V White ‘Brother’s Wars’ promoted by the Jewish gaming industry. The new ‘Wolfenstein New Order’ gameplay video was shown to each participant and they were asked if the game concept rang true to them.

43% of participants said they want the opportunity to kill Jews and only kill Germans who were agents of international Jewry, traitors to the Reich such as spies, Marxists or communists. Most of the rest said it had not occurred to them the game had anything to do with reality and most ticked the box “It has no meaning, it’s just a game.”

But the biggest fans were Jews who accounted for a disproportionate number of the buyers, especially of the expensive boxed early additions. “I just love killing Krauts said Hymie Koppolowitz of Dresden, Sachsen. “Boy, we really fried them alive in this town back in the good old days at the end of the last war!”

But Gunter Thierack of Berlin said that this was just more Jewish pro White-genocide and anti-German hate. 
“The Jews since they first arrived in Europe have incited White people to hate and kill each other while the Jew backs both sides, makes vast war profits and has the pleasure of exterminating our race as the icing on the cake or should I say the licing on the Kike!”
Wolfenstein New Order is about the total Jewish takeover of the West since the second world war, most notably the United States. But instead of hosting Jewish characters like the House of Rothschild, Jewman Sachs, Lehmann Brothers, Bernard Bernanke, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Soros, General Petrayus, Dianne Feinstein, Bernie Madoff and many, many, many more, for some reason the Jews are portrayed as the classic Hollywood fantasy ‘nazis.’

The game oddly uses the same second world war German soldiers whom history has now proved to have been the good guys in the second world war, everything we were previously told about them being Big Jew Lies from the Jewish controlled war propaganda units; the icy grip of the Jews on the mainstream media, Jewish-controlled TV, movies, newspapers, publishing and academe, not to say the Jews control of writing our history and determining our foreign policy which they still do today as we fight Israel’s wars on their behalf, butchering innocent Muslims all across the Middle East and stealing their resources and central banks for the Jews. While all the while they genocide the White race all across the Western world with mass 3rd world immigration, Zioncorporation promoted race-mixing, and take away our freedoms at home while we supposedly fight for them abroad.


The survey showed that there is a growing number of gamers who long for the opportunity to kill Jews for a change. “Everytime I play a game I am conscious I am killing my own already dying race” said John Smith Jr of Atlanta Georgia, “If I just had the opportunity to kill the enemies of my tribe I would feel I was accomplishing something for my people, even though it is just in cyberspace.”

The pouring of a gallon of bleach into the letterbox a PC store displaying the new computer game in Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen in today’s Occupied Germany by enraged German youth was just an example of the hostility the game is receiving in some quarters.

‘WOLFENSTEIN NEW ORDER’ IS PRODUCED BY: Bethseda game studios 1370 Piccard Drive, Suite 120; Town Rockville; County Maryland USA. Affiliated to the nearby Krieger Department Of Jewish studies at John Hopkins Univeristy:

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