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Monday, 12 May 2014

Whither White Nationalism?

By endzog


I do not propose here to write an elegant article. Elegance is the fruit of inspiration and it is the lack of much to be inspired about at this time of which I speak.

Neither do I propose to mention any names, enough of that has been done on enough websites already regarding the current state of affairs so that should anyone care to look the truth is out there, along with the exposures, misunderstandings, misreadings and unstudied, unfair or studied fair allegations about the main players. Not that constructive criticism within our movement is to be deplored by any but the most cowardly elements. Such self-examination, such separation of the wheat from the chaff is essential if youth are not to be misled and for the process of refining our response to the dictatorship to go on. But that is not our task today.

As I wrote in a previous article but rephrase again: 

“White nationalism is a long series of fall-outs, back-stabbings, hurt feelings, bruised egos, cowardice in the field and other disasters. But this is because we are in a leaderless war, we are under fire, our Jewish enemy seems to be practically invincible, our own people are almost all brainwashed traitors and we White nationalists are bruised ‘casualties of peace.’ “A putrid peace” I think it was Goebbels who once described pre-war Germany as.”
No-one knows how many WN nationalist websites and blogs there are out there, I seem to come across new ones almost every week of all shades of practical use or depth of understanding or confusion of disparate often unrelated ideas, nor do we have any ranking of their importance, in fact two very disreputable listings have appeared since last Christmas both of which only confused the issue further. We also have no idea about how many authors there are in countries who speak different languages from ourselves, such as the nation many of us still look to as our spiritual fatherland; what now sadly comprises post-war Occupied Germany.

Nor do we have any communication with foreign political parties allowing many of us for years to think that Jobbick in Hungary was a WN party when in fact it is a party longing for Eurasian race-mixing and diversity. There, I have mentioned one name but only on the basis I did not mention it before.

But outside the obvious traitors, and returning to the subject of ourselves and our own lack of awareness of each other, one feels that absence of any concrete unity does not matter to the overall struggle, because without a leader White nationalism will inevitable compromise a Smörgåsbord of different people at different stages of growth in differing nations and societies rising up and taking pot-shots with their pop-guns at the giant nose of Mount Judah. Most of which shots miss the target but nevertheless form a cloud of dust at the feet of that vast colossus.

It has been my belief for a long time, and why we at endzog have always encouraged any academic who appeared on the scene, that the basis for leadership can only arise through the establishment of an academic intelligentsia. Intelligence alone is not enough to get into the doors of power and take on the Jewsmedia, Jacademia or Jeducation. We can always be denied, brushed away from the gates by psychopathic antifa, media lies, denial of the right to assemble in Europe, or the difficulty of assembling in any sufficient numbers across the vast and population-dispersed Jewknighted Snakes of America.

Unlike the lone-wolf white nationalist the academic is within the walls of the city, the academic is ‘connected.’ A thousand white nationalists on the street can be dismissed as ‘gangs of facist thugs,’ but five students on a campus will inevitably form a serious political challenge to the entire political establishment of ZOG which has worked assiduously since the end of the last world war to secure academia as their own fort, shorn of freedom of speech and independent thought and bastions of Bolshevism.

White nationalism is a state of understanding, a realization of truth, a true consciousness of being, a shedding of chains within the walls of a prison, a brave re-conquest of their natural identity by individual minds and souls, a return to first and true principles, an exit from the lying dance of the Pied piper to true origin and tribe, reality of self and purpose. To achieve white nationalism is to have laboured up the accusing and defaming slopes of Mount Hoax from the gutters of the vice-ridden, philosophically and morally bankrupt transnational Judenstadt, to reach the summit of the first hill which overlooks the Iron mountain; the Berghof, beyond which lies the guaranteed freedom and future of our race.

But all great enterprises must like a house be built on firm foundations, we are the bricks but the girders are the academic intellectuals, only they can hold up the roof which will be the leader or leaders. All of us, often hitting each over the head, squabbling or misbehaving like children left unsupervised, riddled with spies, self-serving miscreants and imposters, nevertheless form a congregation of ants gnawing away at the foundations of the giant fortress of Zog. But we can only ascend to it’s entry points with the assistance of academic intellectuals.My appeal is to all the main players in the movement to target the students, for it is from their ranks that the philosophers, architects and engineers of the revolution will arise. The system must be fought from within itself.

The Jew behind the curtain has won almost every war since the middle ages, he takes the gain of every revolution, nay, commences it for his gain. Whether lurking behind Luther or Lenin, rabble-raising behind Ronald Reagan or Ron Paul, he seems to promise to secure the future for the white man while ruthlessly moving towards his extinction.

The Jew will be sure to rise up another revolution apparently even against himself, in which the remaining powerful Goyim along with some of the more over-exposed Jewish scapegoats will be sacrificed, but it will amount to no more than the Jew World Order defeating the New World Order which still contains many white faggots of Zion; freemasons, Marxists, liberals, the abominable current political classes, Judao-Christians and the like; many useful idiots who are no longer imperative to the next phase of Zionist conquest of humanity and the cosmos. We must not allow our people to one again march into the meat-grinder. We must develop more than a scattered resistance and commence a solid construction of opposition.

I shall leave the last word to a totally unknown, faceless young English academic who has started what we can only hope will develop into a think tank focussed on academia called the ‘Identity Forum’ and I hope that our leading intellectuals may feature him on their broadcasts. I urge you all to listen to him because he outlines our next necessary move if we are to succeed, and that is our own march through the institutions, a march which will have to be far quicker than that march of the Frankfurt Shul if we are to save the day.


‘Bridging the Shibboleth’ 06/04/2014
Interviews and speeches: Bain can be contacted through the London Forum.


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