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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ukraine “Anti-Semitic” Flyers — JEW JOB?

So I’m watching the TV “News” last week and they have on this big brouhaha about the pro-Russian Ukrainians supposedly distributing a flyer ordering the poor local Jews to register as Jews. Sure, it was believable, because it’s not all that bad of an idea since the Ukrainian crisis stinks to high heaven of Jew BS in the first place. Hell, we definitely need to start ID-ing these sorry mothers in the USA.

Oh boy, did this supposed flyer get the Jews back here in a tizzy! That’s like the Catholic Pope back in the Medieval days issuing orders to make them wear big pointy hats outside the ghetto (the origins of the dunce cap), or the Nazis ordering them to sew on yellow stars (double Jew hardship with manual labor). Nothing gets Jews pissed off like having to wear a sign warning the Goy who they are dealing with!

I mean think about it: If you went into a used car dealership and the sales guy had on a Jew marker of some sort, would you do business with him knowing what HUGE rip-off artists Jews are? That’s the whole motive behind marking these rats in the first place – as warnings to an unknowing populace. The Pope did it, because the Jews were out ripping off little people with Usury and Gucci bag knock-offs or something.

In Geneva, crypto-Jew Secretary of State, John Kerry (real Jew name Cohen) went off on a rant about the supposed Ukraine “anti-Semitic” Jew registration flyers, saying “in the year 2014, after all of the miles traveled and all of the journey of history, this is not just intolerable – it’s grotesque. It is beyond unacceptable…” Sounded like old “Long Devil” was going to blow a gasket. Or doing a bang-up acting job, one.

The White house immediately issued a statement saying the flyers were “chilling” like such Jew hate could happen “in this day and age” (they use that phrase for PC bull of all sorts to make it sound like any who are against their social engineering must be crazed throwback retardos). READ MORE

Then I briefly saw a piece of video where Kerry was talking to reporters about all this Ukraine
business. Right there, by his side was Victoria Nuland, a totally creepy Jewess Neocon war monger (real Jew name: Nudelman).

Nudelman was neck deep in starting the whole Ukrainian revolution stuff in the first place (actually a coup d’état). I have a shot of her handing out food to demonstrators (right) camped out in downtown Kiev during the “popular uprising” fostered from behind the scenes by the JEW WORLD ORDER.

Just think: Here’s the “American” assistant to the Secretary of State Cohen, aiding and abetting a revolution in a country right next door to Russia. Not a word about that fact was reported in America. Then “our” media later tells us that Putin has sent his own people into Crimea and the eastern Ukraine to start trouble like he was just so devious and underhanded. But they sure as hell never say a word when “we” do it, now do they?

Hell, FOX news had on all kinds of people acting all bent out of shape that Putin could do such a terrible thing. Complete Israel suckups, like retired generals and CIA analysts they have sucking on the Jew media tit, and the big day-time FOX Shabbos goy, former ambassador John Bolton, came on the air saying AMERICA might HAVE TO KICK a little ROOSKIE ASS! Boo-yah — maybe.

Actually, the same kind of thing was going on with the liberal news channels, too. What’s the common denominator here? Pay attention and you’ll get it fast.

Now comes word that the hacker operation “Anonymous” released intercepted emails showing the US branch of the Jewish Anti-defamation League (ADL) was really behind it. They actually sent several different versions of the “Jew registration” flyers to their agents in the Ukraine (who are supposed to be “Neo-Nazis” ha ha). This means the whole thing was a black “psyops” program or even false flag orchestrated by the Zionists NWO. The story should be front page everywhere (if we had a real free press).

Here’s what Iran’s Press TV said about it:
Anonymous Ukraine, the group that intercepted emails outlining false flag terror attack plans made by the US Embassy in Kiev in March, has done it again. Emails intercepted between Washington DC offices tied to the Anti-Defamation League sent to neo-Nazi extremists in the Ukraine were the sources of the outrageous materials…
…Those emails showed direct ties between the US State Department and terrorist groups within the Ukrainian military. According to Anonymous, the current intercepted emails included several attachments, each different version of the anti-Semitic leaflets passed out in the pro-Russian Eastern Ukraine, particularly in the city on Donetsk.
Representatives of separatist groups reputed to have issued the edicts not only denied any involvement but pointed out that the documents themselves were photoshopped and included seals from the previous government and imaginary titles for offices that simply don’t exist.
The ADL acted all bent out of shape about those anti-Semitic flyers and now it seems they were responsible in the first place!

Here’s a third party, non-government entity meddling in geopolitical foreign affairs. If “our” country is truly sovereign and a republic (not anymore – America is now a de facto “oligarchy”), then we should see the FBI raiding the ADL offices and carting off computers and handcuffed suspects. Without a damn doubt!

But of course, “our” government is NOT free. Neither is the media.

It’s certain that Zionists embedded within the US State Department and the CIA, hatched the scheme to begin with. The International Jews have always lusted for full control of the Ukraine (ancient homeland of the Ashkenazim or KHAZAR race) and to isolate and contain Russia, while they bring down the US middle class and turn America into a Jew-controlled Police State. They can’t let external events slow down the social engineering agenda back here — hell, the arrogant SOBs even expect our soldiers to accept faggotry while busy fighting GD Jew wars!

It really is a JEW WORLD ORDER.

They use these “NGOs” (non-government organizations) to jack up native populations, so they can install corrupt puppets to sign on to the banking debt scheme. Hell, look at what they did to Egypt, for crying out loud. In fact, they have training operations to do these kinds of things in Belgrade, Serbia. Jew George Soros has been funding “color revolutions” for years. He’s long been the rich point man for the JEW WORLD ORDER.

These filthy GD trouble-making Zionist Jews now feel so sure of their control of the USA, they literally think they can do whatever they want – wherever they want.

– Phillip Marlowe


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