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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Third World London: Spot the White Man

The creatures who inhabit Peckham today.

A walk through the main shopping street in what used to be Peckham. The Third World has come to London.

The name Peckham is derived from the Anglo Saxon for “village amongst the hills.” To preserve some greenery Peckham Rye was bought in 1868 and maintained as common land. It was on Peckham Rye that an eight year old William Blake had his vision of a cloud of angels in an oak tree.

Now, the indigenous white population have been replaced by a largely African population who buy their goods from Kurds, Afghan and Iraqi Muslims, many of whom ran for cover when they saw the camera. Thanks to the ethnic invasion Peckham has one of the highest rates of HIV infection and street crime in Europe and the schools are ‘no go areas’ for indigenous white children.

If British people want this “enrichment” why have they all left? Did the British men who died in the trenches 90 years ago think that this is the England they were giving their lives for? The Tory/Labour Party has betrayed us all and as Enoch said, there will be “rivers of blood.”

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