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Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Jewrovision Song Contest, a display of perversion & depravity

By John Hardon

Austrian [does this freak look Austrian?] drag queen Conchita Wurst has been crowned winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Austria was where Hitler was born. I do not believe that the majority of normal people in Europe voted for this freak, this is the Jew and his god Satan showing who is in control of this world.

It is also a blasphemous perverted Christ-like image typical of Jewish 'art'. It is no surprise then that Israel (who are not even part of Europe) awarded this freak maximum points.

From the Daily Mail:
Praise for Conchita's win took over Twitter, with many highlighting the significance of the Eurovision winner being genderneutral and representing the LGBTQ community in the wake of Russia's recent homophobic laws and persecutions.
John Bishop tweeted: It's only a song contest but tonight it showed talent can overcome prejudice and ignorance. Well done Conchita - I am glad I saw that moment'
Journalist Jay Rayner wrote: 'We take the p***out of Eurovision. It's a gagfest. But it's also a grand vehicle for an overt 'f*** you' liberalism in face of conservatism'
Russell Brand showed support and a sense of humour when he posted images of himself in a green shimmering dress in homage to his lookalike Conchita, adding: 'I don't normally endorse voting but please vote for me on #Eurovision tonight. #Austria'
BBC One's official Twitter took it even further writing: 'Conchita Wurst for the next James Bond theme! She has a licence to thrill. #Eurovision'

What kind of future have our children got in a world run by sick parasites that only wish to destroy all that is good and wholesome?

J.H. 1488


  1. I did not know that waste of space, talentless 'look-at-me' nit-wit Russell Brand was Austrian? If it ain't bland Brand, it don't matter! Jewboy BBC boss, Danny Cohen has already offered this highly strung sexual freak, a lucrative contract; it is bad enough putting up with that other useless celebrity queer jewboy Steven Fry, whose disgusting image has been permanently painted on my TV screen. I am sure Fry is stalking me and the rest of the UK population! Just what have we goyim done to deserve this vile treatment?

  2. And by the way Paul
    I have it on record that John is a very ardent supporter of the fake jewish invention known as "True Christianity" LOL

  3. Dear John
    You are not the first sucker to be taken in by the Jews because Adolf got "sucked in" by them a very long time before you did.

    So please consider this mate: The Jews own and control YouTube (as I am sure you will already be very well aware of) so have you ever wondered why it is that all of the pro-Bro Nat vids and most of the pro-Hitler vids are not deleted by the "Jews"?