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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

"The Complete Guide to Killing Gentiles" Courtesy of Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira

Maybe this is what is meant when those blubbering sycophants in DC kiss Yid ass by saying that the extremely one-sided relationship the USA has with the world's #1 terror state is 'special?'

Yes, anytime you get into a relationship with a collection of whacked-out psychopaths who love to kill, steal, terrorize, rape and orally sodomize children, plunder and commit false flags against and you still gladly give those blood-drenched sociopaths more money and weapons and keep puckering your lips, well that is special.

These sick fucks even brag about kidnapping women, bringing them to 'Stolenland' and forcing them into prostitution.

Special indeed.

WARNING: All you 'Christian Zionists' out there probably better not watch this tape of truth, especially starting at the 11:32 mark.

On the other hand, go ahead and watch, since you long ago gave up your ability to think and kicked your former Lord, Jesus Christ out of your soul and replaced that being of love with hate.

When is it permissible to kill non-Jews? The book Torat ha-Melekh [The King’s Teaching—INT], which was just published, was written by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, the dean of the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in the community of Yitzhar near Nablus, together with another rabbi from the yeshiva, Yossi Elitzur. The book contains no fewer than 230 pages on the laws concerning the killing of non-Jews, a kind of guide for anyone who ponders the question of if and when it is permissible to take the life of a non-Jew.

Although the book is not being distributed by the leading book companies, it has already received warm recommendations from right-wing elements, including recommendations from important rabbis such as Yitzhak Ginsburg, Dov Lior and Yaakov Yosef, that were printed at the beginning of the book.

“When we approach a non-Jew who has violated the seven Noahide laws and kill him out of concern for upholding these seven laws, no prohibition has been violated,” 
states the book, which emphasizes that killing is forbidden unless it is done in obedience to a court ruling. But later on, the authors limit the prohibition, noting that it applies only to a 
“proper system that deals with non-Jews who violate the seven Noahide commandments.”
The book includes another conclusion that explains when a non-Jew may be killed even if he is not an enemy of the Jews. 
“In any situation in which a non-Jew’s presence endangers Jewish lives, the non-Jew may be killed even if he is a righteous Gentile and not at all guilty for the situation that has been created,” the authors state. 
“When a non-Jew assists a murderer of Jews and causes the death of one, he may be killed, and in any case where a non-Jew’s presence causes danger to Jews, the non-Jew may be killed.”
Rabbis Shapira and Elitzur determine that children may also be harmed because they are “hindrances.” The rabbis write as follows: 
“Hindrances—babies are found many times in this situation. They block the way to rescue by their presence and do so completely by force. Nevertheless, they may be killed because their presence aids murder. There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”
Check out the Jews most holy book, the Talmud.

Naturally, the Anti-Defamation League blasts anyone Gentile who reads the Talmud as being anti-Semitic.

You see, you're just an ignorant GOYIM who is trying to read way above your station in life, besides, the Talmud was written 2,000 years ago and doesn't provide the proper context for today's world.

Sorry, Abe, but raping a child or killing the child's parents or stealing money from poor Gentiles translates quite well into today's society.

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