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Friday, 2 May 2014


What came first, the chicken or the egg? This question has often been put forward as unanswerable, but the Bible gives us a clue as to the answer. Each kind was created with it’s seed within itself, therefore when the chicken was created it was an adult chicken and it had a fully formed egg within it. I believe this also gives us an answer as to why science sometimes infers that the earth is much older than our records tell us it should be.

Adam, the first White man, was created as a fully formed adult. He was not born to a mother, or grown from an infant to an adult, but would have looked to all intents and purposes as though he had. His hair had to be fully formed, looking like it had been there for some years and he would have had a belly button. Things like fingernails also take some time to grow, so although he had only just been formed, he would have looked as though he had been here for quite some time, the amount of time it would have taken to become an adult capable of fathering children.

From this, it can be deduced that the earth also would have appeared as though it had been here for quite some time. Everything relies upon everything else in our reality, the sand relies upon having been ground into pieces from larger rocks for thousands of years and the trees that we use for construction and birds rely upon for their nests, take centuries to grow to considerable size. The soil itself relies upon long dead matter decaying and the worms that digest it rely upon the soil already being there.

The complexity of the interlocking systems of life that we see all around us makes the idea of them growing or evolving in independence from each other impossible. The same restrictions of irreducible complexity that apply to parts of the body like the eye, also apply to the eco-systems of the earth. Too much water or too much range in temperature and the water cycle would not work. Too little water and it would not work. Water could not have slowly appeared until there was enough of it to kick start the water cycle. It had to have been functioning straight away. The only way to achieve something like that would be through an immediate, fully formed creation. The Bible confirms this, telling us the world was created through divine fiat, the Lord spoke and it was so.

Nothing happens by chance, a complicated machine requires a plan for it to be built and a creator to design it. What we are taught in the Bible is the only logical way a world like ours could come into being. There is a creator and at his word our reality was created, with the ability to continue evolving from an evident plan, that was apparent right from the start.

A fractal is a type of pattern that continually repeats itself at diminishing and expanding scales. The more you magnify it, the more complex it gets. The same happens with measurement. The more you magnify a line, the more wavy it gets and the longer the measurement becomes as you try to measure around every part of it. The more accurate you try to be, the more complicated things become. In the same way, the better we get at looking back into time through space, the more of it there appears to be. The universe appears to be infinite because it has to be that way. It did not grow from a speck but was created as a fully functioning form containing a history waiting to be discovered. This history determines the future, in the same way that Adam’s belly button determined his future action at the birth of his son.

A similar process can be seen when we dream. The dream land does not grow from something, but appears as if it has always been there, just like we feel like we have always been there, until we wake up. When we awaken the dream dissipates and we hardly remember it and it seems of little importance. I think the difference between dreaming and being awake is very likely a reflection of living in mortal life compared with living in eternal life. This mortal life will appear as the mere blink of an eye and what the ego thought was important, will be shown in eternity for what it really was, just vanity.

In order for man to exist there had to be all the necessary things around for him to exist. They had to have been created all ready at the right stage for man to make use of them. The clue to this is that everything else appears to have a history that continually goes back, or be a clear end result from a process, except for the White man. He just suddenly appears and makes his mark on the world through farming, civilisation and religion. The world was presented to him fully formed, along with everything in it. So when science tells us that the earth is millions of years old, or that negroes have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, that is exactly how the Bible implies it should be. The concept of time likely did not even exist until the White man arrived, so whether the beasts had been here for a day or for thousands of years, they would not have known any different. Instead of looking for ways to make scientific observations about the age of the earth fit the time span in the Bible, we should be pointing out that the appearance of the fully formed Adam predicts that the earth would look the way it does.

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  1. This article is excellent. It is both concise, and beautifully informative. There is far more to life than we think, and the White European man, woman and child, are as different from the Negro races as a TV is from a bottle of water. My observations and thoughts are now in line with a creator, not Zionist propaganda of nilhilism and 'do what though wilt' Satanism.