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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines

SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines is translated directly from the original SS publication Glauben und Kampfen ("Faith and Struggle“), whose subtitle states that it was published for the SS-men from the ethnic German communities in south-eastern Europe.

The original SS book contained four chapters. The first chapter was entitled "The Fundamental Laws of Life of Our World View“ (“Die lebensgesetzlichen Grundlagen unserer Weltanschauung“). The second chapter covered the life of Adolf Hitler and the history of the National Socialist movement, the third chapter German history, and the fourth chapter the history of the SS.

The German word "Volk“ is translated as "folk“ instead of the more common, but less precise, term "people", even when it does not refer to the Germans. After all, "folk“ is indeed something special; it is an ethnic community extending across many generations; a modern equivalent might be the term "ethno-culture", as "folk“ implies a community unified by common culture and ethnicity more than political boundaries.

"Reich“ is used only for the German Reich and "empire“ for non-German ones. The sub-races are translated as follows: "Nordisch“ as "Nordic", "Fillisch“ as "Falish", "Dinarisch“ as "Dinaric", "Westisch“ as "Mediterranean", "Ostisch“ as "Alpine“ and "Ostbaltisch“ as "East Baltic.“ All the illustrations come from the original SS publication. The sole exception is the cover, Josef Thorak’s "Two People“ ("Zwei Menschen“).

"Erbgut“ and "Erbanlagen“ have generally been translated here as "hereditary makeup“ and "hereditary factors“ respectively.

Publisher’s note: There is a public view of the National Socialist view of race, and the truth as expressed by National Socialist writers themselves. In our view it was too valuable as information for National Socialist scholars and detractors alike for this to be anything but a public domain, freeware document. While this document was written for people of Germanic descent outside Germany, its principles apply to all races who wish to preserve themselves in an increasingly conformist, monochromatic globalist world.

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