The 14 Words

Friday, 16 May 2014


Myself, Cairo with guests two Aussie comrades - Brett from- and Aidhan will be doing a live internet radio show Friday night 8pm Eastern Time in the US translates to 1am (Sat. morn) UK, and 9:30am Saturday morning South Australian time. You can call in via the 'Skype' button which will appear next to the phone number for free.

Here is the link:


  1. Hey, congratulations on your Renegade Broadcasting debute!

  2. Love you guys. You seem to have connected ALL the dots. If a bunch of uneducated working class Brummies like us can figure this out, then its surely only a matter of time before the rest of our people. Blogger Mindweapons say " When the Aryan skynet becomes self aware it doesnt matter who throws the switch

  3. Thanks for your positive comments guy's, I was pretty drunk by the time the show started but if we get another slot at Renegade things will be better. 88

  4. Great to hear you on Renegade John and hope it will be a regular show.

  5. Well done John. I thought we'd lost you for a while, like Justice For Germans, but I'm glad you have taken the fight up a notch, and that you are visible and audio cognisant again.


  6. Reading all the MUD slinging going on in this comment section makes one realise why the White man is so easily pushed around.
    Is it really so important what and who likes Putin?
    What ever happened to reaching out and standing together?

    As to Putin . . . Is he a communist? – who really knows, all he shows is his determination to improve Russia and to block the jewish N.W.O. . . . but then again he was KGB.

    Is Putin a jew? . . . as most of us don’t even know who’s who and who’s a jew how do we classify him?
    Is just blindly labelling people as jews because deep-down they’re succeeding at something our so-called governments are lacking proof of kike jewishness?

    Do yourself a favour and listen to this OLD but very VALUABLE mp3,

    The True Story of Adolph Hitler & the Third Reich

    This is an ongoing war, a war declared against us the White Christians who Identifying as the ancient Israelite's of the Bible the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and Kindred peoples by the edom-esau satan seed intermixed khazar jewpsy yid’s.

    This war has been ongoing since the fall of Adam and Eve as it was ‘a pair on the ground’ not ‘an apple in a tree’ that happened in Eden and the jews knows that they’re the result of this “pair on the ground” – satan is a part of the kikes DNA.

    Worse than the Jew is the WHITE GOYIM TRAITORS they are pantheists (New Agers), agnostics, atheists, liberal Jews, liberal Catholics, or have otherwise turned their backs on YAHWEH God, they lack true spiritual fulfilment.
    In order to try and fill that void, and "to make a difference", they work for the causes listed above

    The talmud is the antithesis of the NT, hence, judeo-Christianity is an oxymoron.
    The two words should never be mentioned in the same sentence ever.
    We need to learn that judeo-Christianity is a TRAP!

    Exposing the handiwork of satan’s circumcised Brotherhood of yid’s
    watching us through yellowed paedophile coke bottle bottom glasses should be top priority . . . not mud slinging each other.

    @John . . . lay off the juice, sober you’re more “the man” and we need you in this war, so stay off the juice and hit the jews!!

    1. REALLY!!!
      If YAHWEH was a jew who created you????

      - Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23.

      And why on earth should I go and hide? . . . that's normally the role you judeo-christians with your IsraHell first do.

      It's time you grow a pair and act like the man YAHWEH God intended you to be.

  7. From whence comes those pestly save net adds taking control of our blogs . . . did any of you ask or volunteer to run them at random?

    The jews are getting desperate, they’re enforcing their products on all, not to mention the free money they’re flinging around . . Don’t fall for this new entrapment, it’s a gimmick and a snare.

    1. @Adrian Chetwynd

      No mate, you're the "snake oil" salesman.
      The kike jews are the snakes in shoe leather in command of you.

      As to the free money . . . just maybe an offer via an internet FREE LOTTERY TICKET means a sale to you and not to those you deem beneath you [when it comes to mud slinging] and as an anti- your own skin tone bigot you' rather accuse others of hiding in their nearest Sin-at-a-gogue because YAHWEH is Jewish!

      If you can kneel before YAHWEH God, you can stand against any man.

      Truth needs no shouting.
      It is the most silent thing there is.
      Really strong men do not pick the fights, just for the sake of it.
      But when they do get into the real fights, they just do it.

      “Pick what side you are on -- Christ or antichrist.
      You can forget about being in the “middle of the road”.
      You will find only two things there -- a dead skunk and a yellow line.

      Trying to be in the middle stinks like a skunk, and if you have a yellow line down your back then YAHWEH God doesn't want you anyhow.
      Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me.” (Matthew 12:30) -

  8. Shameful. No wonder the Juden and their prostitutes are winning the battle for control of this planet. Are any of you serious? I enjoy listening to, and reading all the different shades of opinion, none of us can be exactly the same, I come from the traditional 'Left', and was/is, looking forward to solidifying my place in the order of things, as a now, proud White woman of 30
    plus. My husband is telling me to forget this blog and internet stuff, and do something better. Is he right boys?