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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Marxist Green Party Member Converts to Anti-Jew Third Position – Gets 14 Years in Swedish Prison

Daniel Jesus Arrospide Alata. Former Marxist living in Sweden. 
Green Party Candidate for the Swedish parliament. Becomes 
Hitler-admiring anti-Jew. Gets thrown in prison for 14 years!

A very peculiar situation has risen in the capitol of Sweden. A mainstream politician, for one of the major governing parties (“The Environmental Party the Greens”) woke up from the dark cloud of lies and evil Jew-Marxist brainwashing that surrounds the Jew-occupied Swedish nation. On the 6th of March 2012 he wrote the following on his Google+ page (originally in Swedish):

“I have recently converted from fabian Marxist socialism to Third position.
It was a shame that it would take almost 70 years to realize that Hitler was right after all.
Occupy Wall Street has proven to me that the Nazis albeit fascist and vile murderers were right after all, at least regarding the Jews.
A disproportionate number of Jews are sitting in governing positions worldwide, I am convinced that the Jewish conspiracy is true. How many have died in wars where both sides have been sponsored by a Jewish elite?
The day will come soon, the day when we see through the accusations of anti-Semitism as an attempt to censor a political reality. The day will come, the day when we all rise against the Jewish oligarchy that has turned us all into economic slaves.”
How would the Jews and their puppet government of traitors in Sweden react to such an act, by a known politician?

Totally unrelated to the incident above, the formerly Marxist candidate for the Swedish parliament, who converted to Third position, advocating an uprising against the Jewish Oligarchy, was convicted a month and a half later on 19th of April 2012 for attempted murder, and sent to prison for 14 years! This constitutes a punishment not even reserved for serial group rapists or even vicious murderers, in a country with some of the softest approaches to crime in the world. The case brought against the politician smells gefilter-fish from miles away, The step-parents who claim they were almost murdered, are both Jews. The Jews are represented by a superstar celebrity Jew lawyer (Silbersky). The documents from the courts reveal that the convicted politicians girlfriend is a Jew (Rut Patrickson), adopted from South America by Jewish parents who reside in Sweden. The murder attempts were apparently committed in connection with Yom Kippur, the Jewish holy day:
“Daniel Arrospide himself has stated that they came to the step-parents to celebrate Yom Kippur (a religious holiday for Jews).”
She was also convicted, 12 years in prison.

The eternal common enemy is acting in panic desperation. Their tyrannical rule is built on lies and terror. So sensitive is their house of cards, that they fear a single person might shatter their fragile system by nothing more than just telling the truth. In times when even the most hardcore Jew-loving Marxist can turn around from evil and see the light in Hitlerian National Socialism and his struggle against Jewry, we know that nobody can stop an idea, whose time has come.

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