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Monday, 5 May 2014

Kill the Jewtube

Kill your television is a popular meme these days, but hardly a soul will do it because the lure of passive entertainment is greater than the human beings ability to muster will toward their own freedom. TV is like a mental shackle, paralyzing the individual from doing anything about the deteriorating conditions, TV makes you comfortably numb while the world goes to hell. The final solution to the Jew problem is to get rid of the Jew and you can start right now by killing your television.

Television - The Enemy of Your Mind

Gerry Mander's infamous logic in the Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television can be reduced to one simple concrete resolution, the reason to get rid of the television is to remove the Jew from your mind.

The Jewtube is a Jew mouthpiece in your living room. Would you allow disgusting Jews into your home and vomit all over all of the furniture? Well this is exactly what you are allowing when you have a Jewtube in your house, you are allowing the Jew into your inner space, you are allowing the Jew to spew his bullshit all over your home. Jewish thinking is poison to the human mind, the Jew inverts reality, he has you cheering his crimes while you couch surf all the channels he owns.

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