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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Italy: Three Young Women Fined For Wearing Bikinis In The Presence Of Muslim Boys

A local judge in Messina condemned three young women to pay a heavy fine of 2.582 euros for wearing bikinis in a private beach belonging to a well-known tourist complex in Taormina, where some families from Saudi Arabia were spending their holidays.

An extract from the decision issued by the court:

"For the purpose of the penal law, all acts which may in accordance with common sense cause embarrassment are to be considered as obscene acts.
Given that obscenity and the sense of modesty are opposed elements, both exist due to their opposed nature. Shame, the feeling of shame, discomfort and repulsion are typical reactions of an individual who faces manifestations of other persons which are not in accordance with his or her education and culture, and which are considered to be outrageous in line of his or her sexual education.
Modesty turns into common sense from the very moment the human society to which the individual belongs shares the same sensibility towards the woman’s body, which in some oriental societies can be considered as obscene if it is not fully covered. The reference culture handles the life of the bodies and each one of its aspects and functionality, although this matter is closely linked to sexuality, too. It is important to point out that the concept of obscenity and the common sense of modesty change not only from one period to another inside a society. The understanding of these concepts refers to the consideration of body and sexuality. That is why in this case we are facing a assault on decency as defined in article 527 of the penal code.
These young women were the only ones wearing this kind of dress, and they were aware that all Muslim women were wearing a swimming dress which covered all parts of their body, including arms and legs".
In this case, the person responsible for the holiday trip, the Saudi national Chokri Majouli, said that following the request of the Muslim parents, he asked the young women several times not to show up near the swimming pool with that kind of dress which allows the shape of the feminine body to be clearly discerned by the boys who, having received an Islamic religious education, became confused, bemused and excited.

He also explained to them that in their culture, this kind of dress is worn by women who engage in prostitution, but he only received offensive replies from them (the young women).

The three women were sentenced to pay a fine of 2.582 euros.

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