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Sunday, 11 May 2014

If You Are A White Male in America, You Suck

We're really not sure who Stephen Parkhurst is, or what motivates him to denigrate his own people. Since he IS a trendy fashionable New York liberal, however, explains quite a bit for his self loathing, and this explanation may have to suffice--for now.

As it turns out, many Whites don’t want to take the lead in preserving what remains of this country’s now tenuous White, Anglo-Euro culture. To take on such a responsibility would make them even more vulnerable to the racial bullets and daggers they have been ducking for years.

Even as other groups gradually dispossess them in the country whose political system was constructed by their forebears, conservative Whites persist in their obstinate assertion that their apparent discontent is “not about race.” What hogwash. Of course it’s about race and culture. Why shouldn’t it be? No matter how assiduously they deny it, resentment is growing over the ever-looming fact that this country, due to swiftly altering demographics, will no longer be the product of those Founders. And reality informs us that the ruling law, that is, the Constitution (or what’s left of it), soon will be openly renounced by competing populations that never have had even the remotest historical connection to the notions set forth by those Englishmen.

No one has to look far abroad to see what is on the horizon. In their guts these conservatives know what’s coming, as their unnamed enemies pick up the pace in the drive to usurp political power. What were mere hints just two decades ago have grown into loud trumpet blasts. And yet reluctant American Whites know a way to feel better about things. According to their prescription, all they have to do is vote and be nice people.

What do YOU think?

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  1. The all white goyim jewry is still out on this one. There is something kosher about the video. It was the multi-cult jewess which spearheaded the 'wimmins' movement--Inglorious CIA Steinem and the ugly misfit CO-hens etc. No mention here of this obvious historical fact!