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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

For the children... again

"Hey Mr CIA man I forgot my lines"
Pssst: "I abducted your girls."
"Allahu akbar!" "By Allah, I will sell them in the marketplace.”
Islamic (insert laugh track) Nigerian, Shekau, of the Boko Haram (ryhmes with Procol Harum) group looks to be a good diversion from the Ukrainian events. I don't know but the Nigerian military and police may be involved in this too. It's a multifaceted staged event.

As Greg mentioned at Pez's place.....
When the sick and twisted brutalities of that Odessa fire started hitting the Net, all of sudden some 'al CIA Duh' offshoot in Nigeria kidnaps over 200 girls.
So the American MSM swings into action, focusing on that part of the world.
Not trying to be cynical here, but over the past few decades, the multinational oil companies, along with the corrupted Nigerien government, have been kidnapping, torturing, murdering and stealing a tremendous amount of wealth from the native Nigerians, but for some reason, the majority of the US media looked the other way.
As an added plus, the plunder of Nigerian resources is only in its early stages and the neocon/neolib plans need to move right along.
The former Abia State Governor, Dr. Uzor Kalu, has called on the {Nigerian} Federal Government to collaborate with Mosad, Israeli secret agency, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of United States.
Collaborate with devils and surely there will be hell for someone to pay.

Let's not forget the poor little Russian children too. They are denied their freedom of expression and exposure to not only 'gay' propaganda at a young age but now cussin' in films, books and music is banned. How is a four year old going to expand his vocabulary with that kind of censorship? A Putin chess move or not, these kids may also get into trouble for questioning the sacred story of the holocau$t.

All will be well, 2 members of Pussy Riot, come strutting into Washington DC to gin up support for doing something about these 'human rights violations' occurring in Russia right now. As Richard reminded us about this PR stunt...

The Whore on the Beast: Pussy Riot Comes to Washington

One of our lecherous Tennessee congressmen, Steve Cohan (second from left), got excited to get a photo op with the girls. No word on any sex with dead chickens or museum escapades so far.

Also, no word on when Pussy Riot will take their tour to Israel where they can really protest against 'human rights violations' and twirl a chicken to their heart's content.

James has an article on the witches of DC and I see that another one of them, Susan Rice, is in Israel for 'consultations.' Some of the witches spells are fading.

Just how are the little children of Israel going to succeed without the benefits of Israeli spying and stealing and free money from the US? Without zionist control of the US gov, just how are the chosen kids going to live and thrive in Eretz Israel ...and why stop there? Stubborn Syria and Iran and Palestinians are now standing in the way of a prosperous future and that just can't be allowed.

Poor children, tell them it's all a Godzilla flick. They'll be OK..... Actually, our staged world is very similar and just as cheesy.

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