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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Flogging a Dead Horse

If we are mentally competent enough to rationally accept that ‘our problem’ is not political or extrinsic, but is unequivocally biological, then we are getting somewhere.

The Jews, whether they be botched Semites or, equally as genetically adulterated, Khazars, are an infernal parasite, but they are, like it nor not, simply executing the role allotted to them by their own ethnological morality, of which Judaism (and in many respects Christianity) is a theological demonstration. The formulaic motivation of the Jews should come as no revelation to the Aryan, whose own intellectual faculties must now be suspected of being defective - or at least subject to intensive review - given that Jews have had a hand in practically every cultural collapse and genetic debasement of our kind since our respective ancestors’ unhappy initial contact.

If the reader requires a specific education with regards the pernicious Jewish influence on White societies and civilisations since before even the foundation of Rome, then it is imperative that you turn off our televisions and begin to peruse the compendious literature produced by a handful of Movement outlaws, both alive and residing in Valhalla (or wherever one feels comfortable imaging them; the tragic depiction of the mournful phantom of Achilles is not particularly pleasant.) It is difficult to uncover a more succinct description of Jewish etiquette towards our people than this: first defile, then destroy.

If it was not for our special ability to tolerate such a vicious tribe they would certainly have been obliged, at some pivotal moment in antiquity, to solicit for new bipedal hosts. Our Aryan Morality is alive and well and was, in fact, provided a recent boost by the secular brand of Christianity known as Marxism (the idea that we have been enslaved by “Politically Correct Cultural Marxists” is, however, frankly absurd; we have been enslaved by Jews no matter what false persuasions or voguish appellations are heaped upon the ideologies accepted by the suicidally conditioned politicians, educators, lawmakers, et al.) First defile: and we have been defiled, whether through lymphatic religions and beliefs, or the presence of non-Whites in Europe and countries that should only contain people of European descent. Then destroy: and we are being destroyed beneath the luridly polychromatic standards of multiculturalism, feminism, sexual liberation, liberalism, and hedonism.

How can this be? What strange and imperceptible forces cause Swedish men, whose antecedents were not so long ago feared and revered throughout the Northern hemisphere, to stand idle while their womenfolk are raped and brutalised in their thousands by Moslem Arabs? And does there exist in all the laboratories in all the world a sound insulating material so powerful that it could effectively rival the term “racist” in gagging the British, thus depriving them of their entire nation? Are our enemies unambiguously too precocious for us, or are they, in fact and in essence, dexterously exploiting a vulnerable security flaw: an inborn psychological 'backdoor.' We know what the answer is: it is reason stock film footage of starving Congoid infants can elicit millions of already government taxed cash from the emotional Goyim; it is the reason our hearts cannot stand having images of chewed-up reynard or brock thrust under our noses while we cheerfully stroll through an artificially generic shopping centre; it is why nearly every White country is bulging at the seams with defective individuals and genetic aliens.

While it is compulsory for us to endure the depredations of an ochlocracy, we can never rid ourselves of even a single imposition that blights us so ruinously. The explanation is obvious to the well balanced mind, though it does help to iterate the idea every once in a while.

Even since the days of Arnold Leese and Oswald Mosley, the general electorate has been entirely indifferent to the substantiality of existence. During the 1930s and 40s, the British turned a deaf ear to the Fascists and instead were seduced by the oleaginous soliloquies and duplicitous assurances of a morbidly obese, overbearing drunkard, often referred to by the mass media of slime and corruption as the Greatest Briton Who Ever Lived. Churchill will, of course, only be recollected by the tiny collection of White folk - who now abstain from sipping from the cup of genetic extermination - as Stinkweed; nominally a man, whose rank incompetence in warfare and statesmanship was matched only by his frightful bodily incontinence and pompous prowess.

The elation of “peace on earth” surely kept the British averted from the colonisation that began without hesitation following the second fratricidal European world war, and it was not until Enoch Powell’s “rivers of blood” oration caused a minor ripple in the Establishment that a few citizens of the germinal New World Order managed to summon enough willpower to lift their eyes from their various superlative distractions and began to scratch their heads in bewilderment. Already awash with Jews, Britain, and especially England, was being colonised by tens of thousands of Indians and a multitude of other swarthy denizens of the Empire and Commonwealth. In this environment, Powell had the opportunity to superintend a perturbed public and, whether they truly and cogently interpreted his portents or not, harness and exploit the seething nationalistic sentiment and stem the flow of non-White immigration at source and, the incurably romanitic among us might wistfully hope, for all time.

Whether the likes of Enoch Powell had the sitzfleisch to rid the nation of the incompatible tribes of people already on the island is debatable, but attempting to exist in an environment of thinly-veiled hostility - as opposed to fawning “tolerance” - would have resulted in a significant reduction in the non-White population. Further restrictive legislative measures could have gone some way in purifying Britain without a single shot being fired. More importantly, this set of circumstances would have negated the coming balkanisation and bloodshed into which racial antipathy habitually degenerates. But Powell did not grasp the figurative nettle and, consequently, guaranteed that his grim vision of the future would become a post-war reality. 

Whether or not Enoch Powell was a guileless, though eloquent, coward or simply invested in his fellow man a resilience and perspicacity that did not and has not revealed itself, only the chronicles of an as yet to be compiled history of the Occident will determine. It should suffice to state that the inaction which embraced the 1968 speech would come to personify the demoralising meek and mild tractability of a nation which was inexorably losing the right to call itself “Great.”

Nationalistic political parties have been flogging the same dead horse ever since. The National Front was inaugurated in 1967 and by 1979 it was rendered obsolete by the wretched arch-Tory Margaret Thatcher (I wonder why she has not been made a feminist paragon!) who, like Winston Churchill before her, exuded just enough unscrupulous innuendoes - this time in relation to immigration - that the electorate obediently did what it does best: dutifully selected the path of least resistance. Successive conservative (a callous contradiction as the Tories have conspicuously failed to conserve anything of serious worth) governments poured ordure on the populous and, following the premiership of a tedious man with a garden pea and Jewess fetish, a grinning “socialist” psychopath did similar, although with a far larger bucket, under the guise of “New” Labour.

Prior to this, the British National Party prowled the political fringes for a period of years. Following a sojourn in the political hinterland, the BNP attempted to effectuate a marginally more populist message - under the auspices of another grinning psychopath - before imploding, having gained not a single parliamentary seat. The ruling mob once again corroborated the thriving suspicion that they are unconditionally content with the status quo and, although unmistakably sauntering along the road to hell (the hair on their toes now beginning to recoil from the sweltering, Luciferian heat) they, like Lord Maynard Keynes, appear comfortable with the corporeal fact that they will all be dead (dear boy) before they reach the conflagration.

In full knowledge of the facts, democratic nationalists will still optimistically declare that, “the British people never voted for this” or, even more ridiculously, “they are really nationalists at heart and agree with most of our policies.” The fact that the British have elected one of two pro-immigration governmental factions since before the second European fratricidal world war is testament to the truth that not only did the British consciously vote for their ethnic replacement, but that they do not concur with nationalist policies because they have not elected a solitary nationalistic MP into parliament. The British electorate can therefore not be trusted with the future of this nation, nor with our precious, incalculable, genetic inheritance.

Nationalism has been mercilessly rejected by the public, but it’s committed adherents continue wilfully to whip the equine carcass while the world collapses about them. The average prosaic White spares little thought for personal sacrifice, they have been drilled since birth in the ‘new doctrine;’ that the satisfaction of the individual represents the highest attainment of existence. But most are still Aryans and the vestigial moral code that torments their waking life often urges them towards charity, both misconceived and genuine. On a macrocosmic level, politics has been transformed into an unalloyed personal experience whereby the individual lends his support to the association which, he contends, will best serve his immediate interests. This myopia will result inelutably in the immolation of everything our ancestors created: the time-honoured avoidance of minor discomforts accumulating to form an obstacle so massive that no political posturing, no matter how convincing, can counter or circumnavigate it.

It would seem that only the notional ‘extremists’ are suitably disposed to dig deep into their usually shallow pockets in order to purchase some semblance of life insurance for their progeny - a curious notion that transcends their own lifetimes. This is indeed commendable, but voting or posting a cheque rarely alters fortunes. Many ‘extremists,’ i.e. those who foster the unfashionable opinion that our people should survive, placidly give credence to fairy-stories and the unintelligible superstition that the population at large actually want our race to persist and possess the titanic will to do something positive to effectuate the conviction.

The Aryan Morality strikes again! When we gaze dolefully upon stricken non-Whites, whether they are afflicted with appalling diseases, acute hunger, or are recovering from another inter-tribal atrocity, we ‘feel their pain’ and conceptualise our own mental vistas should we somehow magically materialise in their terrible position - a typically, if not uniquely, White trait. We now find ourselves following the bogus decoy that White populations share our attitudes on survival and, accordingly, project too much in the way of acuity into minds that are capable only of grappling with contemporary and contiguous events and theories.

We should not despise our own people - they are, after all, all we have - but similarly we cannot be drawn into the fantastical hypothesis that it is they who will drag our genetic inheritance kicking and screaming away from the expiatory fire. The conjectures and verdicts of children, even if notably trenchant, are worthless to an adult. And this is where we reintroduce the Jews, our eternal foe. He is the champion of the juvenile, the irresponsible, and the imprudent; the paramour of our defective and pusillanimous racial outcasts and renegades. Always defiling, consistently destroying, the Jew has become so attuned to our deficiencies that he has successfully manufactured generations of gruesome automatons from a once exquisitely beautiful tribe - and we have permitted him to do it, whether explicitly or due to our own abject stupidity.

It must be our responsibility, as stewards of the race, not to compete with an infinitely more powerful adversary (and select both death and a short-lived glory), nor should we negotiate with cognitive adolescents. Our task is to instigate the construction of a better world, one that will outlast the bilious and humiliating husk into which we were born. We must focus on that which we are able to change and avail ourselves of the real, not imaginary, tools and materials at our disposal, dismissing reverie and foolish abstractions. If we fail to at least provide our successors with something to build upon then we betray them and we should immediately initiate prayer proceedings because that is about all we are fit for.

It is not the Jew we must confront, nor even our traitors; we need instead to desperately conquer our own weaknesses before the sun finally sets on our people forever.

Long Live the New Tribe!

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