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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Dwayne-Andrew Kerr- Mr. Northern Ireland 2014 or Mr. White Genocide?

The true face of Ireland? Or what anti-Whites WANT Ireland to be?

By Patrick O’Brian

The anti-White establishment is pushing the White genocide program at full speed now over in the historically 99% White country of Northern Ireland. The newly “crowned” Mr. Northern Ireland isn’t quite the face you’d expect to see representing a White country.

“FC, Play music and Play for GOD! Oh and I’m Jamaican and I’m black!”  he writes on his Twitter page.When I say Mr. Northern Ireland what do you think of? Dark brown eyes, milky White skin and straight Black hair? Perhaps green eyes, red hair and White freckled skin? No, Mr. Northern Ireland 2014 is the face of a “diverse” society. Mr. Northern Ireland is non other than Dwayne-Andrew Kerr, a man who looks more appropriate for Mr. Jamaica 2014 and according to his Twitter he thinks so too:

The sociopaths pushing the WHITE GENOCIDE agenda in ALL and ONLY White countries are so drunk on this GENOCIDAL agenda they choose a SELF IDENTIFIED Jamaican Black man to represent Northern Ireland in the 2014 Mr. World competition.

Note how in the photo above the anti-White freaks have the indigenous Irish man out of focus: they are projecting the future THEY are forcing on us! It is a future that does NOT include White people in their ancient traditional homelands: this is WHITE GENOCIDE; this is an attempt to genocide a racial group by:

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part (Article 2 of the United Nations Genocide Conventions)

Northern Ireland is one of the Whitest countries left on the planet. Historically the only things which stopped the genocidal anti-Whites from forcing diversity on Northern Ireland were the “troubles” but since the cease fire the anti-White establishment has been trying to make up for lost time and are prompting diversity at break neck speed in Northern Ireland! This MUST be stopped as compared to other countries Northern Ireland is tiny and has a small population. To give you a sense of the problem, Northern Ireland’s total population is 1.81 million. The population of Nigeria for example is 168.8 million. If even 1% of Nigeria decided they wanted a “better life” in Northern Ireland I am sure you can see the problem: genocide via mass non White immigration and assimilation.

The anti-Whites will not stop: diversity really means chasing down the last White person!

Mr. Northern Ireland 2014: Not the White man don’t be silly! Mr Northern Ireland is the guy on the right; remember we live in a diverse Northern Ireland now!

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  1. The Jews in the governments are pushing this. If there were no Jews (visualize Barbara Specter) or Jew groups allowed in any aspect of government, this wouldn't be happening. It's definitely a pogrom on a massive scale and so insidious, because it comes with a whole set of politically correct indoctrination, programming and media support that puts any thought of contention into a "hate" category if one doesn't follow it to a tee, and those who don't follow the Jew rules are vilified by a brainwashed peer group as "racist" etc. and have been fired from their jobs, put on a blacklist, harassed, and/or sent to a rehab center for reprogramming. What's the solution? Not too many people want to go out and burn down immigrants homes or kill them to drive them out. That's a dirty job. But eventually, if things don't change, I can't see any other way to change the course of white countries undergoing this scourge.