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Saturday, 10 May 2014

DieVersity Training Has Rendered Young Whites Clueless To The Dangers of Groids in The Former USA

A skinny white female was attacked and stabbed by a much larger black woman at the Dothan, AL Dollar General store. Surveillance video shows a black woman, believed to be 5’6″ and 200 pounds, stalking a white female shopper. Without warning, the black woman rushes at her, knocks her down, and then stabs her.
I have always been a race realist and I thank my Slavic Grandmother for that. When I would visit her in Western PA, when she would see blacks walking up the street, she tell both me and my sister “you stay away from those niggers….”. Years later, when I used the term nigger in front of my parents, they reamed me out. They were WRONG.

Watching this video, I cannot help but wonder if this young woman was taught the TRUTH about blacks, that she would have avoided the pain of being stabbed by that Ugly Aunt Jemima.

The MultiCult is insistent on perpetuating the lie that DieVersity is America’s strength. Does the video above lie? I think that just watching that chilling video tells everyone out there the truth, that being that in the end, blacks and DieVersity are just no good for White people.

Months back I was shopping in a Dollar General store with my kids when I turned to see and “feel” the cold, hard stare of an angry looking old black man penetrating my back. I had not felt that sort of “black anger” since living in WDC. It was like how dare I shop at Dollar General and just be happy out with my kids.

The bottom line is that there is nothing we can do with these so called humans. They cannot be around Whites. They are predators who are overwhelmed with racial envy anytime the Goodness of Whiteness smacks them in the face as this girl’s presence did with the ugly sherilla.

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