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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Clinton, Obama, and Boko Haram

Yup, we armed them and let them run wild

Clinton's State Department refused to put Boko Harem on the list of terror groups. Boko Harem received arms indirectly from the US. Now this group's activity is softening American and British minds to the idea of putting US and UK troops in Nigeria in "purely an advisory role." Do you think this tolerance for and "indirect" arming of terror groups that just happen to create outrages to justify our latest indefensible military adventures is an accident? I don't. 

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  1. Last week, the United States and Algeria opened up strategic talks on regional security [Link:]
    during U.S. Secretary of State . . . Let us suck your blood wholesale for the sake of piece in the Middle East! jew-boy John Kerry’s first visit to the north African country.

    Leaders of the two nations pledged to continue working together to combat Islamist terrorism [Link:] within Algeria and across the Maghreb.

    The spectre of terrorist unrest has never been far away since the last major incident involving an al-Qaeda assault on the Tiguentourine gas plant last January.
    The brutal attack included a gruelling five day siege which left at least 49 hostages dead.

    But inconsistencies in the Algerian state version of events reveal a dangerous game which is unravelling regional security to cater for foreign energy interests.

    'Al-Qaeda' can’t you smell those rats the cartel of cartels who kept the business class in line by creating the spectre of Communism

    A translation of 'Al-Qaeda' (not the only one) is ‘The Base,’. It also translates to ‘The Toilet.’ The Arabic word ‘Qa’ada’ means ‘to sit’ (on the toilet bowl). Arab homes have three kinds of toilets: ‘Hamam Franji’ or ‘Al-Qaeda’ or foreign toilet, ‘Hamam Arabi’ or Arab toilet, and a potty used for children called ‘Ma Qa’adia’ or ‘Little Qaeda.’ ‘Ana raicha Al Qaeda’ is a colloquial expression for ‘I’m going to the toilet.’

    Why would a terrorist group appear to revel in the name ‘The Toilet’?.
    "The Base" is also the Arab colloquialism for a CIA maintained computerised database of foreign fighters prepared to harass both the Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan and support Muslim fighters in the former Yugoslavia.
    In other words it is a CIA construct and a very useful ongoing Zionist/US fiction.