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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

By Instigating World War Two the Enemy Jew Destroyed Germany and the British Empire

And this why we have what we have now, Multiculturalism, race mixing, constant war and the threat from imaginary terrorists.

The audio below is an accurate narrative of what really happened, not the bullshit that you have been force-fed all your lives. Please listen to it:


JH 1488


    Just a picture with a quote but a very good quote, she is the 2ic at Jobbik.
    The tribe are not getting it all their own way these days, trouble is that is when they seem to get the most dangerous
    Thanks for posting up that.... no time for silence.... in its entirety, truth about WW11 is popping up every where right now and it is a BIGGIE ...daveinozz

  2. One from the Daily Stormer, where I found that link above

    Back fire on the EU's liberalism installing a tranny as winner of Euro song contest, love it and the real woman on the right....daveinozz