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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Australian White Nationalist Golden Dawn Supporters Clash with Anti-Fascists in Brisbane

Police officers put themselves between the opposing groups as they gathered on Queen Street outside the offices of the Consul-General of Greece.

Members of the Australia First Party organised a protest to show solidarity with the Golden Dawn. Their protest was overshadowed by a zionist-funded anti-fascist rally staged by up to 200 unionists and members of the group Antifa. The two groups first confronted each other on opposite sides of Edmonstone Street, with anti-fascist protesters yelling, 
"Immigrants are welcome, Nazis are not!"
The groups made their way over the Victoria Bridge to Queen Street where they gathered outside the offices of the Consul-General of Greece, separated by a line of police.
“We shall call on the Greek government to release from gaol the illegally imprisoned Golden Dawn Members of Parliament,” the Australia First Party said on its website ahead of the protest.
“This action is about nationalists supporting nationalists, about patriots helping patriots.”
The Australia First Party has eight core policies, which include ending government funded and institutionalised policy of multiculturalism. It also champions policies that strengthen and protect the traditional family.

Queensland Multicultural Affairs minister Glen Elmes on Thursday criticised the Australia First Party’s protest.
"Racism should be rejected outright at every opportunity,” he said.
"I condemn the views of the misguided Golden Dawn organisation, and call on all Queenslanders to do likewise."

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