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Saturday, 26 April 2014

New Low: “Christian” Video Compares Death of Christ to Gassing of Jews

Daily Stormer
April 26, 2014

Modern fake Jew-ridden Christianity is all about emotion. And what is more emotional than the holohoax?

Here you have a video advertising some church that shows Jesus being sent to the gas chamber by some evil Nazis.

Besides being obviously blasphemous – something which even a non-Christian should be able to recognize – the video is also completely ridiculous. Hitler and the NSDAP were the greatest champions of Christianity in the modern era, and it is the defeat of Hitler that has led to the modern satanic situation of homosexualism, abortion, race-mixing, drug abuse, pedophilia, atheism and Godless materialism.

Even if you believe in the idiot nonsense of the Holohoax fable, you cannot make an argument that if Hitler had one, we would be in the situation of evil we are in now.

The makers of this video should be sent to a concentration camp.

They have a website called The Jew That Died for You where they attempt to explain their reasoning for making this horrible piece of degrading blasphemy.

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