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Sunday, 27 April 2014


Jewish privilege now controls the whole planet says Dr David Duke and it does so through the promotion of mass world genocide through the Jewish construct of Globalism or world Zion-corporation domination, being enforced on the world by the intrinsically criminal cabal of Jewish banking supremacy.

Jews have used corrupt, criminal banking power to seize control of the economy, government, education, entertainment even fashion and use all these means to destroy the structure of society, destroy religion, promote atheism, infidelity, abortion, paedophilia, bestiality, racial division, sexual degeneracy, drug abuse, and by glorifying criminals in movies and on TV promote criminality, rape, murder and robbery.

It is said that “Everything God and nature loves Jews hate and everything God and nature hate Jews love.”

In this short Radio segment Dr David Duke discusses Jewish supremacy, the Jewish eugenics programme in Israel to kill off black Ethiopian Jews as well as the broader world threat of Jewish Racism and Jewish species genocide.


Jews have been expelled 109 times from 84 nations, all of whom initially welcomed them since 240 AD.

The truth is not taught in our history because the Jews control the teaching of history, they control who writes it and they own the publishers and bookshops who produce it. They also control education as well as economy, banking , government, media and entertainment. The truth is that when the Romans conquered Jerusalem they defeated the Jews of Moses; the Sadducees, and the Pharisees of the Babylonian Talmud then took over. Who are these modern Jews? In the biblical context according to Jesus in the New Testament most modern Jews are the sons of Lucifer and his fallen angels who have taken birth on earth. They are re-making the world in the image of their father Satan. Why have Hollywood Jews no fear of hell? Because they run hell, they push you into the fire. Their jealousy of humans is the main motivator of their hate for God and the human race. Lucifer’s war with God was because he raised humans above angels like himself by giving humans the opportunity to merge in God and become God as in the case of Jesus.


John 8:44:
”Ye (the Jews) are of your father the devil (the Jews are the children of Lucifer and his legions who have taken birth in the world alongside the children of God), and the lusts of your father ye will do (i.e Hollywood and the Jewish pornography industry). He was a murderer from the beginning (i.e. Up to 100 million White Christian Slavs and Russians killed by Jewish Bolshevism and communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and millions of Germans even after the second world war from starvation, and all the wars they have started down the ages, backing and arming both sides both for profit and to weaken those civilizations), and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie (The holohoax), he speaketh of his own (the Jews): for he is a liar, and the father of it.” – Jesus Christ.

From this spiritual perspective we can say that although they inhabit the human species and take a human form, Jews have always been described as a parasites, that is that as long as any other strong group exists they will feast off and ultimately destroy it, and when they have consumed one civilization as they did the Roman empire or now Western civilization they then move onto the next prey which in today’s terms is China:

The parasite in nature often finds it convenient to disguise itself and its aims, and to convince others that it is something else, in order to carry out its parasitic mission. Also, the parasite is not a species, but a form of life, in this case a fallen angel living as a human, which preys on different species or races of humans. The Jew as a biological species is not so much a race, as it is a type which preys upon all other races.

If the only race with the intelligence and vision, the White race, does not stop the Satanic agenda of the Jews then ultimately the Jews, having as Mahatma Gandhi predicted, “destroyed humanity” they will go on to create the ‘Jew World Order’ prophesied and demanded by the Jewish supremacist prophets and rabbis of the Torah and Talmud.

We will then face a terrible and brutal scientific and digital dictatorship, the worst ever tyranny to have faced mankind, an evil reign from which there will be no possible escape or hope of overthrowing.

There is no such thing as a White Jew. Jews are a race as just as Whites are a race. Jews maintain racial purity because only the child of a Jewish mother can be a Jew. Whites maintain racial purity because only the child of two Whites can be a White. A Jewish father who marries a non-Jewish woman will have non-Jewish children and a Jewish woman who marries a non-Jew will have Jewish children and this is enshrined in Jewish law, in fact it enables the parasite to invade the host in foreign lands. A White who marries or breeds with a non-White will have non-White children period.



‘White Like Me’ Conman Timothy Jacob “Tim” Wise Should Face Trial For Identity Fraud.


  1. John Hardon: This is a brilliant, if somewhat apocalyptic compilation of what and why, has gone wrong in our post war society. If we get through this crisis --And I pray we do! This type of no nonsense, factual history will be presented to our white Christian school children, and free classroom debate will be actively encouraged; throughout a spiritually and racially liberated Europe. The likes of jew hate organisations such as the: the ADL and the jewish Frankfurt School and its racially destructive, toxic anti-family propaganda will be no more. 12 Centuries of Slakhtal inbreeding has produced a hostile criminal sub-species which has covertly declared a war on all that is good. If we don't take them on now, they will destroy the the natural world. Hitler did warn us!

    1. I agree with you Paul, please take a look at the original post on EndZog (link) if you haven't already as their is a video on there called: 'It's not the Zionists, it's the Jews...' it is a wordpress video and although I obtained the HTML embed code 'Blogger' would not accept it. It is well worth a watch. I will search for it on YouTube (not much hope there) and TruTube and if I can find it I will update this post to include it.

      This is my 'Final Solution'

      1) Jews must be destroyed and Israel nuked.
      2) All the immigrants to (former) White only nations must be forcibly deported back to their countries of racial origin.
      3) All mixed race people residing in our lands must be forcibly sterilized
      4) All Whites in South Africa and other non-white lands should receive assistance to relocate in Europe.
      5) All future education of our young should be based on true Christian and National Socialist values