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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

In Sweden, Multiculturalism Brings Joy and Diversity

Daily Stormer
April 30, 2014

Here you may witness the joyousness that multiculturalism has brought to Sweden.  The colorful hordes from beyond the reaches of Europa have caused enrichment beyond the wildest imaginings of the Swedish people.
But you will notice that the racist, evil nature of the Swedish people is keeping them down, making it hard for them to get by on only free things from the government and petty and/or organized crime.
Sweden should be ashamed that it does not treat better these colorful enrichers whom she has brought from their peaceful homes in Africa and the Middle East to live for free and rape women without punishment in the cold and harsh environment of Sweden.
Meanwhile in Israel…


This article was sent to me by my comrade in arms, Cairo:

What a truly sickening image

Race Mixing And Inter-racial Marriages

Few people know that the Chinese and Hindu civilizations were created by an invading White conqueror and foisted upon an inferior dark race. When the White conquerors were finally diluted and submerged into oblivion through inter-marriage, these same civilizations froze at the initial level or retrogressed into decay. When we look at how past White civilizations were destroyed by the Jewish conspiracy, we can clearly see what their central aim and objective was, and still is today. Pull down the White Race by poisoning its blood and mongrelizing it into a mulatto race of bastards, one which the Jew can easily control

For while the White Race remains pure, there is always the danger that a sleeping giant can awaken, turn on him, and destroy him. The Jew is relentlessly trying to diminish our collective gene pool in both quantity and quality, and finally destroy it forever. Whether you like it or not my White Racial Comrade, you are the target of their destruction. You are in the frying pan !

Under the Jewish democracy that we are now living we can see that the government is covertly encouraging the mongrelization and the down breeding of the White Race through a multitude of welfare programmes, the promotion of race-mixing propaganda and various other nefarious programmes. To achieve their goal they`re going to use every power play, trick of propaganda and every unconstitutional law that they can force upon us. The Jews, who are not White, but Semitic and yellow Asiatics, hate the White Race with the same pathological passion as they did the White Romans 2000 years ago. Eugenics became a forgotten word. The Jews want to blot out the very word and idea so that it will not even come up for discussion because it is contrary to the fiendish Jewish programme.

The Jews aim the race-mixing propaganda at the White Race and the dark races, while they push a completely opposite line to their own people. Ever wondered why there are few blacks in Israel, the “promised land” ? The Jews being yellow Semites, preach racial aloofness to their own people. They are racially aware and fanatically loyal to their own. Through thousands of exclusively Jewish organizations, through their own Jewish press, and through their synagogues they warn strongly against inter-racial marriages, against inter-faith marriages, and not only with blacks but they also preach against inter-marriage with White gentiles

Sound like Apartheid and Nazism ? The Jews are the only known race to get away with racism ! These “chosen” hypocrites viciously promotes the bastardization of the White Race, but fervidly guard their own against it. Anyone not born of a Jewish mother in the bandit state of Israel is a “goy”, a non-Jew, and is not allowed to be married or buried in the bandit state of Israel, nor can they become a citizen or enjoy any of the other civil rights of a born Jew. Know any country that is so racist ? They should change the six pointed star on their flag to a swastika ! Whether a Jew lives in the bandit state of Israel or anywhere else in the world, “racial solidarity” is the order of the day. Racial solidarity between Whites is fiercely opposed.

The United Sates became the prime target for mongrelization after the virtual destruction of Germany in World War II by weakening and undermining its power. It is the unswerving goal of world Jewry to mongrelize America, and all White counties, and phase out the magnificent White Race from the face of this planet. Very few are aware that all their civil rights gibberish is just a smoke screen hiding the real Jewish objective. Mongrelization is their real objective, lets make no mistake about it. The Jew-ridden United States of America is veritably Jew-heaven, the new JerUSAlem, and the White gentiles are being looted and ravaged by their Jewish masters at will.

The United States is under especially heavy attack by the Jews because it is the last and most significant power base of the White Race. This is why the Jewish drive for integration in the States is at its most ferocious peak of intensity. Here, the Jew realizes, he must break the back of White resistance to his programme of mongrelization. He knows full well that it is in the United States that his whole precarious conspiracy might well blow up in his face if he does not. The Tribe of Judah also knows that it is in the United States that the movement could spawn that would come to the rescue of the White Race in the rest of the world. For this reason the black is breeding most rapidly in this welfare state, and why the Mexican half-caste Indians are invading and breeding by the millions without resistance, and why the United States has now become the open magnet of all the scum races of the world.

Even more devastating result are achieved in the U.S. homeland itself by the Jewish propaganda, promoting mixed marriages. The Jew is bending the White Man`s thinking towards accepting, condoning and entering into mixed marriages by sheer force of massive, overwhelming propaganda. The Jewish controlled Supreme court have completely destroyed the laws prohibiting inter-racial marriages. Unless the White Race wants to become another stupid, incapable dark race within the next two generations at most, it must soon change its attitude and its course of action. By pumping the black blood of Africa into the veins of White America, the fanatic Jews are reaching their unswerving goal to poison the White Man`s genes. They are committing similar atrocities in all other White countries, whether they be England, Sweden, France, Holland or whatever.

The instinctive hatred between the races in any multi-racial society is permanent and irreconcilable. In this kind of society the White Race is especially hated by the blacks and all the other dark races of the world. They feel inferior and threatened, and both for good reason ! The superior is always envied and hated by the inferior. The weak hate the strong; the poor hate the rich; the sick hate the healthy; the dumb hate the intelligent; the ugly hate the beautiful, and the dark races hate the White. We must always see to it that the superior survives and the inferior is sacrificed, when forced to make a choice between the two. The Jewish objective is to get the White Race to accept the blacks as our equal, get us to inter-marry. Wouldn`t it be better to bring the apes up to the level of the blacks and have them interbreed ? If we are going to start inter-breeding and “uplifting”, why not start at the lowest rung of the ladder where the “need” is greatest ?

Lets now take a look at what the Jew wants the White Race to interbreed with. In the last 6000 years the African black has invented nothing. The black have never been known to build a dam. The average African black I.Q. is about 40 points lower than the average White, putting his average well below the moron class. The average American black is somewhere around 80, a good 20 points below the average White, and this is because they have assimilated a large quantity of White blood and are actually mulattoes. Therefore the American black is on the borderline of the moron classification, with a large percentage being actually in the moron category. Feel like inter-breeding ?

We must propagate the fact that there is a far greater gap between the intellect of our leading White geniuses and that of the black, than there is between the black and the next highest ape. We must realize that the blacks` natural level of existence is more closely related to that of animals than it is to the great and high civilization of the White Race. On this point, we disclaim any common racial denominator with the blacks, the same as we do regarding monkeys. Like the horse, the dark races at certain times have served a temporary usefulness, but unlike the horse, the dark races have mostly impeded and stymied the White Man`s progress. The black boasts about “Black Culture” where none exists, and talk about “Black Pride” where there is very little to be proud of. Although the black is the most useless component in the modern White Mam`s world, he is a very dangerous, festering, and rapidly spreading cancer in our racial body. They are the means by which the Jews plan to destroy the White Race.

Busing Our Children

The Jews know that in order to get inter-racial marriages accepted, they have to embark on a tyrannical power drive to mix black and White children at an early age. Being more impressionable and more easily deceived, the young people are the prime target of the Jews. The smokescreen used by Jew-promoted blacks to enforce this campaign is so-called “equal opportunities”. What this means is that education has to be downgraded for the blacks to pass. The damage can be seen when comparing I.Q.`s of White children who got “equal opportunities” and those who didn`t. Our lamentable White children have become victims of a heinous Jewish crime. Our total education programme is in a shambles thanks to our alien government enforcing a programme of school busing and forced integration of the races.

The colleges took the same road. The Jews have turned our colleges into centres for brain pollution rather than education and are being constantly invaded by the Jewish idea of race mixing. The colleges` trouble has progressed along the same lines as the churches`. First destroy the young men`s sense of respect for the ancient foundations, and then fill it with Jewish revolutionary social doctrines. These two always go together and cannot live apart, and are the fulfilment of the Protocol`s programme to split non-Jewish society by means of ideas.

There is a simple solution. All that is necessary for the White student to know is that the attacking force is Jewish. This the Jewish programme cannot endure; “you must not use the term ‘Jew’, they say, “you must not identify us”. The answer is to identify the source and nature of the influence. The White students` choice is between the Tribe of Judah and the Anglo-Saxon. In making up their allegiance, let the White student decide whether they want to follow those who seek to tear down, or the Builders. Calling our White students back to a pride of race is the only absolute antidote to the Jewish influence. It is not a case for argument. If the White students decide on following this council of dark rebellion and destruction, it is because they do not know whose sons they are, of what race they are the scions. Let there be free intercourse of ideas and free speech in our colleges, but let Jewish thoughts be labelled Jewish, and let the White students know the racial secret.

So-called Open-housing Laws

This programme consists of opening wide the doors to the blacks although they are not wanted, and although the realtor's  builders and landlords know that the blacks will ruin their property values. The Zionist Occupied Government has cowed and coerced these forces to do its bidding.


Through sheer treachery, Zionist Occupied Governments in White countries, has aided the dark races to achieve in the 20th century what they could not win in the 19th century by force of arms. By means of subsidization; by means of welfare; by means of immigration they have allowed illegal dark race aliens to invade our White borders by the millions. These dark races have been deliberately aided and imported into White states by the strong arm of the Zionist Occupied Governments itself and at the expense of, and to the detriment of the White taxpayer. The Zionist Occupied Governments is encouraging this massive invasion, and is taking an active hand in deliberately importing the riff-raff from all over the world. The inferior dark races of the world are to be deployed according to the Jewish plan to act as shock troops to mongrelize the superior White Race, and exterminate those that will not mongrelize. They are swarming in by the millions and are taking our land and living space. What is the difference if they are doing so as a military army or as civilian invaders ?

The Jews are now deliberately shipping hordes of dark races into the British Kingdom, injecting a foul pollution where no pollution ever existed. The same can be said of the United States. In the last stronghold of the White Race, immigration became business, a strictly Jewish business. The Immigration Department favoured White immigrants from Europe in previous years, because America was deemed to be a White country. In the last few decades it has swung heavily the other way. Whites are now kept, out while the rest of the scum of the world is flocking into the United States with the full sanction of the Jew-controlled Immigration Department ! They also promote programmes to bring dark children into the United States to increase the mongrelization of the land. Through the misdirection of the churches, many such orphans are adopted to affluent White homes, only to grow up and marry into White society. Madonna and Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt are examples.

The Tammany- [Democratic Party in America] and Jewish Kehillah leaders have always been alertly aware of the fact that their power depended upon an uninterrupted flow of immigration. The best material for the Jewish Kehillah`s purpose has always been the foreigner, until America became so thoroughly un-Americanized as to make intensive immigration no longer essential. In 1884 a great influx of immigration occurred into the United States, causing the degeneration of New York, and then of American life. After the arrival of Russian, Austrian and Hungarian Jews, an memorable period of crime followed, the marks of which remain to this day. These Eastern Jews were hailed as “German” and “British” scientists. The laws of the country are set aside in open contempt by the Jewish immigrants. They are able to “arrange” the passport work, they “arrange” avoidance of the health regulations. Their first glimpse of life in the States shows a Jewish control as potent and complete as it was in Soviet Russia; they can come from anywhere, and are coming from anywhere !

From that moment, Jewish immigration set in strongly toward South America, principally Brazil. The Jews of Brazil found it necessary to emigrate in the direction of the Dutch colony of what is now New York, because of military participation in a disagreement between the Brazilians and the Dutch. Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch governor, ordered them to leave because he did not entirely approve of their settling among his people. The Jews had evidently taken the precaution to assure their being received if not welcomed, because upon revoking the order of Stuyvesant, the Directors gave as one of the reasons for the Jews being received, “the large amount of capital which they have invested in the shares of the company”.

Stuyvesant compelled the Jews to make New York the principle port of America, and though a majority of New York Jews had fled to Philadelphia at the time of the American Revolution, most of them returned at the earliest opportunity, instinct seeming to make them aware that, in New York was to be their principle paradise of gain. And so it has proved until this day. It not only houses the greatest center of Jewish population in the world, but the very land of the city is the holdings of the Jews. New York is the gateway where the bulk of American imports and exports are taxed, and where practical all the business done in the United States pays tribute to the masters of money.

Therefore it should not be strange that the smaller nations of Europe refers to America as “The Jews`Country”, with the alarming increase in Jewish immigration bringing the question to public attention again. No wonder that Jewish writers, viewing this unchecked growth in wealth and power, this unprecedented prosperity, exclaim with their usual arrogance that the United States is the Promised Land foretold by the prophets, interest and profits are the “milk and honey”, and New York is New Jerusalem ! They further describe the peaks of the Rockies as “the mountains of Zion”, and with reason, if the coastal and mining wealth of the Jews is considered. It should be of interest to the student that Columbus` voyage was associated with at least five Jews : Luis de Torres, interpreter; Marco, the surgeon; Bernal, the physician; Alonzo de la Calle, and Gabriel Sanchez. De Torres was the first man ashore and also the first to discover the use of tobacco. After settling in Cuba he became the father of Jewish control of the tobacco business as it exists today.

Jews turn young Americans into obedient Robots that will serve Zion

AIPAC Grooming American Students to Serve Israel

Justice Islamic Style by one of Israel's Strongest Allies, Saudi Arabia

It’s a story straight out of a fairy tale. Four beautiful Princesses are being starved to death in a Royal Palace by their tyrannical father for the crime of advocating equal rights and better conditions for their people. The reason the United States and other Western nations will not force a “happily ever after” ending to this story rests on the fact the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the strongest US allies in the region, despite the deplorable living conditions of its subjects. If the same situation was occurring in Syria to President Assad’s daughters, it is an almost certainty that the media would be covering the story in a way that advocated intervention. US Special Forces would be serving as the knights in subdued body armor. They would valiantly storm the Palace, slay the dragon, rescue the imprisoned princesses, place them on the throne, and justice would be restored in the Kingdom. 

This is not the narrative anyone should expect to hear from the US media about this situation. Western media will continue to ignore the plight of the princesses simply because to raise the issue of their imprisonment, raises the subject of why they were imprisoned to begin with. It certainly wouldn’t do well for the administration’s media lackeys to point out that the United States is propping up a regime that denies equal rights to women, and that the mere advocating of better conditions is punishable by imprisonment and starvation. That storyline just doesn’t fit well with the image of the land of the free that the media is intent on selling the American people. 

The story began 13 years ago when the Princesses reportedly advocated better living conditions for the people of the country and equal rights for women. Princesses Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher Al Saud have been held captive ever since. Sometime within the last two months, King Abdullah and his sons reportedly cut off food and medicine deliveries to the women. For their part, the Princesses are maintaining their dignity and resistance to King Abdullah. In a recent video plea that has been taken as a call for an uprising, Princess Sahar states that victory is within their grasp. The video, uploaded from confinement in the Royal compound in Jeddah has made waves throughout the Middle East. It brought support from a Saudi Prince, currently living in Tehran, who defected from Saudi Arabia in 2013. He saluted the Princesses for their support of “the oppressed people of the city of Qatif.”

Activists from around the world are standing in solidarity with the Princesses and are coordinating through Twitter using the hashtag #FreeThe4. Multiple protests are scheduled over the coming weeks at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London, and a petition is circulating asking for UN intervention. The regime of King Abdullah has a long and sordid history of human rights violations and oppression. 

Activists detail that over 30,000 political prisoners are jailed in the country, with some of those prisoners being children under the age of 14. Western media will furnish a list of reasons why they aren’t covering the story, starting with the claim of being unable gain sources with first hand information. This journalist has nowhere near the resources of the major media outlets such as CNN or BBC, but has already managed to find points of contact for two of the imprisoned Princesses and their mother, who is living in exile in London. Their mother, Al Anood Al Fayez, is extremely accessible and responded to a request for photographs of an upcoming protest in London in less than fifteen minutes. Even though the Kingdom is known for the veil of secrecy wrapped around the Royal family, it is not impenetrable. 

Some Westerners have already laid out the belief that the “girls are exaggerating” about the denial of food and medicine. First and foremost, the Princesses are not “girls.” Princess Sahar is 42 years old. These are not the actions of a petulant child who is upset that she didn’t get the present she wanted for her birthday. To classify them in this manner is an insult to sacrifices they have made for more than a decade. Even if one was to disbelieve the accusations of starvation and physical abuse, the fact would remain that the Princesses have been imprisoned for 13 years for daring to advocate basic human rights. To give that a ready point of reference for Americans, the Princesses have been confined since the year the Twin Towers fell.

The next talking point is that the United States has no business in Saudi Arabia. This is completely untrue. Sadly, the fact that the US has so much business there in the form of multi-billion dollar arms deals and oil contracts is the reason the government will not intervene. More importantly, nowhere in America’s creed is it written that beyond the borders of the United States live a lesser people. 

This incident should not be tainted by business interests or politics. This is a fight for the basic human rights and dignity of not only the Princesses, but the entire population of Saudi Arabia. It’s a fight that deserves the support of any freedom loving society. 

Due to the sixty-year-old ties between America’s ruling elite and the Saudi royal family, the knight in shining armor that will free the Princesses will have to be the Saudi people. American citizens should lend support for this cause in any way they can, but to expect the US government to act on behalf of the Princesses is to ignore the fact that the United States is no longer a republic. It’s an oligarchy and the corporate royal families of the Untied States have more interest in preserving profits than they do preserving Princesses.

The Never Ending Scam: Levine, Kallos Introduce Holocaust Reparations Legistlation

NYC Council Members Mark Levine and Ben Kallos on Monday announced on the steps of City Hall a resolution to hold accountable companies who profited from the Holocaust and have not paid restitution to Holocaust survivors and their families currently living in the New York City area. The two sponsors of the resolution, to be brought up at Tuesday’s City Council stated meeting, were joined by Rep. Carolyn Maloney who passed similar legislation on a federal level.

The resolution calls upon the New York State government to prohibit companies and their affiliates who profited from the Holocaust and have not made reparations, from being awarded government contracts.
“We are gathered here today – on the Jewish calendar’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, to call for justice for Holocaust survivors,” Mr. Levine, chairman of the NYC Jewish Caucus, told reporters at a press conference outside City Hall. 
“We generally respond to the Holocaust by looking at the past, by remembrance and mourning those who were lost, but we also need to look at the present.”
Mr. Levine stated that the legislation will benefit the many Holocaust survivors still alive among us – an estimated 50,000 people in the New York City area. 
“Our obligation is to make sure they have the resources to live out their final days in dignity,” he said.
“We also want to make sure we achieve for justice for them by extracting, in part, reparations from their tormentors – be they foreign governments or individuals – and corporations,” said Levine.
According to the resolution, Global corporations like IBM, Bayer and Siemens should be held accountable for their participation in this gross injustice. These private companies have actively chosen to opt-out of paying restitution to “all identifiable victims of the deportations or to their families,” according to Levine.
“On this day, we remember those whose lives were lost in the Holocaust. As individuals, as a city and as a country, we must never forget,” said Councilman Ben Kelos, a co-sponsor who serves as deputy chair of the NYC 14-member Jewish caucus. 
“We must acknowledge that there were corporations that worked to build an infrastructure of death.”
Kallos cited corporations like SNCF who transported over 75,000 people to concentration camps during WWII.
“I call on my colleagues in government to tell these corporations that ‘we will never forget,’ and to stop doing business with the corporations until they finally remember,” said Kallos.
Rep. Maloney highlighted her efforts in congress to secure reparations for SNCF, the French rail company mentioned above. Maloney is working to pass the ‘Holocaust Rail Justice Act’ in congress, by ending SNCF’s ability o shield itself from litigation using the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

National Socialists against Vivisection

This is very hard to watch and very upsetting but someone has to show what's going on. The Edomite (Jews) hates all the Creators creations, they are the cruelest bastards on the planet.

Viewer discretion advised

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

REPOST: White Independent Nation. Whites in Britain today are in a precarious position...

Welcome to National Socialism

Which Nation Has the Most HoloHOAX Memorials?

The three to choose from are the USA, France and Israel.

Now one would think that the country with the most holoHOAX memorials would be the Mother Ship, Israel, where the holoHOAX con keeps giving and giving and giving, but you'd be wrong.

Israel is third in this category, having a measly 10 holoHOAX memorials. Maybe even Israeli Jews don't like to be reminded of their endless fraud they commit against the GOYIM in other nations?

If you'd guessed the USA has the most holoHOAX memorials, you'd still be wrong, but we're trying mightily to find more funds to build more sob centers to soak the Gentiles out of their hard-earned money. The USA only has a mere 44 holoHOAX memorials.

(If we add in the holoHOAX centers in addition to the fraud memorials, the USA comes out a Big Winner, with around 150 sites where you can help purge your guilt for something that never happened!)

Which leaves France as the winner of the nation with the most holoHOAX memorials, 51 and probably counting.

Strange, considering life under the German occupation during WWII was relatively peaceful, no holoHOAX horror stories to scare your kids at night, featuring baguettes and smelly cheese?

An odd entry into this category is Brazil, with six, yes SIX holoHOAX memorials? Did ZE Nazis have a virtual gas chamber in Brazil?

Or all those holoHOAX sites a front for rapacious Israeli Jews to loot Brazil's vast natural resources?

Something to keep in mind on National Celebrate a Fraud Day, April 27.

Some will complain that focusing on the holoHOAX so much is the rantings of a mean drunk or some raving anti-Semite. But the world needs to understand and expose this hoax, which will help unravel the world's largest terrorist state Israel, and that will expose the biggest crime in the history of humanity, the 9/11 False Flag.

It's either that, or get used to endless wars, endless Wall Street cons and an ever increasing police state to back up the Zionist Jews who have taken over the US Government.

Settlers fell 7-year-old Palestinian with stones as she walks home from school

More holoHOAX LIES Exposed

More Abuse of DNA-Evidence by Anti-White Media

There is no evidence that Eva Braun had any Jewish ancestry, regardless 
of what BBC-4 may say.

BBC Television's Channel 4 has a new series called Dead Famous DNA, hosted by  Mark Evans, a veterinary scientist who previously hosted a show called Bigfoot Files. The new show depicts in trivial detail Evans' efforts to acquire samples of DNA from famous dead people, and then to have them tested, either just to find out whatever can be learned or to resolve some specific question, like whether a diesel-mechanic in Michigan is the son of Elvis Presley. The show's content is padded with scenes of the histrionic Dr. Evans belaboring some point or acting as if he were haunted by something. The show's intro, read by Evans himself, hardly conveys scientific objectivity:
"Could the DNA reveal what made Marilyn Monroe so attractive, Albert Einstein so intelligent, or Adolf Hitler so evil?"
British news-outlets report that the show recently featured a discussion of the DNA of hair found in a brush that is believed to have been used by Eva Braun, the beloved of Adolf Hitler who became Mrs. Hitler shortly before both of them ended their lives in 1945.

The brush had been looted, reputedly, from Hitler's Bavarian retreat, the Berghof, by an American soldier, Captain Paul Baer, who sold it to somebody named John Reznikoff, who then sold eight strands of the hair for $2000 to Mark Evans. (In the second episode of Dead Famous DNA this same Reznikoff was said to have three samples of Napoleon's hair that did not resemble each other: the implication was that much of what Reznikoff sells is not authentic.)1

Evans' statement at the end of the show about Eva Braun's DNA and its supposed Jewishness is emphatic and unambiguous. 
"But ethnically, if that's her hair, on her hairbrush, Eva was Jewish." He says that this finding is "the final nail in the coffin of Nazi ideology."

In the first place, Evans is using a definition of Jewishness that is far stricter than that promulgated in the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, whereby a person without at least one Jewish grandparent was not considered a Jew or even a Mischling. Consequently, even if Evans' scientific finding were correct, it would have no bearing on National-Socialist ideology or practice. The notion of "Nazi ideology" that Evans attacks is a straw-man. But there is a much more serious indictment of Evans' work than its vulgar reliance on bad history. 

There is also a scientific problem with what Evans says that makes him appear deliberately dishonest. 

Evans' conclusion about Eva Braun, as he states it in the show, is short on details. He does not say which sequence found in Eva Braun's mitochondrial DNA is "only shared by Ashkenazi Jews." That is a key detail, on which the whole argument hinges.

News-reports about the show revealed that detail.  It is reported that the piece of DNA attributed to Eva Braun that supposedly belongs only to Ashkenazi Jews is a sequence called N1b1. (The Independent, 5 April 2014)

The premise that N1b1 belongs only to Ashkenazi Jews is not even close to being accurate. The following relevant information is drawn from a fairly recent (2012) article in The American Journal of Human Genetics:
N1b ... dates to 19-25 ka ago and is primarily found in Southwest Asia.... N1b itself has three basal branches: N1b1, N1b2, and a third, which we labeled N1b3, represented by a single sample from Anatolia. N1b2 is found mainly in Ashkenazi Jews, and its estimated age of ~2ka indicates a recent founder effect among Ashkenazi ancestors. The main subclade, N1b1, dates to ~13-14 ka ago and includes several branches from the Near East, Europe (rarely, mainly in central and eastern Mediterranean Europe), Arabia, and northern Africa (Figure 2C).2
Frequency Map for Haplogroup  N1b, from the American Journal of Human Genetics, 
10 February 2012

N1b1 could hardly be Jewish, since it is at least 13 thousand years old, and neither Ashkenazi Jews nor Jews in general have existed anywhere near that long. The geographic distribution of N1b (mostly N1b1) also shows that it is not specifically Jewish but regional, with its strongest European showing in Albania (not known for having a large Jewish population). Eva Braun could easily have inherited her mitochondrial DNA from the population that brought agriculture into Europe from southwest Asia during the Neolithic period.

It is the N1b2 DNA-sequence, which originated only about 2000 years ago, that is strongly associated with Ashkenazi Jews and is believed to have developed within a Jewish population in Europe. It appears that Dr. Mark Evans made a mistake.

That is, if we assume that this was not deliberate misrepresentation. The tendency to misconstrue DNA-evidence in specious justification of absurd conclusions is something that we have been seeing recently, in the cases of Adolf Hitler's Y-chromosome and Craig Cobb's ostensible DNA-test-result on the Trisha show. The reverence for any finding that is called scientific, and the general public's ignorance about DNA, are being exploited in a very reckless way for anti-White propaganda. This kind of innuendo, of Jewish or Negro ancestry, was a favorite form of propaganda against prominent National-Socialists long before DNA-testing became possible. The way DNA-results have been abused recently amounts to dressing up rumor-mongering in a white lab-coat. Perhaps Mark Evans deliberately omitted from his show the detail about which DNA-sequence was supposed to belong only to Ashkenazi Jews, because he knew that giving that detail would make his conclusion easy to debunk.

On the other hand it seems that some people connected with the production are simply incompetent. A spokesman for Channel 4 (repeating what Evans had said in the show) is quoted thus:
“In the nineteenth century, many Ashkenazi Jews in Germany converted to Catholicism, so Eva Braun is highly unlikely to have known her ancestry and - despite research he instigated into Braun’s race - neither would Hitler.” [The Independent, 5 April 2014]
That is a very ignorant statement.The Catholic and Lutheran churches in Germany keep birth-records extending back hundreds of years. If Eva Braun had a Jewess as a matrilineal ancestor anytime after the end of the Thirty Years' War in 1648 (and possibly earlier) it would be a matter of record.
1. The looter of the brush from the Berghof, Captain Paul Baer, is described as a "German-Born Jew" (The Telegraph, 5 April 2014). Reznikoff, who bought the brush from Baer and sold it to Mark Evans, claims in the show that his family are "Holocaust-survivors."

2. V. Fernandez, F. Alshamali, M. Alves, M. Costa, J. Pereira, N. Silva, L. Cherni, N, Harich, V. Cerny, P. Soares, M. Richards, L. Pereira, "The Arabian Cradle: Mitochondrial Relicts of the First Steps along the Southern Route out of Africa", The American Journal of Human Genetics, 10 February 2012.

Jew Insanity: Negro Lupita Nyong’o named Most Beautiful Person for 2014

Fairest of them all ... Lupita Nyong'o has been named People magazine’s 
Most Beautiful Person of 2014. 

LUPITA Nyong’o has shown she has talent and beauty after being named People magazine’s Most Beautiful Person for 2014 a month after nabbing an Oscar. The 12 Years a Slave actress, 31, joins the likes of Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, Beyonce Knowles, Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez in receiving the honour.

We love Lupita ... People magazine shows the cover of its special 
"World's Most Beautiful" issue, featuring Lupita Nyong'o. Source: AP

Nyong’o said she was thrilled by the award but admits that she has not always felt like “the most beautiful person in the world.”
“I remember a time when I too felt unbeautiful. I put on the TV and only saw pale skin, I got teased and taunted about my night-shaded skin. And my one prayer to God, the miracle worker, was that I would wake up lighter-skinned,”  she said in February. 
“I hope that my presence on your screens and in the magazines may lead you, young girl, on a similar journey. That you will feel the validation of your external beauty but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside. There is no shade to that beauty.”
Beauty and talent ... Lupita Nyong'o’s beauty and talent have made her 
very popular in Hollywood. Pictured here with Jared Leto.

Nyong’o won an Oscar for her role as the slave Patsey in Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave and recently landed a contract with Lancome Paris.

People editorial director Jess Cagle said Nyong’o was an obvious choice to grace the cover.
“She is fantastic. There really was no contest this year,” Cagle said. 
“The way she carries herself with such grace and humility, it put her over the top. I just love her.”
In the 25 years that People have been awarding the title, only three men have graced the cover: Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio in 1996, 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Her man ... Lupita Nyong'o celebrating with her Oscar after winning the Best 
Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role award for 12 Years a Slave.

The Church of Rome is Dead

The Roman Catholic Church is a festering corpse which is only being kept animate in order that it may be used as a battering ram for the total destruction of Christendom.  If anyone has any serious doubts that the Church of Rome has been captured by the ancient Jewish enemy, the double canonization of the anti-Popes John Paul II and John XXIII by the current impostors, Francis and Benedict XVI, should awaken people from their slumber.

John XXIII was the driving force behind Vatican II, which formalised the Jewish take-over of the Catholic Church.  His main aide in this obliteration of Christianity was none other than retired pope, Benedict XVI.  For the great enemy of Christianity to be canonised in the presence of his partner-in-crime, is a public victory for the forces of Judaism.  To add to this mockery, the canonisation of John Paul II – a man who spread heresy into the Church as a ceaseless servant of Jewry – in the presence of the other current anti-Pope, Francis, is indicative of the sickness afflicting unHoly Mother Church.

Of course the mainstream media is celebrating this public festival of Judæo-Christianity.  This is only to be expected of the Talmudic media.  The Church of Rome is Dead and anyone who expects it to have a resurrection, will be sorely disappointed.

For a sycophantic article praising the dead and living scum in the Vatican, visit:

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Greatest Truth Never Reported

Video found here

BREAKING: Assassination Attempt Ukraine Jewish Mayor Shot

No More Brother Wars

Ex-Marine calls for White awakeness and educating your Volk to the international parasites

In this video I explain the importance of protecting the White race by standing against White genocide which is a result of massive uncontrolled 3rd world immigration to White countries only.

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147 REFERENCES TO “6,000,000 JEWS” FROM 1900 THROUGH 1945

For those who are unaware, the holocaust™ is a colossal hoax to justify the creation of Israel. Zionist leaders and Jewish media organs have attempted to foist this hoax upon us dozens upon dozens of times prior to the Jewish-instigated Second World War.

My timeline The Six Million Myth contains several dozen of these references to “six million Jews” and their fictional “suffering”, and other corresponding material demolishing the holofraud, but this link below has a collection of 147 references to “six million suffering, dead or dying Jews” since 1900.

147 references to “6,000,000 Jews” in peril prior to Nuremberg Show Trial

This evidence — in itself — completely undermines the validity of the hateful conspiracy theory known as the holocaust™. How more obvious than this can it get? It was a lie the first dozen times they claimed it, and it remains a lie today!


By Joe Cortina

FILTHY JEWS are and always HAVE BEEN the worlds most prolific and contemptuous liars are called PATHOLOGICAL LIARS. The jew is the ONLY such ethnicity on EARTH which has been identified accused and exposed as such scum.

My source is arguably irrefutable. I call the Lord Christ to the ‘stand of life’ to testify in this case. We will dispense with the traditional oath to God – since it is GOD Himself who will testify from Holy Scripture and is of course incapable of a lie.

Jesus – addresses the jews who wish to murder Him – in a scathing collective exposure and damnation of their people as He states as follows – from the New Testament of Holy Scripture – from the Book of the Disciple John – one of the’ TWELVE’. It is specifically from Chapter eight and verse 44 as He damns them as liars murderers and children of Satan the Devil:
“You are of your father – the Devil – and these lusts of YOUR FATHER YOU WILL DO.
He (the Devil) was a MURDERER from the beginning – and never spoke the TRUTH for there was no TRUTH in Him. When HE (the Devil) speaks a lie – he speaks of his own (his children – the jews) – for He is a LIAR and the FATHER of LIES!”
For those of you with at least a 5th grade education – what He stated of the fatherhood of jews is plain and simple language. Christ did NOT simply ‘suggest’ that jews might be liars and murderers – but CLEARLY that jews WERE ALL PREDESTINED TO BE LIARS AND MURDERERS. (Christ plainly stated that jew WOULD DO the lusts/sins of their father SATAN)

Ever since then these horrid demonic satanic children of hell have been doing exactly that – MURDERING little helpless Christian and Muslim children from the home land of Jesus- and then LYING about it.

Notice the absurd laughably insane lies these demons from hell STILL tell about their murders in this 100% jew collection of lies so unbelievably distorted that they would be qualified for a place in the Guinness book of world class mendacities.

These sadistic bastard murderous world-class lying jews who I witnessed committing routine daily cold blooded murder of terrified defenseless helpless orphans in the streets of THEIR OWN COUNTRY would have the reader believe that at least 70 percent of these murders beatings abuses humiliations tortures and daily psychological terror was committed by friends family teachers and schoolmates?

May I suggest that the reader RE-READ the utter sick twisted insanity of the creatures so evil and degenerate as to be the ONLY ethnicity of ALL time of ALL History to be so specifically damned by God as PATHOLOGICAL LIARS and SOCIOPATHIC MURDERERS.

AND NOW – RE-READ the preceding statement by Christ as revealed in Holy Scripture for ALL ETERNITY as the irrefutable word of GOD the Son!

Are you baptDUH blaspheming Christ Mocking war mongering Hypocrite SONS- OF-SATAN WORSHIPING morons listening?

This following degenerate filth is From a report by the all jew AIJAC Australia/Israeli & Jewish Affairs Committee report.
“In reality, the principal dangers that Palestinian children face have nothing to do with Israel. A 2011 survey by the Palestinian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 21.4% of Palestinians between 12 and 17 said they had been exposed to violence from a teacher, 14.2% from school pupils, 11.9% from a friend, 8% from a young neighbor, 7.4% from boys/girls in the street, 6.9% from an old neighbor. Only 1.9% said they had been exposed to physical violence by the “Israeli occupation forces” or settlers. Meanwhile, just 3.5% reported being exposed to psychological abuse from IDF soldiers or settlers.”
Of course all lies used to portray the poor Palestiian children as the criminals and the poor jews as their hapless long suffering victims. (it’s a jew thing)

In other words – these murderous terrorist Godless jew scum want boobus Americanus to believe that over SEVENTY PERCENT of the blame for the tortures murders organ thefts slander beatings humiliation and traumatizing of Christian as well as Muslim Palestinian children is committed by THEIR OWN PEOPLE!

BUT — How about if the jew had written the same type lies about the suffering and murder of our Lord Christ after they had Him Crucified. Would even THAT anger you as Christians – or is NOTHING scared anymore in this land of make believe – quick fix – instant satisfaction – fast food – fast sex – short marriages – sensationalism addicted – feeder mentality – NFL worshiping – superficial- pretentious – drone texting – Sunday Christian – Ten Suggestions mentality – wealth priority burnt out cinder of a nation of souls for sale for a fix du-jour.

Lets see what an all jew political group would have had to say about who was responsible for His suffering and murder

(my version of what the jews would have said to defend their vile crimes)
“In reality, the principal dangers that Jesus faced had nothing to do with the jews who were constantly trying to stone Him or have Him murdered. In a survery in the year thirty by the board of JP&HAC ( udean Pharisitical % Hebrew Affairs Committee) – revealed that 21.4% of Nazarenes were bastard sons with whores for mothers 14.2 of these had been sexually abused by fellow disciples. 11.9% of threats were from friends and neighboors who believed Jesus was a nut case 8% were from a young pupil 7.4% were from Christ’s playmates in the street who bullied him for his crazy ideas. 6.9% were from an old neighbor – a disgrunteled fisherman. Only 1.9% of his complains were about physical violence from jewish pharisees. Meanwhile just 3.5% were reported as complaints against Soldiers Governors and angry jew mobs.”
So you see – in the eyes of the jews – Jesus really lied and exaggerated about the whole matter. We jews were just trying to protect this radical anarchist rabble rouser from himself. (“we are here to protect the children”) Ring a bell?

NOTHING has changed regarding the evil of the jew in the past two thousand years. Our present corrupt degenerate Godless nation is just another moral sewer for the jew to use as a playground till they use us all up and simply throw away the dried out corpse and occupy another unsuspecting nation of uneducated fools..

IsraHELL is ‘just the business office of Satan’ The WORLD is to be their playground

I was THERE. I SAW and HEARD the TRUTH because I was with people who were trusted insiders. In all the years ever since then ,I have been censured by jews and their “shabbus goy” useful idiots to keep my mouth shut about these important war crimes and horrors committed by the Satanic criminals in Satan’s israHELL against the most helpless and defenseless of God’s creations.

Apparently there is not ONE REAL Christian newspaper or ONE REAL Christian church who cares to hear the TRUTH of these horrors. It would appear that we have become so perverse and depraved as a people – that we would rather trust the world of lying scum who the Lord Christ HIMSELF declared as DEMONIC pathological LIARS – than a neighbor who has served his country his family and His God – faithfully and truthfully for a lifetime of selfless honor and TRUTH.

Are we a 100% soulless heartless amoral shallow materialistic nation of pleasure seeking me firsters with no conscience or character or honor?

OR – is there so much as ONE man left who will take a stand for JUSTICE and TRUTH and allow me to share my experiences with is neighbors?

JUST ONE LEFT? Contact me. My TRUTHS may not set you free – but they WILL set YOU STRAIGHT!

My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company. I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.

Book Of John Chapter 8 – as Christ damns the Jews (and NOT JUST THE HIGH PRIESTS AND Pharisees – see notes below)
‘Ye do the deeds of your father (the devil). If God were your father. ye would love me; for I proceed forth and came from God: neither came I of myself, but He sent me.”
“Ye are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie – he speaketh of his own; ( the Jews) for he is a liar, and the father of it”
That this SATANIC FATHERHOOD cannot be limited to the Pharisees is MADE CLEAR in 1 John 3;8-10

Matthew 23:15
”Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.
“You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?” (Jesus – to the Jews; in Matthew 23:33)
“My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former IsraHELL prime minister.

Its not the Zionists its NAZIS !

Grandchildren of Nazis March to Atone for the Fake Sins of Their Ancestors

Your sins, goyim. Must be now atoning for them.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

The Germans are incredibly sensitive people. This is much of what made them great, capable of ruling Europe in a fair and just manner. However, now this sensitivity is being exploited by the Jews to lock them in a state of chronic self-loathing, as they are shamed for the alleged sins of their ancestors.

The latest example of this Jewish program of exploiting the emotional and kind nature of the German people is absolutely cartoonish.

From Ynet:
Seeking atonement for their relatives, the grandchildren of some of those involved in the Holocaust joined the annual March of Life walk this year as it shifted to Hungary. 
Dozens of Hungarians joined about 250 Germans on the trek – a five-day walk along the route taken by tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews who were marched to Germany and Austria as forced laborers at the end of World War II. 
Some 550,000 Hungarian Jews died in the Holocaust, including many of the forced laborers. This year’s participants reversed the route – walking from the Austrian border to Budapest, the Hungarian capital. 
Frank Pfeiffer’s grandfather voluntarily joined the Waffen-SS, the military arm of the Nazi Party, while his wife Barbel’s grandfather helped build the electrical system at the Auschwitz death camp, including the wiring of its gas chambers. At Auschwitz, about a third of its victims were Hungarian Jews. 
“I have deliberately come on this march to ask for forgiveness from the Jewish people and the survivors,” said Pfeiffer, a 44-year-old travel agent. 
“As the grandchild of a perpetrator, I want to express how deeply sorry I am at what my grandfather did.” 
The couple did not discover the truth about their relatives’ actions until about 12 years ago, when they began researching their families’ pasts. 
“We are here with my husband to say the words our grandparents were incapable of,” Barbel Pfeiffer said during Friday’s remembrance at the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities. 
“Words cannot undo the events of the past, but we regret what happened with all our hearts.”
Last week, I had a drink with a college-age German girl. Somehow, the Holocaust came up, as it usually does with Germans because they are basically thinking about it constantly, defining themselves by it. I said something rather mild,
“I don’t really believe Hitler would do this. He was a very moral person.”
She of course became upset, and said 
“it wasn’t just Hitler! It was us! We did it!”
How horrible this is. And I believe it is the majority view of the German people. Not only is the idiotic, entirely nonsensical story of the Holocaust true, but they are each personally responsible for it.

I still believe in the German people, and I think if this spell can be broken, they will once again become a force for good in the universe, as they were up until 1945.

National Socialism, the way of the future

REPOST: More than 1,000 Swedish Girls – 300 of Them Under 15 – Reported Rape by Muslims in the First 7 Months of 2013

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2013

Rape is a normal sexual behavior for ethnic Muslims.

Unsurprisingly, almost all rape in Sweden is committed by Muslim immigrants. In fact, if we removed these forms of “new rape” – statutory rape and “date rape,” it would probably be literally all rape; I don’t claim White men are perfect, and they might end up sleeping with a consenting 15-year-old and get charged, or have a girl report she was too drunk to consent and get charged, but when was the last time you heard about a White guy grabbing a girl off of the street and forcing himself upon her?

It simply doesn’t happen – if it did, the Jewish media would surely let you know about it, as they are constantly looking for examples of violent crime by Whites to make a show of, as they continue to hide the truth about the war against our race by non whites.

Poor Sweden. These people have been so broken down and brainwashed. They give these people incredible amounts of money each month, allow them to do whatever they want, and still, all they ever do is riot, steal and rape.

From Sveriges Radio:

“The number of police reports concerning rape in Stockholm has increased by 16 percent so far this year. A large part of the increase involves the rape of young girls. The National Crime Prevention Council published the statistics today. More than 1,000 rapes have been reported in the county during the first seven months. A large part of the increase of rapes concerns the rape of girls under 15. According to BRÅ police in the county received 300 such reports so far this year.”

And it's not just Sweden, it's Denmark, Norway, Holland, Germany, France and the UK. In fact anywhere the Jew imports it's brother Muslims en masse their soon follows a 'Rape Epidemic' resulting in tragic consequences like the case below in Oslo, Norway.

Eva Helgetun (pictured right) was brutally gang raped by Muslim immigrants in Trondheim, Norway. Her family says she became increasingly depressed and committed suicide.

Police say a number of white Norwegian girls have been brutally gang raped by immigrants in Trondheim. Police say they target only white Norwegian victims. Eva was one of three young Norwegian girls gang raped by immigrants within a few days of each other.

Since the opening of their borders, rapes have exploded in Scandinavia. The majority of all violent rapes in Scandinavia are committed by immigrants from Africa and the Middle East.


The original video that accompanied this post has been removed. This is a new video that actually shows this beautiful Scandinavian young girl just weeks before those sub-human Muslim paedophiles defiled and raped her. Do you think any of this would be going on if Hitler had won the war?
[Den originale videoen som fulgte dette innlegget har blitt fjernet. Dette er en ny video som faktisk viser dette vakre skandinaviske ung jente bare uker før de sub-menneskelige muslimske pedofile uren og voldtok henne. Tror du noe av dette ville være å gå på hvis Hitler hadde vunnet krigen?]

See also:

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WTF: Drunken MUSLIM Waiter cleared by rape jury said he thought I was his BRUNETTE girlfriend

Pakistani students raped woman, 20

The above are just a few of thousands of incidents of rape and murder of White women perpetrated by Jew imported Muds. This is a concerted effort by the eternal enemy to destroy White women of child bearing age and their families. J.H.