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Friday, 14 February 2014


Suck on this fools


  1. No, it is Topographic Oceans by Yes.

  2. WHY WHITES MUST HACK!: Hail the Syrian Electronic Army!

  3. John if you could take a moment to Download and have a read of this, it's a short and concise document, equally if not perhaps even more damning than Mein Kampf and the Protocols.

    Manifesto of First Anti-Jewish Congress (Dresden, Sept 11, 1882)

    "Among the delegates were three members of Hungary’s parliament, where the National Antisemitic Party (Orszagos Antiszemita Party) was formed the following year and won seventeen parliamentary seats as well as control of the Pressburg municipal council. Anti-Semitic parties also formed in Russia, France, Poland, Germany, and Austria during the 1880s and 1890s..."

    Here's an excerpt from the manifesto (Download PDF), it's been speculated that it was this conference which led to the Dresden Holocaust of 1945:

    "The tip of this economic and financial pyramid is the Rothschild “dynasty,” which has turned into the banker to financially needy countries. Without its agreement, waging war is virtually impossible nowadays. And if a war is waged after all, it represents merely a good opportunity for this “dynasty” to add more billions to those it already has and to concentrate more and more of the capital assets of the European peoples in the hands of the “dynasty” and the Jewish race, even by exploiting their national calamities.

    Through incredible national debt burdens that are continuously increased by the Jewish financial powers and which sap the nations’ marrow, the governments of some indebted countries have become nothing more than Jewish institutions, Jewish collection agencies. This explains the complete inactivity of these governments with respect to the Jewish question and also their hostile behavior against their own populations in favor of Jewry.

    The Jews have managed, on the one hand, to gain direct control over the majority of the periodicals and, on the other, to exert an indirect influence on them in their favor, so that until recently no newspaper in Central Europe would have dared to speak the truth vis-à-vis Jewry.

  4. Thanks, John. Readers of your blog will find this enlightening.

    1. This is PORNOGRAPHY !!

  5. The site's been inactive for over a month, what's up?

  6. Have missed the comments & articles from this site,where are you John ?.

    In the 1960's the government commisioned a secret report on why the immigrant children imported in in huge numbers after W W 2 were lagging behind in education, the Psychologist who did the study, Hans Eysenck made sections of the report public and the government was furious.
    The report conculded that the Asian children were the most intelligent with the Anglo-Saxons slightly behind with the blacks
    some way behind the others, the government concluded this was why the crime rates with black youngsters was so high, but then did something very strange, rather than special initiatives to bring the blacks up to the stsndard of the others, they dropped back the standards of the others down to the blacks.
    What this meant was "positive discrimination " or giving the Black children higher marks than they earnt and penalising particularly the white anglo-saxons.
    This was further pushed by the BBC who got a jewish actor to play a white character called Alf Garnett in a display of hatred against anglo-saxons in which the viewer saw all Anglo Saxons as thick and racist, the result was that all white people were made to look daft and rather silly. This kind of subliminal hatred was pushed further by an unfunny TV prog. called "some mothers do have em "
    about another white Anglo-Saxon who was a total half wit who got into childish scrapes, the jewish actor Rowan Atkinson
    alo played the part of a ridiculous Anglo Saxon halfwit, Mr Bean, and another jewish actor using the English name Tony Robinson,
    played the part of Baldrick in several series showing English people as thick and stupid.
    Can you imagine the uproar if a black person or a jew was labelled in this way ?
    But the BBC dumbing down had to contiinue and after requests from the jewish community for a positive jewish character
    the series "Cohen and Kelly" was commisioned, this showed two tailors working in the East End of London
    one Irish the other Jewish, again another politicially correct abysmal series where the brunt of the gags were the English customers.
    The BBC had close connections to publisher Robert maxwell as they do today with Rupert Murdoch, and the dumbing down of the Anglo Saxons continued with such newspapers as the Daily Mirror, Star Sun and sport, pure trash aiming at the intellectual level of 5 year olds and passing as a newspaper.
    Today the BBC uses sport and in particular football as a dumbing down tool, subliminals are flashed on the screen since Tony Blair's
    time insisting that only white people are racist and homosexuality is normal and encouraged.
    The popular TV conjuror Paul Daniels was sacked from TV for being "too heterosexual " his closeness to the pretty blonde assistant
    Debbie Mc'gee meant he was quickly replaced with promiscous homosexual Derren Brown.
    The Rothschild link to the BBC and all British TV meant everything was scrutinised, and Rothschild was furious when word was leaking out of his close freind Anthony blunt being unmasked as a communist spy and homosexual abuser, so Margaret Thatcher
    gave a damage limitation speech in which Blunt was shown up for what he was, but being one of Rothschild's wartime bumboys
    he escaped prosecution for the lives that were lost from his treachury.
    So understand if you are an Anglo-saxon that your racist government hates you and wants you replaced in your own land by others.

  8. Like this! Open Borders for Israel:

  9. NOT the greatest album ever made... But I do hope that you lot find this a good enough listen.
    If you have a Youtube to MP3 converter, then feel free to copy away and give out to other like minded fellows... Here is a the link to my first album. "One People, One Culture, One Nation". Hope you enjoy.

    And hurry back JH. We're missing you over here.
    All the best.



    1. P.s. You can download this album from here instead, better quality & in multiple formats..