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Friday, 14 February 2014

THE AWAKENING. From a very good NS Comrade in Australia

Like many of us Brett Light fell for the Jonestien/Marrs/Icke bullshit but now he has awoken. I am in constant touch with Brett and being a lot younger than me he gives me hope for the future of our race. We need more like him.

Please read of his awakening below and if you have any sense as a White person you will follow suit. You see Brett is not afraid to stand up and show his face and neither am I, I have posted pictures of me time and time again on this Blog.

What exactly is the enemy Jew going to do, kill us all? I don't think so as it would not be in their interest to create Christian Martyrs would it?

Here's a picture of Brett, did you know that red haired Aryan's are becoming extinct due to the Jew brainwashing of our young people?

Miscegenation (Race mixing) is the new 'Hip' Mud coloured kids are desirable according to the Jew controlled MSM. Think of your Fathers, Grand fathers that went and lost their lives is this what they wanted?

I suggest you go and read Brett's full article HERE

You cowardly fuckers do not deserve the effort that people like myself, Brett and many others put into saving you but we will continue to try, for that is what our Creator and our Prophet Adolf Hitler instruct us to do.

Oh and just in case you missed it, here's a picture of me:

Ok it was taken a few years ago but I'm still the same man inside, make no mistake we are at war. Why would I care, my life is almost over but the thing is that as an Aryan I do fucking care about my race. If you young people out there want to throw everything away just carry on listening to the Jew.

-John Hardon

Hey funny thing is I just noticed I look like the 1970's King Crimson album: 21st Century Schizoid man see pic below and if you can bear it listen to the associated video, though I wouldn't recommended it, but still it's your choice and as it is from my era I'll give it a blast.


  1. brilliant hardon and thankyou, i was born just at the end of W W 11 and i remember many servicemen saying we should not have gone to war with hitler who was really one of us, i now understand what they meant, but have you noticed the truth is coming out, all sorts of nationalities are saying we think the man was right in every way, the jewbankers must be stopped by any means possible, and if that means allying with anyone else to achieve the result then so be it

  2. I suppose I crossed the Hitler line about 4 years or so ago, we thought that people being wake up to 9/11 and the holohoax myth would start cutting some ice but I think a bigger one is now occurring, people are waking all over to the 2 jew banker organized civil wars where brother was pitted against brother in the last century and of course thousands of our French brothers and sisters marching in the streets, jew bankers out and the gas chambers are bullshit, good on them. When the penny drops on WW1 + WW2 the shit will really hit the fan...good to see an ozz site down here on the case Brett + John's good work and numerous others

    1. The problem is, consolidation. We need a shadow Nationalist government.


    2. You need a brain that's all ! And John, well I think he needs to go play football with all his friends on the highway. :)
      National Socialism: Not Right-Wing, Not Fascism, just plainly stupid, ideas for people who can't afford to think by themselves, who would rather hate and swallow all the BS they're told than face reality. You are the cancer, you are the ones who are too weak to live among all the differences. Evolution is coming for you, all weak narrow-minded brainless racist dinosaurs are next on the list :D

  3. Im one of the mud coloured guys mentioned. My white coloured mother was raised by a veteran of ww2, was he happy that my mum mixed with a jamaican straigjt off the boat? She was thrown out at 16. I understand now why he did.the jews plan of racial intergration has hit the big time and my grandfather would of been disgusted at whats happening. I live in birmingham and in the short while ive been here ive seen nothing short of an attack against the white race . Now the zionists leeches are starting on russia.if war broke out everyone here will be too brainwashed they would unknowingly side with the jews. You see I know alot of muslims and they hate the zionists but the true brittish hate the muslims yet they are theonly ones fighting against the zionists, iraq, afAfghanistan and syria. If the war comes closer to home then I will lay down my life for the cause. Everybody learns of how evil hitler was in history at school..but did they play just one speech of his....if they did maybe alot more of us would of woke up a long time ago.