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Sunday, 9 February 2014

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Karen Lefkowitz Zionist Jewish

This person (see above link) has left comments on this Blog for a while now, I think its only fair that we return the favour. I myself have left some as has my comrade Cairo. Is Karen Lefkowitz a real person or is this a Jew troll coming out of Israel? Well it really doesn't matter, what matters is that (in the words of Bob Mathews) we 'Stand up like men'. Please listen to the great late Dr william Pierce talking about Bob HERE

No more can we afford to be 'keyboard warriors' with our blogs and websites. Even popular sites like 'The Daily Stormer' are good news for the Jews because it preaches to the converted, it is linked to similar sites and blogs that are reproducing or saying the same thing, it is not linked to the MSM outlets and very few people who are not already knowledgeable about the 'Jewish Problem' if they happen to land on it through a 'search engine' will they actually read it, they will think: "Oh no it's the Nazi's, they killed six million Jews" Let alone suddenly convert to 'our' way of thinking.

The only way that we have any chance of saving our race is to unite under a single banner and that banner has to be Religion, yes that's right, Christianity and no I don't mean the Judaised Christianity that we are presented with by the enemy Jew no, I am talking about the true Christianity that states that the Jew is the seed of Satan and that we, the white race are the true creators children, you only have to look at the history and achievements of our race to realise this. For more information take a look HERE.

The point I am trying to make is that without a common denominator we are divided and confused, we have absolutely no chance of saving our race, this has now become life or death for our people.

Whether you believe in the Creator or Jesus Christ or not is immaterial. We are facing a two pronged Satanic attack, being Judaism and Islam the supporters of these religions are fanatical, that is how we have to become, united and just as fanatical. Remember the Crusades? 

Actions speak louder than words, typing stuff on the Internet however informative it may be will not save our race.

I have been in communication with many Bloggers and webmasters of late around the world and the general opinion that I am getting is that we are just playing into the hands of the Jew. Many of us are thinking of giving up Internet activity because where has it got us?

I myself acquired Internet access in in 1994, I became politically active on the net in 2003, since then the plight of our race has only got worse. This shows that this approach does not work.

All I ask of you all and I know I have many faithful followers is that you think about what I am stating here. 

-John Hardon

Heil Hitler, Sieg Heil

Do you want this:

Or this:

Please try to ignore the Jew bullshit associated with this the above video, we know who did 9/11 don't we?


  1. We have to get active in the streets.
    The best way I have come across without getting in trouble with the law is the "Mantra",
    This says, "It is Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians and White countries for everyone.
    You then have to point out that mass immigration from the third world is WHITE GENOCIDE.
    Then you add "Anti Racist is code for Anti White",
    Master how to do it properly and also how not to do it. How to engage and humiliate a white Anti Racist, (If you can humiliate an Anti Racist in public it is very satisfying!)
    Master the Mantra and the contents of this site
    Listen to the podcasts. The podcasts tell you how to do it. Take the time to learn how to use it.
    When you go to a shop or a pub or on the bus or wherever, find an excuse to use the Mantra. It works by repetition. Over and over.
    Never argue. Just repeat the point over and over.
    It works.
    I used to try to make people who are contaminated with TV propaganda to see that 911 was bullshit and they ran. I tried to get them to see the Jew as our enemy. Nothing worked. I even made folders about the Holocaust or WW2. No one wanted to look at them. People ran away.
    This stuff works I can tell you because people are no longer running away.
    So master it,
    Banners such as "Diversity is White Genocide" or "Mass Immigration is White Genocide" on motorway bridges. Whites start to get interested when they begin to realise their race is getting exterminated.
    This is all about controlling the message. Jews and their Shabbos goy and particularly the MSM are terrified of this stuff.
    Flyers photocopied and handed out. Mass photocopies are cheap. .If you can get away with it get them glued up on lamp posts etc. (beware CCTV!)
    If someone says, "Oh No, that is not genocide." You can learn Article2 (c) of The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

    "Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part any national, ethnic, religious or racial group
    • (a) Killing members of the group;
    • (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    • (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    • (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    • (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Get your friends to help

  2. Nothing can stop us,your race and blood will die ! We Don't Going To Stop

    1. Don't be too sure of yourself love, even you know how heavily the tide is turning against you.

      110 coming soon

      XIV / 88

  3. I understand and see where you're coming from.
    Though I wouldn't dismiss the huge effect your work and similar sites have had on a growing worldwide awakening.

    The media acts as the most powerful weapon used against us, closely followed by the indoctrination from birth in the corrupted academic centres, the internet has reached many of those who were always asking questions that prior to the net they had little avenue to source for themselves.

    If you wanted to know "Why Hitler hated the jews?", you'd only have the kosher approved response which would be any number of random lies, none of which made sense but repeat the lies enough times and the dumb cattle accept without question.

    There's a few amazing examples online where the question will take you to a Yahoo Questions Answered pages or suchlike, where a rabbi will self-appoint himself an expert in the field ( the assumption being that because he's jewish, therefore knows everything about Hitler that needs to be asked) and explain that his decades of research shown Hitler was mad, irrational and filled with hate etc and never so much as touch a logical explanation.

    I know what you mean though about mainly preaching to the converted, however there will be countless others who dip in and out and slowly awaken over time some still are too scared to admit the truth to themselves let alone so much as comment, even anonymously, that's how deep the brainwash has gone.

    I personally like the idea of a posting on Endzog's site regarding an 'Outranet', essentially powerful messages painted onto hoardings, bridges etc.
    Just like the old days before the net and TV, it was the only way to spread the message.

    ‘Outranet’ Defies Jewish Plans For Silencing Internet

    A great example is the INB defacing the Anglo Irish Bank headquarters in Dublin

    Each picture of the article carries a link for a full sized image

    Regarding uniting under the single banner of Christianity, I agree wholeheartedly, I could bore for England on the many reasons why this is our only hope for a variety of reasons that I know from reading your work you understand implicitly even if a number of atheists/pagans still can't get it.

    Whether those reading this are religious, atheist, pagan, Jedi Knight or whatever is current flavour of the month, the last refuge we have left is that stating Christ was tortured and murdered by those who continue to soil and sully his name to destroy his memory, while maybe not permitted on the BBC or repeated anywhere in the jewish press, and almost illegal, it isn't quite just yet, and is about the only "get out of jail card" we indigenous European tribes have left before they close the net on all nations being barred from openly speaking the truth about the juden enemy of mankind.
    As the WJC's continue to lobby and agitate to close down any criticism using OUR parliaments and courts worldwide, just to prevent any mention of the noses behind the curtain.

    As these weasely kikes in the following youtube clip show in their unelected yet overrepresented influence of the EJP holding court of 'our' European Union.
    Like we should fucking care!

    Just how many tiers of fucking control do they want, not just all our media bought and owned, the national politicians bought and in their pockets, every industry and institute throughout the West top to bottom owned, then the UN and EU under full control but they've also a fucking European jewish Parliament too!

    I'll never cease to be amazed at the sheer brass-neckery of these cunts.

    Delenda Est judaica!

  4. WHY WHITES MUST HACK!: Hail the Syrian Electronic Army!

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