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Friday, 14 February 2014

National Socialism

Yes I know I've put this on before and I will continue to until you fucking idiots get it into your brainwashed heads that without 'divine intervention' it is the ONLY answer. -J.H.


  1. Reminds me a bit of the Sochi 'Winter Olympics' the good old days.

  2. your background is similar to mine hardon, the jews brought in all the asians to start a civil war, but just as many fought for hitler in W W 2 ( because he was on the side of right) so many now see us as the way forward, indo/paks and brits unite against the jew, we are too weak to go alone

  3. Thankyou john this brought tears to my eyes, the use of the swastica which is a hindu emblem shows hitlers understanding of other cultures and every indian and pakistani that fought for Germanys freedom from the jewbankers had his hand shaken personaly by hitler.
    So great was this man seen by many enlightened british troops that when we went over to Dunkirk, several British servicemen stood up and shot their own men who were going to commit acts of grave agression on continental soil.
    No man in history has been libelled as much as hitler, because the jews are afriad of his power, the peace and love of the film shows how content Germany was to be left alone, when the Russians were allowed to cross europe, they had orders to rape every German woman and child as many times a spossible, they wanted to ruin the genetics tables of the anglo saxon peoples, gods real chosen race, today in the UK the jews had the same plan but ina gentler version, deluge us with foreigners bring in multicultuarism the big family the cousinhood of nations, all bullshit to get our women folk to go with other nations, the war on anglo saxons is very real
    educate your kids in secret

  4. Anonymous (above) perfectly understands both past history and present historical context.

    Let us hope the few of us left are wise enough to share this information with other minds of similar persuasion.

    Anonymous 2

  5. Wille und Sieg