The 14 Words

Friday, 14 February 2014

Just to make you happy and living in the deluded conception that is called 'Democracy:

I present to you this bullshit from 'Brummie' Jeff Lynn, he's from Sheldon B'ham, just listen to how great he makes the world under Jewish control sound, the blokes a genius, is he not?

Oh how I wish I was Jeff Lynn but on the other hand I'd rather be Clint Eastwood in 'Pale Rider'


  1. The freaking video is gone already.

  2. It is called jewish democracy! The jew has to control totally 'the image', otherwise it is doomed. Censorship is but one of their many dirty tricks at their well financed disposal. They have been doing it for centuries, that is presenting a view of the world where the jew can do no wrong. Hitler and Goebbels knew instinctively, of their innate ability to tell the big lie!


    Ever since the 1917 communist takeover in Russia, Britain was known as the main adversary

    it was the top target for a communist takeover for breaking up the UK filling with immigrants and massive asset stripping.

    After W W 2 the main adversary was the USA because Britain was deemed finished, as Lord Rothschild led his traitors to fight Germany and asset strip and destroy both both England and Germany, for communism and the bankers.

    So for Britian W W 2 was a grave mistake, our real enemies all along were the Russian jew/communists.

    The most popular prime minister ever Neville Chamberlain knew we should not be fighting our fellow Anglo Saxon brothers and after a 4 year secret study of Third Reich aims and goals declared he did not want another Churchill war with them, So churchill had him murdered, along with intelligence chief Vernon Kell and George VI who said he would not allow his people to be taken in to another war, Edward VIII was slid out of favour under the Mrs Simpson affair, that he had relations with several married women before did not matter, mrs Simpson was the excuse to be rid of a peacemaker.

    Recent releases of several highly secret papers show that Britain was hijacked by Churchill and the jews and led into another war,

    because although initially Adolf Hitler was the golden boy and was was prepared to stand up against the march of communism,

    when Hitler took back the economy from the jewbankers, the bankers then Bribed Churchill for 150,000 pounds and Roosevelt 3 million dollars to take us to war on a pack of lies, to justify what we did and the Holocaust story was then imposed on the people.

    It has only just come to light with these new documents just how many people hated Churchill and were opposed to a war on Germany, and how the British Government ruthlessly tackled this problem.

    Those people who wanted to keep the old British culture and British ways and not enter a war were known as the resistance, and if we look at what the Churchill jewbankers have done to the country since W W 2 we can see they were right, this resistance to

    communism still shows in groups like the National Front and slightly in UKIP.

    The one thing that Rothchild and his evil cohorts did not want in Britain is what happened in Germany, the government printing its own money, without payment to Rothschild and his jewbankers, so this must be our first step, to reclaim our finances, re print the Bradbury pound, then re-take our borders, then re take our country, piece by piece, the English resistance is coming of age, wait for it

    because we want our country back