The 14 Words

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Do you get it?


Be proud of your race, yeah that's right the Jew says that you can be proud of being black, Paki or any kind of mongrel shit skin but I say be proud of being a member of the greatest race that ever inhabited the Earth. Why the fuck should you not be? HHAFTJ} work that out? Answers on a postcard to:

The Mailbox
102-108 Wharfside St, Birmingham
0121 567 6000

Yep, that' s the BBC but if you feel that it's a waste of time mailing your answer to the Marxists that push Jew propaganda out to the 'useless eaters' just state what you think it means in a comment to this blog, if you don't 'get' what it means you really just don't get it. 



  1. just discovered this wondrful blog, thankyou and thankyou to the girl who made that superb vid

  2. Well that brings back memories old boy! Still, Aqualung and Heavy Horses will remain my favourites.

    Sorry for not commenting more. I seem to work harder for less "money" as I get older and end up more and more shattered every day. Just keep going, if you can. It's always appreciated, if not always said.

    Whites must unite or the kike enemy will rule over a genetically lobotomised IQ 80-85 negroid mixed race forever.

    Heil Caucasia!

  3. I don't always comment, but your blog is a go-to and appreciated more than you realise.
    Keep exposing those stinking kosher culprits!