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Friday, 14 February 2014

Another 'False Flag' right on cue

Lets divert peoples attention by blaming the Irish again, yes that's right while our people are living in a nightmare existence with floods, no money and 'Food Banks' being the only option for many we'll bring the 'Irish threat' back into the equation. Of course we all know who is behind this.

Can you believe anything you see or read in the main stream news? I know I can't. Of course it would suit them to distract us from whats really going on by blaming the Irish, they've done it time and again, Why would Irish dissidents send non-lethal 'Letter bombs' to Army recruitment centres? The South of Ireland has been shafted by the Marxist E.U. I'm sure that even the most radical Irish people understand this. Surely if they wanted to further their 'cause' they would send real letter bombs to the puppets in power that reside in the 'City of London' (not part of the UK), Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels 

This is an obvious hoax nobody in their right mind from Ireland would send non-lethal letter bombs to British Army Recruitment centres, what would be the point, the idiots that join the Army do it because they see no future in this occupied country. The Irish and the rest of Britain are racial kin, Eire is no longer occupied by the British, it is occupied by third worlders just like the rest of the UK.

Anyone who believes this bullshit needs their head examined, This from today's Daily Mail:

Irish bombs return to Britain: Explosive devices sent to four Army recruitment offices linked to Ulster terrorism, says No10

Notice they say 'Ulster Terrorism' Ulster is part of the UK are they trying to imply that it is being perpetuated by 'Loyalists'? I notice that the Marxist murderer Martin McGuinness was quick to condemn it. Well he would be wouldn't he sitting their in the lap of luxury with Gerry Adams, Bob Geldolf, Bono and the rest that have done very well thank you out of the so-called 'troubles' 

 -John Hardon

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  1. Damp squib.
    Doesn't jewboy Danny Cohen BBC boss realise, given the HAARP weather conditions, that wet gunpowder ain't no good? Surely he must know that when his mates blew up the King David Hotel and the New York WTC complex on 9/11, they used conventional explosives and thermate. Guy Fawkes had nothing to do with it.