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Thursday, 13 February 2014

A very interesting comment

This comment was posted today on this Item that I published on this Blog on Tuesday Feb. 11 (My ex-wifes birthday). It is interesting for a number of reasons which I will explain after you have read it:
Anonymous13 February 2014 15:44 
Hardon i have the utmost resepct for you and what you belive, but let me run something past you.The enemy of my enemy is my freind, we wont beat the jew unless we allie with the muslim, together we can win, let me say that the reason the jewbankers have not crashed the pound is they say because too many are still out in circulation, Muslims have home safes and non profit building societies, if it were not for them they would have crashed the pound on us all
In a way this commentor is right but what he/she fails to understand is that we as White Europeans or Aryans are a distinct race, Europe is our land and Muslims have no right to dwell upon our soil. The other thing that the commentor fails to recogonise is that Islam is totally incompatible with Aryan culture and values.

The last point that I'd like to make is that Islam is Jewish, my  personal belief is that Mohammad was just a pissed off Jew that decided to start his own religion based on his personal perversions. Whether my assumption is right or wrong really doesn't matter.

If on the other hand the person that wrote this comment is prepared to go and live in a Muslim country and take all his brethren with him out of Europe then maybe we could have some common ground in our fight against the eternal enemy: The Jew. 

If however he is trying to convey a message of solidarity between 'True Brits' and so-called 'British Muslims' of which there is no such thing (as far as I'm concerned) then he is totally deluded.

Their is a two pronged attack on the people of European descent by Satan using the false religions based on the Talmud and the Koran. I for one will not be content until both of these tools of Satan are expunged from all (former) White Nations. That means demolishing all Synagogues, Mosques and Temples.


This video is from our brothers in Australia but the same applies in Britain, America, NZ, SA so prepare for the coming storm.

-John Hardon


  1. What I can't understand is why BBC Radio Judeo 4 have not interviewed the band 'Stormtroopin' on one of their plentiful supply of lovey-dovey, multi-cult anti-white pogroms? I thought jew boy Danny Cohen BBC boss believed in diversity! Talent deprived Holocaust Liar Russell Brand who the media jew claims is a comedian is given the Red Carpet treatment; meanwhile, genuinely funny, intelligent and original, the mixed race truthteller comic, Dieudonne is given the cold shoulder and censored by the jew media and their respective governments.

  2. Good comment paul maleski and also hardons reply to my comment that we will only defeat the jew if we ally to the muslim.
    The British public are behind Iran all the way, and not their own government, iran can offer us hope against the jew NWO, so i maintain we must band together with the muslims, to say islam is a fake religion well so is christianity, which was formed by the jew to enslave us

    1. First of all I did not say that we can only defeat the Jew if we ally with the Muslim. Secondly the British public are not 'behind Iran' as you put it but they are in fact against further Israeli expansionism. I said on a Radio show with John Friend some months back that would I fight with a Muslim against the Jew? Yes but then I'd kill the Muslim. The exception to that statement is if Muslims emigrated from Europe and other White European lands to where they belong, the 'Turd World' middle ages.

      As a National Socialist my belief is based on racial hegemony in so much that every race has a right to live in their own allotted lands. The civilastions, technology and social security systems were designed and built by the white race, Therefor no other race has deserved the right to benefit from these resources,

      As I said in my previous reply if Muslims are prepared to return to their lands of Islam their is no problem between National Socialists and Islamists but if you think for one moment that Islam will be tolerated in any white European lands you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

      The other point you make is that Christianity is a fake religion and yes in it's present form you are correct, it has been corrupted by the Jew, Homosexuality, gay marriage etc. are anti-Christian and yet they are accepted by the false face of Christianity as is race mixing and all the other abominations to Christ and the Creator.

    2. Never trust a muslim, never befriend a muslim.
      Muhammadanism was created by the Roman catholic church, who was infiltrated by the kike jews as is all churches today.. Jews wrote the Quran – “old Mo” was illiterate and could not write so he hired some scribes and that may be why the muslim and the jewish religion is so much the same.
      The jew and the muslim is from the same branch, and they hate you for just being White. Read up on who really get killed in these so-called wars in the Mid-east, it’s mostly christians, falsely proclaimed as muslims etc

      There's no such thing as "love the sinner but hate the sin" and there will be no "last moment conversion" for the jews, nor a rapture . . . so if you’re waiting for one, you have long to wait.

      Can you people imagine Armageddon?
      The earth as you know it will be shaken rocks and hail [large hail stones] darkness, chaos and panic - try and think people, this is not HAARP, this will be YAHWEH God destroying everything He did not make, mountains will disappear [read Revelations] whether you belief in Him or not that will be the end of the age as we know it . . . so, yeah, if the jew can still find time to repent . . . good luck to him/her.

      You see, you don't get to chose God, He chooses you or condemn you.
      That's why it's written "many are called but few will be chosen" Matthew 22:14 KJV
      Besides the Bible is not a “holy book,” it’s the History of YAHWEH God’s REAL CHOSEN . . . the White Adamic seedline passed on to Seth, Abraham then Isaac and Jacob [Called Israel – a name NOT that cesspool called IsraHell]

      The jew have stolen our identity and our judeo-christian churches have aided and abetted the jews for some scheckels [£ and $] meaning fame and fortune.
      They, the jews and the other races – cannot reform, they have not the Holy Spirit of YAHWEH God, the are doomed for destruction, and the jew knows this that’s why he reckons he can bring his god satan to earth and we the stupid blind Goyim will believe satan to be Jesus – YAHWEH God who came to earth as a human to ensure that His Blood offering will be the last offering made to save His chosen from eternal damnation.

      Obadiah:1:18: And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.
      Edom – Esau is the jews, some call them zionists, but I call them communists.

      YAHWEH God is not a system (Catholic church etc.) all he expects from us is to live according to His Law

      "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." - 2 Chronicles 7:14

  3. To be honest, I want all jews and muslims out of Europe; this includes Danny Cohen, David Miliband and co. including, white UK muslim converts. I am an intolerant pragmatist at heart; however, I am prepared to negotiate with these non Europeans. If I have anything to do with the negotiations, 'there will be no coming back to Europe' for these aliens. For I know full well, that they will never integrate into white European Christian Society; go and take your kosher/halal lifestyles elswhere!. As for the native born Christian: blacks, mulattoes, Asians etc. Stage one: We ban any pro-miscegenation propaganda throughout the media. In a jew free UK this should be relatively easy. Stage two: No more interbreeding of the aforementioned with the Caucasoids. Stage three: To encourage more voluntary repatriation of non-whites to their homelands with reasonable compensation. What do you reckon?

    1. I'll tell you what I reckon Paul, it is now far to late for voluntary repatriation. The Aliens are far too entrenched within our societies for that 'reasonable compensation' would only encourage a tiny percentage of mud's to leave.

      Without 'Divine intervention' I cannot see a future for our race. Although an ever increasing number of our race are awakening to the problem, it is too little to late.

      We as a race lost any hope of retaining racially pure areas in 1945 thanks to the majority of our race being hoodwinked by the enemy Jew into killing our own brethren on their behalf. Now they have (almost) total control another leader like Hitler would never be allowed to rise, they would kill him. He would suffer a heart attack or die in an accident of some kind. Look at Golden Dawn? They are the choice for government among most Greeks but do you think that under this illusion of democracy they will ever be allowed to rule? Of course not!

      The Jew laughs at our futile attempts through the internet and Nationalist meetings as he controls the MSM and he knows that we are pissing against the wind.

      Sorry to sound so pessimistic but that's the way I see it. OK that's easy for me to say as I'm getting on in years but I have children and grandchildren who face a future of pure hell even though they themselves cannot see it. The Creator sent me on this path and gave me the knowledge that I possess and for that I am eternally grateful. Am I a 'chosen one'? Only the Creator knows the answer to that.


  4. Why can't they attack the Jews in their own right. I see none of this happening at the moment.

    1. The truthful answer to your question is that the Muslim and the Jew are in the main racial brethren. Read the Quran and then take a look at the Talmud? If you are a Christian, Atheist, Agnostic or in fact anything other than a Jew or a Muslim you are a Goyim/Infidel in other words you are not considered as anything other than an animal to serve both of these satanic cults.

      Did Jewish soldiers die in Iraq or are they dying in Afghanistan? No it is our boy's that fight their wars against Jewish backed Al Qaeda. Iraq, Libya, Syria and then Iran? They will not stop until Israel is the JWO capital of the world.

      Two lunatic cults that have more in common with each other than they will ever have with the White Aryan race. As a side note look at Halal and Kosher slaughter methods and don't forget that both these cults require circumcision of boy's. Some Muslim cults also practice Genital Mutilation of young girls.

      Face up to the facts? Now they're blaming our racial brothers, the Irish! When will this nonsense ever stop? Well it won't, the creator gave you a choice with the emergence of Adolf Hitler and you (your ancestors) fought for the wrong side, they fought for the Jew which in turn allowed the flooding of Europe and in fact every white nation with their fellow tribe- Islamists.

      Ask yourselves one question: Why has the Jew flooded Europe and now America and Australia with Islamists? Don't you get it yet?


    2. Oh I forgot to mention neither of these two satanic cults eat Pork. The fucking idiots don't realise that when they lived lkie the shite they are in the baking hot desert Pork went off pretty quick but then the WHITE MAN invented refrigeration but these idiots keep the 'Pork is unclean' religious law to seperate themselves from the Goy/Infidel. Wake up folks.


    3. "YAHWEH God is not a system (Catholic church etc.) all he expects from us is to live according to His Law" - recent comment from Ruth House

      John, one of those LAWS God gave us was that pork is an unclean source of food and His people should stay away from it.
      Do you honestly think that Christ was eating bacon for breakfast?
      Those laws are for ever and are there for our benefit - and because WE - HIS PEOPLE do not follow them we are in this present fucked up state.

      A refrigerator does not and cannot ever make pork clean...

      Go and roast a rat and eat it John or a smoked rat sandwich...
      Someone came up with the idea of eating kangaroo steaks in Australia that does not mean kangaroo is good for you because it is on the supermarket shelf
      God's food laws are the most simple for us to keep, if we cannot keep food laws then we have no hope of keeping the others especially condemning race mixing.
      I bet that in private jews & mooslems are eating pork (ham/bacon).

      Bless you for all your good work John and you are correct when you say that only the Creator can solve the problems we have...firstly by crashing 'Babylon'....

  5. Arab nationalists allied with Hitler, their aims were precisely the same, defiance of the international jew and preservation of their nation, people and heritage.

    In Syria we now learn that the USA & UK want to now side with Al-Qaeda, the same gang that our troops have been fighting tooth and nail against in Afghanistan [project opium] and Iraq [project ZoG].
    The only defence of the Syrian Christians are Hamas, those same guys we're forever told are the 'evil bad guys' yet all they are doing is trying to defend their brothers & sisters from the satanic tribe.

    The 'jihadists' we read about in the papers are almost always disenchanted youths ensnared by zog/mi5 agents like Omar Bakri, Choudry and other cartoon jihadis like Ayman al‑Zawahiri
    Oy Fucking vey!

    Bakri as i'm sure most know is the very cleric who is blamed for radicalising the wogs who are purported to have slain Lee Rigby, not sure whether that was before or after MI5 had saved their necks while on trial in Kenya and brought them back to the UK under their care.

    Omar Bakri's daughter being a typical jewish princess even had her tit op paid for by her dad so that she could excel in her chosen profession of lapdancing, which I'm sure even those none too well versed with those deeply religious muslims should find unusual.

    Some other examples of Mossad/CIA either co-opting or creating from the start various 'jihadist' terrorist cells.
    Kosher jihad

    The list goes on.

    Take the arab springs.
    Every MSM reported Islamic terror attack focused solely on murdering Christians and other arab muslims, as soon as they seized power in a arab territory the first thing they did was install a Rothschild central bank in place of its own national interest free Sharia bank... well it makes a dumb goy like me suspicious.

    Ever since "9/11" the TV seems to say, run for the hills the jihadists are coming.

    My only problem is these jihadists are financed and directed out of the House of Rothschild.

    When Al Qaeda, Al Nusrah, Muslim Brotherhood or any of its other iterations start bombing Goldman Sachs, taking 'shoes' hostage, beheading rabbis and posting it on youtube or anything else that relates to their supposed stated aims of destroying ZOG.

    Then I'll believe them to be genuine.

    The "Young Turks" of the Armenian genocide of Christians was carried out by Donmeh, as even kikepedia describes were "crypto-jews ...who converted publicly to Islam, but were said to have retained their beliefs".

    The kike opened the gates to the invading muslim hordes at Constantinople, the history of the virus, infiltrating, subverting, corrupting and betraying their hosts goes as far back as Babylon, and beyond no doubt.

    There are degrees with which we should treat any form of alliance as long as it suits our aims.

    Surely 99.9% of all arab anger towards the West is from what our Zionist occupied governments have done to their nations.
    I'm pretty pissed off with what they've reduced our nations to also.

    My support is easily obtained by anyone who resists the jew.

    Syria and Iran appear to be doing just that, only the British born jihadists appear to want destroy Assad and help bring about power for the muslim brotherhood to then go on and install another Rothschild bank once completed, then move onto Iran.
    All rather strange for such notorious antisemites.

    I'm rambling now, suffice to say, I'll gladly ally with anyone who wants to take down the juden.

    Once done we can arrange amicable repatriation to all those who ably assisted us, and not so amicable for those who didn't.

    Delenda Est judaica!

  6. Muslims are the foot soldiers and the jews are the Generals in a common fight for our annihilation.
    If islam is the enemy of jews, then why do they support islamicization of Europe?

    Once we grasp the fact that the enemy comes in different fancy dress costumes, then we can see that the only people we need to concern ourselves with is our own people, and that even though some of the aliens amongst us may from time-to-time take a common position against a common enemy, they are still not of us, and therefore should always be kept at arms length.

    By keeping our focus where it counts, we can deal with the greatest enemy of all; the enemies within, which are of our kind, but ideologically are treacherous and hell-bent on committing racial suicide and worse still, bringing us down with them.

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  8. I want the jew and muslim out of Europe.

  9. Unbelievably sick people are running our countries.
    The chasm between what we're told is going on and what is really going on is absolutely enormous.

    Watch this video . . . it’s not a church service – it’s a warning for American, but we’re all in the same boat
    It’s time we wake up.