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Monday, 10 February 2014

A Brief Introduction to National Socialism


To begin, National Socialism is a philosophy that is built upon a foundation of Nature: natural truths, laws, and order. I've heard it simply put by other National Socialists that "NS is natural law applied to human affairs." 

So, NS begins as a worldview - literally a different understanding of reality and what it means to be a part of the natural world. Once the perception has changed, then everything else that one does becomes NS organically. 


National Socialism, politically, is the balance between all political extremisms. It is neither hyper-individualistic nor hyper-collectivist. It is the balance between individualism and collectivism: where the two meet on common ground. Yes, it's collectivist, in the sense that people put the nation before their own personal interests; but it is individualist in the sense that the individual human personality is not only recognized but is celebrated! So you can be every bit of yourself as you are biologically born to be, but at the same time your heart and mind belong to the people of your nation, because you recognize that the people are more important than yourself - the person. 

NS opposes communism because communism is a philosophy based on utter lies against Nature - primarily the lie of universal equality and social egalitarianism. NS celebrates racial diversity, whereas communism celebrates the destruction of diversity by way of racial mixing until everyone has impure blood. 


The economic policy was relatively simple and was never a written formula. They went with what worked and let go of what didn't. Initially, NS Germany took the route of ancient Sparta: they had absolutely no international currency, i.e. they had no gold or silver to speak of (because the [Jew contrived] treaty of Versailles left them absolutely bankrupt), so they nationalized the currency. They created a currency that was only good from one German to another. And the way they dealt with other foreign nations economically was through trade - most specifically exampled by their dealings with Argentina, South America: Argentina badly needed to industrialize and needed machines and trains, and Germany needed a lot of grain because they could not grow enough to feed everyone in their nation. So, a simple swap was done: so many tons of grain for so many assembled machines. Very simple.

Values and Virtues 

But, as stated in the initial paragraphs, all of National Socialism's strength rests in the philosophy, the ideology, the worldview. Once that worldview has set it it's like seeing the world for the first time. It's like seeing reality for the first time. It's like seeing sanity for the first time. It's a breath of fresh air - raw, living air. It's like bathing in living water, rather than artificial water in a tub. It's literally indescribable. 

National Socialism promotes a number of values that, in my eyes at least, make it triumph head and shoulders above greedy capitalism, cowardly democracy, and insane communism. Primary NS values are honesty, courage, and selflessness. To accept the nature of the world rather than trying to invent a reality because one is too weak to bear it. Selflessness is the highest example of nobility - and nobility is in the name of our people: the Aryans. Aryan, from the ancient language of Sanskrit, literally translates into English as Noble one. And Adolf Hitler professed a philosophy where giving one's self to the community is far grander than to take from the goods of a people who cannot maintain their level of production. 

NS is anti-greed, anti-selfishness, anti-sensationalism, anti-egotism


National Socialism is basically the rebirth of the ancient spirit of our most ancient of Ancestors - Ancestors that once gave birth to extraordinary feats of civilization such as that of Greece and Rome. NS is the will of the Aryan race to be free once again, free like it once was thousands of years ago. - Anon

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