The 14 Words

Sunday, 9 February 2014

911 No More Gentile Memory Hole

I posted this video months ago but I took it down because the Lady that made it asked me to (She never explained why). But I think regardless of what she thinks, it needs to be 'out there'

I see that this video has disappeared again, I do not know what is wrong with the woman that made the video or for that matter Mike Delaney (TruTube)? It's a great video, why they want to keep it private is a mystery. I will continue uploading it to various Video hosts until somebody in our movement tells me why this is undesirable. J.H.

* OK I might be being premature here it would appear the TruTube is down, let's wait and see.


  1. I buy mostly organic and it's a stuff job separating the leech symbol from my

  2. Can't see anything wrong either. I like the use of terms like "Kosher Culprits".
    Thanks for preserving it.